Bobby’s Burger Palace at the new Maryland Live! casino!

The Maryland Live! casino in Arundel Mills has just been opened to the public. Amongst all of the sounds and lights of the slot machines in the casino is Food Network star, Bobby Flay’s new restaurant, Bobby’s Burger Palace. I couldn’t wait to try Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s burger, and I was thrilled when I [...]

Leaving CCBC :(

It is the last week before finals… I never thought that the end of the semester would have come so soon! I feel like it has just gone by so fast! This is actually my last semester at CCBC- and I can comfortably say that Im ready to leave this campus. It has become like my [...]

Preparing for Finals

How are you preparing for finals??? Are you studying everyday? Are you going to procrastinate and cram the night before?? Please do not procrastinate, you would only be hurting yourself. Take in consideration what you need to know for your final. Weather it is cumulative or not, your teacher should have told you generally what [...]

Almost Done!

Hello!! We are slowly but surely winding down the semester. We only have about two weeks left and then most of us will be enjoying our summer break. As the end of the semester approaches, course work seems to be most intense. I am almost drowning in final projects, tests and studying for finals. This [...]

Media…The Influence

Happy Friday Everyone!! I wanted to talk to everyone today about something I have actually been thinking about and have discussed  in some of my classes. The Media! It can be so brainwashing. Think of a world where there would be no television, no ads, and nothing subliminally pressuring you to do or buy anything. There are ads [...]

Setting Goals

Today I wanted to talk to you about setting goals. Setting goals is super important. Goals keep you motivated and always reaching. Once you reach a goal, there is a certain joy that comes along with the achievement. Your individual goal can be big or small, short or long-term. I like to create different small [...]

Finance Expo @ CCBC

CCBC always has some cool things going on campus. For example, April is known to be Personal Finance month (something I didn’t know until I saw a commercial on TV about it) and CCBC is having a personal finance expo next Saturday, April 21, 2012. Im really interested in going because as a college student, sometimes finances can [...]

Top 5 Tips For Becoming A Better Student

It is officially spring. Such a wonderful time of year. The air is fresh with smells of the blooming flowers and the sights of the new greens on the trees. I wanted to remind all of you that everyday is a new day and that we should follow mother nature’s spring example. Although there may be time [...]

Spring Fever

The weather is getting warmer and the days increasingly longer. Today is Monday, and while I normally have a case of the Monday’s, who could be down on a beautiful day like today? Its time for some spring cleaning and reevaluating. Time to pack up all of the winter clothes and pull out all of the spring [...]


So it’s midterm week. I didn’t even know! This semester seems like it is flying by so fast! It seems like I have only had about two tests all semester in just about all of my classes, so maybe that is why it is so hard to believe that it is already time for mid terms. I feel like [...]