Indigenous Peoples’ Day serves to honor the resilience and inherent sovereignty of indigenous people in the United States. CCBC is proud to join campuses, cities, and states around the country in enriching our understanding of the historical contributions made by indigenous people who have, for centuries, been misrepresented and left out of our textbooks. Today, we recognize the native heritage of this country while also acknowledging the oppression, displacement, and gradual cultural eradication of Native American peoples.

Unlike many other holidays, Indigenous Peoples’ Day does not highlight a single event. Rather, it celebrates the rich customs of the diverse native populations who were here long before the Europeans. A contemporary understanding of the lived experience, culture, survival and influence of Native Americans has never been more important to accurately depicting the history of the United States. The influence of indigenous traditions and cultures is far reaching. They have shaped much of what we know about agriculture, medicine, music, art, and democracy.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day symbolizes hope and healing. This tribute is particularly apt for a community college whose fundamental mission is built on embracing anyone who enters our “open door.”  It calls on us to forge a sense of community that welcomes us all. Through the eyes of our native forbears, we unite with the natural world, melding our hearts and minds into a single harmonious entity. We express our gratitude for the natural world as we endeavor to coexist harmoniously through truth and justice.