Personal Life vs. College

Often times I find myself trying to find the perfect balance between my personal life, and college. By personal life I mean everything from me time, family time, friend time, tv time, sleep, etc. Sometimes I find myself having to chose between going out with my boyfriend for the night, or using that night as extra study time before a test.

I am very sure that I am not the only college student who has to make these choices!

Today I had a struggle with this exact thing. Last night I noticed there was some blood in my Chinchillas cage, and after looking over both of my Chinchillas I could see that the blood was coming from one of their ears! I completely freaked out, and became hysterical. I immediately thought the worst. I had an essay that I knew I had to begin writing, but I was so worried about my chinchilla I simply could not concentrate. When I woke up this morning I called the Vet to schedule an appointment for my Chinchilla. I made the appointment for 3:00pm after my classes were finished. However, I had an awful feeling in my stomach. I knew that there could be something seriously wrong with my chinchilla, and I did not want to risk taking her to the Vet.

Long story short, I made the decision to get here the earliest appointment that I could, which meant I was going to miss both of my classes for the day. When in college you can miss an immense amount of material by missing just one day. Your grade can drop from missing class. And I felt that it was a tough decision, but I made it. I am very happy with the decision that I made.

I feel that us college students need to work on finding a balance between school, and personal life. Yes, college is extremely important, and yes, having a high GPA is extremely important. But sometimes, there are more important things than college. My pets just so happen to be one of those things. They mean the world to me!

Always remember that its okay to put college to the side for a day, or two. As soon as you let your personal life go down hill, all aspects of your life will begin to go down hill. If I would have decided to go to class today I would have been so distracted, and worried that I would not have even paid attention. In order to succeed in college, I need to also succeed in every other aspect of my life! I have finally realized that!


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  1. Renuka Says:

    It’s all about choices and looks like you made the right choice! I hope your chinchilla is okay!

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