Leaving CCBC :(

It is the last week before finals… I never thought that the end of the semester would have come so soon! I feel like it has just gone by so fast! This is actually my last semester at CCBC- and I can comfortably¬†say that Im ready to leave this campus. It has become like my [...]

Preparing for Finals

How are you preparing for finals??? Are you studying everyday? Are you going to procrastinate and cram the night before?? Please do not procrastinate, you would only be hurting yourself. Take in consideration what you need to know for your final. Weather it is cumulative or not, your teacher should have told you generally what [...]

Almost Done!

Hello!! We are slowly but surely winding down the semester. We only have about two weeks left and then most of us will be enjoying our summer break. As the end of the semester approaches, course work seems to be most intense. I am almost drowning in final projects, tests and studying for finals. This [...]