Back to School!

Wow, the Winter break was Amazing!

I honestly had to force myself to come back. Don’t get me wrong; I love CCBC, but I love to sleep in a lot more. Haha.

I feel that the beginning of the semester can sometimes be a make or break moment. If you don’t start it out right, it possibly might not end right. So i would encourage everyone to make sure that they are starting their semester strong, and doing their best to get great grade on their first assignments!

They’re Here!

I have my first final today!

Do you?

Are you stressing?

I am!

However, I am trying to take my own advice from one of my previous blog posts. In between work, and studying, I will make sure that I relax! I encourage all of you to do the same. Take a bath, watch TV, go for a run…whatever makes you happy, just DO IT! We are students, but we are still human. We NEED to take care of ourselves first.

If anything, be happy! We are about to have a 1 month break, and I could certainly use that right now!

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday!




Are you studying yet?
….I’m not!

I know at this point in the semester, all of our teacher are giving us last minute assignments, and papers. I sometimes wonder, how do they think were going to have any time to study with all of this extra work? I guess thats all part of being a college student though. Learning to juggle EVERYTHING going on in your life.

 I know its hard, and I hope that no one is getting discouraged. I know as well as anyone how it feels to have a million things going on. I am a full time college student, a Student Ambassador, Student Blogger, the President of the Student Honors Council, the Vice-President of the Outdoors Activites Club, and I worktwo part-time jobs. YIKES!

I honestly feel that if I can do it, so can anyone else. If you’re struggling right now, dont be afraid to reach out to your teachers, and let them know. They can be much more understanding then you would think. Tell your family, just talking to someone about how overwhelmed you’re feeling can make you feel so much better! Plus, there is always going to be someone out there who is feelig the same exact way you are!

KEEP IT UP! We are College Students, and we are AWESOME!

Making a Difference

What do you do to make a difference?

I have always said that I wanted to live my life to make a difference. I want to make an impact on this world, and I want to be different!

On Monday, at the Essex Campus, the American Red Cross was there doing a blood drive. Sadly I was unable to participate in this because I had to work as soon as my classes finished, but so many other people did participate!

…………………..including my boyfriend, my boyfriend that is terrified of needles! My boyfriend wont even get a flu shot because he is so afraid of needled. However, on Monday he decided that he was going to get over his fear, and save someones life! I am so proud of him!

Did you know that by donating blood you can save up to 3 lives? AMAZING!

I want to encourage everyone to do something like this. Do something that you know is going to make a difference in someone else’s life, even if it doesn’t have a benefit for you. Feeling good about yourself is so worth it!


Are you stressed?

I know I am!


This is the time of the semester that many of us students start getting stressed out, and overwhelmed! We all deal with it in our own way. Many of us don’t even deal with it at all. I am going to try my best to give everyone the most important things for dealing with their stress. As the semester winds down we need to be able to focus our full attention on our school work. It is going to be hard to focus with the extra stress on our minds. So lets relieve it!

 Relax!!! I know that many of us go to school full time, work full/part time, have a family to take care of, etc. However, in
whatever free time that we have, we need to RELAX! Relaxing can mean laying down watching TV, taking a bath, sleeping, taking a run, playing sports, going out to eat…just do it! Whatever you find relaxing, DO IT! Relaxing will make you soo
much happier, and much less stressed.