Leaving CCBC :(

It is the last week before finals…

I never thought that the end of the semester would have come so soon! I feel like it has just gone by so fast!

This is actually my last semester at CCBC- and I can comfortably say that Im ready to leave this campus. It has become like my security blanket but I am ready to move on. (not to say i wont be back to visit) :) I have actually been attending CCBC Catonsville on and off for almost 6 years. I have learned so many things about being in college while studying here at CCBC. I have a feeling of joy when i walk down these hallways because i can remember when i first started attending and how nervous i was, how much i hated parking and how lost i got. Now that this semester is wrapping up it is actually kind of sad that i wont be attending CCBC anymore. It almost makes me think about attending a continuing ed class here just so i can come back! The people are so nice and the campus has changed a decent amount since i started. Learning at CCBC was such a wonderful experience for me.

Although i am going to miss attending CCBC, I am graduating, and that in itself is a huge accomplishment. I will soon open a new chapter of my college career and move on to a higher class and must continue to excell at University of Baltimore where I will be continuing to earn my bachelors degree in Communications.

It all seems to happen so fast!!!!!

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