ASB Blog Part 2

Because of the high risk of drunk drivers on the reservation, we decided to spend the first night in a hotel. The next morning we continued to drive a few extra hours, eventually we arrived in Pine Ridge South Dakota! To be honest, all fun and games stopped once we arrived on the reservation. While [...]

ASB Blog Part 1

I’m sure many are wondering what I did over my spring break ASB Trip, huh? Well, first for those who have never heard of CCBC’s Student Life Alternative Spring Break, it’s a student life program that gives twenty students the opportunity to volunteer out-of-state during the spring and out-of-the country in the summer. It’s truly [...]


  MAY 6, 2011 Quad or K-100 if it rains 12 – 3pm Come Join Us at the CCBC Catonsville Campus for food, games, fun, music, and more! Meet all of the clubs and chat with your friends. Burn a burger, climb a mountain, work your feet, eat a snowball, watch a show, and enjoy [...]

End of Semester Survival

The semester will be over for most of us in 2 – 3 weeks!!!! This semester is coming to a close and you can feel it in the air. May’s beautiful sunshine is heating us up and the grill is on fire!  With all of the distractions that summer has to offer, how can one [...]