What I would read if I had time to read

This book looks awesome, maybe after finals are over I’ll tuck into a copy.  Oh, end of May, you are coming soon!

Privatizing American Science

by Phillip Mirowski
Harvard University Press,
April 1, 2011

The final schlep

Well, it is that time of the semester: the final schlep.    I have six tests in the next three weeks.   And a paper.  So forgive me if the blogging suffers.   This is the time of the semester when you just have to tuck your head down and slog.

My ex-husband was a master slogger.   He was like an ox, he could just plod calmly under a massive load for incredibly long periods of time.  He went to NYU law school while we where together, and I was so impressed by his ability to remain calm, execute his objectives and just keep going without ever once losing his cool.   He is a lawyer now, and it’s exactly the same.  He just shows up every day, does his best and comes back again the next day.   He says that showing up isn’t half the battle, it’s the whole battle.  Just be there, as long as you need to be there, and do it all again tomorrow.    I was, and still am, completely inspired by him.   Joe Schwartz, you are my hero!

So now I go back to plodding . . . . slow and steady wins the race.   And remember: showing up isn’t half the battle, it’s the whole battle.



Do you remember being 10?

Our ten year old is such a trip, she reminds me of being that age.  But life is so different now, she loves manga and anime, things that I had never heard of.  Japan’s big contribution to my fifth grade experience was the Atari.

What was life like when you where ten?


Midterm madness redux

Ok, it’s only one more day until spring break!   I feel like the little engine that could: I think I can, I think I can . . .

Last weekend was really nice, we went to Virginia for a dog show and camped all weekend.  It drizzled all day Saturday, but we stayed nice and dry.  Violet did great in the show, although I made a mistake that cost us ten points and put us in second place.  Otherwise we would have had another 100 points and a third blue ribbon.  Oh, well.  The main thing is that she did her job and did it really well.   I was very proud of her.

Now if only I can get through tomorrow . . . a biology exam and a two labs tomorrow, then it’s break!


Hellooo, Nurse!!!

I am doing the happy dance!

I just got a phone call from UMD and I got accepted into their BSN program!

(dance dance dance)