About Me

Hi Everyone,

I am Stacie Bruzdzinski, and I am a Student Ambassador on Campus. This is my second semester at CCBC.   I plan on graduating in the spring with an AA in General Studies. After CCBC I plan on getting my bachelors in Sports Management and Exercise Science.


I spend the majority of my day at either the CCBC Dundalk or Essex campuses. I am a full time student, taking 18 credits this semester. Plus, along with being a Student Life Ambassador, I work in the biology labs at the Essex campus. Recently, I have been accepted into Phi Theta Kappa on the Dundalk Campus.


When I transferred to CCBC for the Spring 2012 semester I had no idea that I would stay and complete a degree. My main goal was to finish the semester and leave. I have become more involved with campus activities than I could have ever imagined.