It’s what you don’t eat that matters.

I just read Gary Taubes excellent article on Sugar in the April 13th New York Times Magazine.

Check it out here:

I have been having my own dietary adventures for the last few months, and stopped eating all wheat-products and sugar (No sweets, no added sugar)  about two and a half months ago.  I do eat a bite (1/2 a square, so a whole chocolate bar lasts about a week)  of dark chocolate on most days – that is as sweet as it gets.  I eat as much meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit, rice, beans, rice pasta and any other thing that I want, and I have never felt hungry.    In fact, I am way less hungry than I used to be, and I find that I have less food cravings (which were always for bread and pasta and sweets) than I used to.   Amazingly, I have lost more than ten pounds!   And I feel much better!

I always have been pretty health conscious, and thought that my diet was very good.  Lots of organic food,  I baked homemade whole wheat bread  and “healthy” muffins almost every week and I felt like I ate more vegetables than most people, although I rarely ate five servings per day, which is the reccommended amount.  I felt like I was eating what I was supposed to eat, but I still felt like crap.   I was tired all the time.

Turns out, lots of people are intolerant of wheat.   Who knew?  I knew that whole wheat products where much healthier than processed white flours and pastas, but it never occurred to me that I ought not eat wheat at all.   Your doctor probably won’t tell you that you might be intolerant to wheat (or anything else) unless you have celiac disease, which is much more severe than intolerance.  But some doctors like Dr. Mark Hyman ( have some very interesting ideas about inflammation being the root cause of many common diseases, and one of the common sources of inflammation (among others) is wheat intolerance, and poor diet.    Taubes’ ideas on sugar fall right in with this line of thinking.
The health foodies have been decrying the “Great Whites” for years, but it seems that it’s not processed wheat and sugar that are the culprits, it’s the wheat and sugar (fructose) itself.   Amazing.


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