Do you remember being 10?

Our ten year old is such a trip, she reminds me of being that age.  But life is so different now, she loves manga and anime, things that I had never heard of.  Japan’s big contribution to my fifth grade experience was the Atari. What was life like when you where ten? -T

Midterm madness redux

Ok, it’s only one more day until spring break!   I feel like the little engine that could: I think I can, I think I can . . . Last weekend was really nice, we went to Virginia for a dog show and camped all weekend.  It drizzled all day Saturday, but we stayed nice [...]

Hellooo, Nurse!!!

I am doing the happy dance! I just got a phone call from UMD and I got accepted into their BSN program! (dance dance dance) -T

The D word

I want to talk about a word.  I think it is one of the most important, most mis-understood, and most abused words in the English language. This word was a really big deal in my life as a dog trainer, but it has super-important ramifications for every person, especially students. The word is Discipline.   Now, [...]

How to (Not) Fail a class

Everyone gives advice, right?  And usually people listen politely, nod their head in agreement at your words of wisdom, and then never follow the suggestions.   So I am going for a different tack.  It’s what to do if you want to fail a class. I see my fellow students do these things all the time, [...]