Once your partner(s) and curriculum plan(s) have been secured, it is time to market your program and recruit students. Consider the following as you create your marketing/recruitment plans and see samples of some of CCBC’s marketing materials.

Which students are your target students? Certainly you will want to target those at your institution either already taking pre-nursing courses or considering a nursing or health career. Think also about targeting future prospective students such as those visiting your college’s website, high schools students in your area, and adult career changers.

Be sure to take advantage of others’ expertise and meet with your college communications team. They are likely to make invaluable contributions, helping you to explore your potential target populations and professionally market your ATB program.

With your input for content, enlist your communications department to create materials such as: ATB FAQs SheetATB Nursing Information Session Flyer, ATB Nursing Brochure, ATB Nursing High School Recruitment Card, ATB Building Banner, ATB Information Sheets. In addition, be sure to work with your college’s web site developer to get your ATB program visible within its nursing pages. See CCBC’s ATB Nursing website.

Select appropriate newly developed materials and get them out to those who can best assist you to recruit your target populations:  advisors, high school recruiters, college faculty teaching pre-requisite courses, admissions offices, those sending college catalogs/email blasts, college communications sending press releases/alumni mailings.