You Tube is the best Study Buddy Ever

I don’t really spend much time on You Tube watching silly cultural blips (except when Chris makes me) and frankly, that It’s Friday, Friday, Friday song made me want to move to Canada so I could get my self-respect back, but if you are not using it to study, you’re really missing out!

There are so many amazing things posted on You Tube that can really simplify your study time, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

I great example is my A&P II class, there are literally thousands of videos on all of the subjects that we studied in class, from lectures posted by professors, to animations to, study guides posted by students.   There is a lot of material out there,  and some of it is really very good.

I also found videos of my chemistry labs online — the labs in most undergraduate science courses are pretty much identical, so even if the video is from another school it’s often exactly the same.  I thought it was really useful to prepare for lab by watching someone do it first.

When I get tired of reading, I often go onto You Tube and find a lecture on the same topic.  I am really visual and I love being able to watch the material.  Animations of complex topics, especially for A&P, are so helpful!

So if you are tired of reading and re-reading your notes in preparation for that final exam, pop on a video instead.

Happy Studying,


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