Making a Difference

What do you do to make a difference?

I have always said that I wanted to live my life to make a difference. I want to make an impact on this world, and I want to be different!

On Monday, at the Essex Campus, the American Red Cross was there doing a blood drive. Sadly I was unable to participate in this because I had to work as soon as my classes finished, but so many other people did participate!

…………………..including my boyfriend, my boyfriend that is terrified of needles! My boyfriend wont even get a flu shot because he is so afraid of needled. However, on Monday he decided that he was going to get over his fear, and save someones life! I am so proud of him!

Did you know that by donating blood you can save up to 3 lives? AMAZING!

I want to encourage everyone to do something like this. Do something that you know is going to make a difference in someone else’s life, even if it doesn’t have a benefit for you. Feeling good about yourself is so worth it!

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