YOU can do it!


I found this video while searching on the CCBC website, and it really struck home to me. In the short time that I have been attending CCBC I have realized that the student body here comes from all different backgrounds. They may have a ton of money or they may be struggling to get by. Some may have had a bad past and are fighting to make a better future, while others have not faced many struggles at all.

Financially, not every was is gifted with the funds to pay for a college education. Many students have students loans, or use financial aid. A large portion of the student body at CCBC are busy juggling work, going to school and having a family. They know that they have a long road ahead of them but they are fighting until the end.

While I watched this video a few points stuck out to me:

  • You have to be disciplined: When you are a college student you cannot just go out and blow money. Like it was said in the video, you have to know how big your pot of money is, and how to manage it. A Lot of college students do not know the concept of money, or how to manage it. For some, having nice clothes and brand new shoes every week is more important than having textbooks and school supplies.


  • Step outside of your comfort zone: One of the students shown in the video didn’t understand the concept of asking for help, it just wasn’t what he was use to. In my opinion, stepping out of your comfort zone is a benefit to yourself.


  • Do what you have to do:Don’t focus on what you want, focus on what you need. Set your priorities, and focus on them. Make sure your pay your bills, take care of your family, and get your college education before you focus on what you “want”.


  • Get involved: Know that there are many people in the same situation as you on campus. Don’t shelter yourself. Let your presence be known.


  • KNOW THAT YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT: When it comes to school you have to fight until the end. Every moment you slack off is missed opportunities. Any hardships you come across in your journey will be worth it in the long run. All the things you’ve done without while you were in school will not matter anymore. More education = More money.


Whether you are a single parent, struggling to find a job, have a disability, to busy for school or experiencing a rough patch in life know that you can do it. CCBC offers various on campus resources that can help you! Don’t live with regrets, ALWAYS strive to improve yourself. Know that many well recognized individuals came from a rough past and became a success.




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  1. Hope Says:

    Good advice!

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