2012 Presidential Debate – President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney?

The first debate covered both foreign and domestic topics divided into nine time segments of approximately 10 minutes each. The moderator asked an opening question, after which each candidate had two minutes to respond. The moderator, Jim Lehrer, used the balance of the time in the segment for a discussion of the question. The second [...]

American Red Cross

  Since, 1943 every President has designated March as Red Cross Month to celebrate the lifesaving services provided the community support. The American Red Cross provides the fabric that enables ordinary individuals to perform extraordinary services. Thank you to all CCBC Faculty, Staff and students for your support by making a donation! You are amazing! [...]

Happy Monday!

Did you know that October is college month? Since you are already in college, what does that mean for you? To me it means looking where I am in my college career now, then continuing to look ahead to see what my next steps will be and my path on how I will get there. [...]

Welcome Fall!

  There are so many things I love about the Fall season….. * Autumn Leaves * Apple Cider   * Carnivals and Fairs * Halloween* Nature Walks * Columbus Day*Football *  Thanksgiving *Friends * Family * Veterans* Honor * Thanksgiving * Change * What does Fall mean to you?

Deaf Awareness Week at CCBC!

The last full week in September is Deaf Awareness Week. It is also known as the International Week of the Deaf. The purpose of Deaf Awareness Week is to draw attention to deaf people, their accomplishments and their issues. During this week, many organizations hold activities to celebrate and conduct public information campaigns to educate [...]

Welcome Back to CCBC!

I hope that you all adjusted well to the first few weeks of schools. Hopefully, by now you are in the swing of things and getting into the grind of school! Get Involved Fair….what’s that? Last week, I was able to visit the Get Involved Fair at Dundalk and it was AWESOME! The Get Involved [...]

What’s next for me?

School has been over and I plan to do many things this summer. One thing for sure is to relax and have a good time. I have some traveling opportunities ahead and some volunteer projects too! All summer – I will kick off my summer with finding some good reads. Right now I am reading The Path [...]

How to deal with the STRESS OF FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I walk around campus, I notice all these students freaking out as they prepare for finals week. Some have even been walking around like zombies.   Hopefully, all of you have been studious and are ready to face finals next week. Perhaps your teacher has provided a study guide and you’ve asked them for [...]

Alternative Spring Break Responses……..

Some of us had to opporutnity to go to South Dakota, while a few others headed to Florida for their Alternative Spring Break. Check out what they had to say: It was a very emotional week at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. You felt sorrow for the many innocent lives that were taken at the [...]


    Lately, as I have been out driving, I noticed this bumper that says “COEXIST.” I really like the way this is designed because to me it symbolizes unity. It seems that each letter signifies a certain religion. I believe through love and understanding of each other as humans, through being mindful of how [...]