Media…The Influence

Happy Friday Everyone!! I wanted to talk to everyone today about something I have actually been thinking about and have discussed  in some of my classes. The Media! It can be so brainwashing. Think of a world where there would be no television, no ads, and nothing subliminally pressuring you to do or buy anything. There are ads [...]

Setting Goals

Today I wanted to talk to you about setting goals. Setting goals is super important. Goals keep you motivated and always reaching. Once you reach a goal, there is a certain joy that comes along with the achievement. Your individual goal can be big or small, short or long-term. I like to create different small [...]

Finance Expo @ CCBC

CCBC always has some cool things going on campus. For example, April is known to be Personal Finance month (something I didn’t know until I saw a commercial on TV about it) and CCBC is having a personal finance expo next Saturday, April 21, 2012. Im really interested in going because as a college student, sometimes finances can [...]