Theresa visits the FabLab.

So, while I was waiting for our weekly Student Ambassador meeting last week, I found myself wandering the halls of the H building on the Catonsville campus, and I was yet again astonished by all of the amazing things we have in the CCBC community. I had heard about the FabLab, but I hadn’t seen [...]

Give Blood!

No excuses now, be brave!    It really is your chance to save someone’s life.   Tomorrow is the final day of the Catonsville  Red Cross Blood Drive, and you are needed! The lovely professional phlebotomists from the Red Cross will make your blood donation experience painless and fun.  Or, at least as painless and fun as [...]

I love CCBC!

CCBC is such a cool place.  I go to all three campuses in the course of a week between my classes and work, and am consistently amazed at all of the resources and activities that are available to the CCBC community. There are lots of well-publicized cultural events on the campuses, but there are also [...]