Finance Expo @ CCBC

CCBC always has some cool things going on campus. For example, April is known to be Personal Finance month (something I didn’t know until I saw a commercial on TV about it) and CCBC is having a personal finance expo next Saturday, April 21, 2012. Im really interested in going because as a college student, sometimes finances can be hard to manage. Having money is one thing, but learning to save it or spend it wisely is another. I know the event is free (see they are already helping with the finances :) ) so why not check it out and see what I can learn. This too is a family event, so if any of you have younger brothers or sisters or even children of your own, I believe they will have games and things for the young ones so they can start learning about money also. I cant wait to go. Im all about saving money! Ill post more info about it soon if any of you readers are interested maybe ill see you there :)

We have all had a nice break from the stresses of school, but now we are back into the swing of things and over the largest potion of the semester. The next few weeks of class will fly by! <3

Random Fact: Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump.


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