Penultimate Week!

I think the week before the last week of school is the hardest one of the whole semester.  The end is near, but there is still so much to do, and the real panic of finals hasn’t kicked in yet for that nice adrenalin boost to carry you through the end.   Penultimate Week, I hate you.

Ok, two exams down.  Four to go: to lab exams this week and and two lecture finals next week.  If only the weather weren’t so beautiful . . . it’s making it very hard to study.  :)    Now I am going to confess that getting all A’s is my priority, but at times like this, it becomes really challenging to stay the course.  Self-discipline!  Help!

As an older student, it’s much easier to focus on school because I have quite literally already been there and done that.  Nothing seems too urgent or exciting as you reach your late 30′s.   You start to realize that everything is pretty much the same, and you can’t really miss out on anything, because it all just happens over and over again anyways.  I remember being an undergrad the first time around.  Every party I went to was an eagerly anticipated event, every weekend’s shenanigans with my friends seemed like it was the most important thing ever!!!   Yeah, that’s pretty much never happens now.

The things that distract me now are much fewer and further between, and are so incredibly mundane that I am almost embarrassed to mention them.

Like the end of semester household meltdown. All the things that any respectable haus frau attends to on a weekly or monthly basis has pretty much fallen to the bottom of my priority list all semester.   The accumulated disaster that is our house from a whole semester of “this is not my priority right now” neglect is starting to really intrude on my peace of mind.  I have three months worth of un-filed papers blooming on every surface.  And my mountainous supply of Costco TP, kleenex, and paper towels which would have made any compulsive hoarder cry with envy is totally gone.  Of course, as a poor student I refuse to pay retail, so it’s Costco or nothing.  If I don’t stock up again soon, well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

The garden says, “Theresa . . . plant me . . .  water me . . . weed me . . .”  And there is a critical bug infestation on one of my plants  that demands twice daily tiny green caterpillar removal — I refuse to spray it with poison, even though Chris thinks I am nuts going out there and removing the little munchers by hand twice a day.     If I don’t pick them off, that plant will die for sure — they ate around 50% of the weeds in just a few days.  I looked at it one day and it looked fine, the next time I looked at it it was literally half gone!  I had hoped to put  a drip irrigation system in my vegetable beds this year, but alas, no time.     The evil garden committee from our Home Owners Association came skulking around last week, and I was pretty embarrassed about how scraggly and sad everything looked.

And I just can’t stop cooking, that is not negotiable.  I really do not believe in eating processed foods, and I will not feed my family junk, so I cook at least twice a week, in big batches so that I can freeze at least half so we have plenty of  healthy homemade frozen options.  Between the cooking and the shopping, it eats up plenty of time.   Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods to get more So Delicious coconut milk (it’s AMAZING!!)  and splurged on a turkey breast (expensive) and two turkey wings (cheap).  I brined them overnight,  and while the bird brined, I made Toor Dal for the freezer.  Then I woke up this morning and roasted the bird while taking a first stab at taming the paper monster that threatens to overtake my entire house.

It dosen’t feel like procrastinating, in fact it feels absolutely essential, but it sure eats up time.   Speaking of things that eat up time   . . .  I better go study now!


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