Preparing for Finals

How are you preparing for finals???

Are you studying everyday?

Are you going to procrastinate and cram the night before??

Please do not procrastinate, you would only be hurting yourself.

Take in consideration what you need to know for your final. Weather it is cumulative or not, your teacher should have told you generally what to expect on your final exams. This should make it even easier for you to study. Now you know what material you need to study the most.

Try a few things to help you study key points:

Make flashcards

Re-read and rewrite your notes. (Even if you take notes electronically, it might help to pull out the good ol’ pen and paper)

Look over slides or materials/classwork the teacher has given to you

Make rhymes or acronyms for important points/strategies/equations

Write down different things you need to know on a note card and carry it with you so if you have a free moment you can read over it and study when you have a few minutes on the go.

Study with a classmate or friend who can quiz you with different questions.

Turn off all of the media and get focused. Go somewhere where there are virtually no distractions. (unless you are the type that likes distractions to keep you focused…yes, they are really out there)

Hopefully these things will help you prepare for your final exams. Most importantly, don’t stress. If you prepare and do your absolute best, you are sure to do well. And as my grandmother used to tell me: “If you know you tried your hardest and you got a “C” then you still tried your hardest.”

Prepare and Study!!!! Good Luck everyone!!!

Shanika Lofton

Random Fact:┬áThe word “lethologica” describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.

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