Nothing is Impossible

College is very similar to a game. Every college student is competing to get into their program or to get their ideal job. Each of the people shown in this video could not have done something considered “impossible” without one thing. One thing that differentiates them from a success and a failure… Motivation. They did not say they could not do something. They were dedicated to become something they were not. I’m sure they had many obstacles to overcome to get where they are, but they overcame them to become something nobody thought they could be.

Like an athlete, motivation is key for students. Now that we are half way through the fall semester, we have figured out what our strengths and weakness are. We know where we need to improve. But are we motivated to improve? As students, it can be easy to get tired of homework and long hours of studying. …to say we can’t understand something, or that something is impossible. Is that what we want? Is negativity supposed to get in the way of our dreams? Should we just push them off another day? Another week? Another month? Another year?

Don’t become a victim. Get motivated. Push yourself to be somebody nobody thought you could be. YOU CAN!

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  1. Renuka Says:

    Thank you for this inspirational piece as I was feeling a little discouraged today! I CAN DO IT!

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