CCBC Facebook Photo Fun Contest

I hope everyone’s semester is starting off smoothly.

I came across this awesome contest on the CCBC website. 

First thing you need to do is join CCBC’s facebook page if you have not already. 

“Each day from Sept. 6 through Sept. 9, a challenge will be posted on the college’s Facebook page. The challenge will direct students to take a photo at a certain campus location. It’s a fun way to get to know the campus and become familiar with the services CCBC offers students.”

I encourage everyone to accept the challenge for a chance to win an iPad 2.

Thought #26

Rationalizing my thoughts just like we rationalize roots from a denominator like a terminator. Trying to be real unlike the negative one under a root because Yuca to the Imagination power goes to Infinity and a lost one should just go back to its roots.

Attention, Bus Riders!

Hola, CCBC peeps! Here’s a message from our campus Dean Tonja Ringgold at the Catonsville campus:


Route #99

As many of you may know, for years, actually since 2002, CCBC Catonsville students have had challenges with the  Maryland Transit Administration bus line # 77 bus which services CCBC Catonsville.  We have heard many student complaints ranging from buses being late to being passed by at the bus stop.  There have been numerous town hall meetings, public forums, phone calls, and emails from the Student Government Association and Administration at CCBC.  Just last year, the CCBC Catonsville SGA personally handed MTA officials over 400 petitions from students displeased with their service.  The promises from MTA have been to improve their service and eventually create a new bus line that will shorten the long #77 bus line.

Well, the time is now upon us.  Thanks the constant efforts of our CCBC students, the MTA has made good on their promise to create a new bus line.  On July 5m 2011 the #99 will start running from Old Court, stopping at Randallstown, Milford Mill, Woodlawn, and then Security Mall. After Security, it will jump onto 695 where the next stops will be Catonsville High School, CCBC, UMBC, BWI, and finally the Business District. After that it will turn around and repeat the trip reversed.

This new #99 bus route will decrease the transport to CCBC Catonsville by 20-30 minutes, thereby improving the school experience and ultimately supporting the Completion Agenda.  Attached is a copy of the new #99 Bus Line.  Kudos to our students and CCBC future leaders!  Job well done!!

MTA Website Description of New Route:

Route #99

New Route No. 99 Old Court Metro Subway Station – BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport

  • New service, for morning and evening peak periods only, would provide the No. 77 riders more time to connect to their destinations at CCBC and along Old Court, Rolling, and Liberty Roads.

  • Extended service to BWI Airport would enhance connections to Light Rail, MTA’s new ICC Route No. 201, Howard County’s Silver Route, and WMATA’s B30 line.

  • New service would operate between Old Court Metro Subway Station and BWI Airport (and Business District) via the existing No. 77 route to Rolling and Windsor Mill Roads, then south on Rolling Road, east on Security Boulevard to southbound Interstate 695, then west on Edmondson Avenue, south on Ingleside Avenue, south on Bloomsbury Avenue and Rolling Road, then through the CCBC Campus, south on Rolling Road, east on Wilkens Avenue, south on Walker Avenue, around Hilltop Circle (clockwise), south on UMBC Boulevard to southbound Interstate 195 to BWI Concourse stops , then north on Elm Road and east on Elkridge Landing Road to make the loop at the BWI Business District Light Rail Stop.

  • The northbound service would travel the same route in reverse

WooOoOT?! What do you guys think? Share your comments below!

Adios, Smallville!

A show that I have watching for ten years now ends tonight. I asked my mom, “What will I do now?!” She simply replies, “Watch another one.” I said, “Mom, it’s not so simple…”

This was the first show I watched completely in English with no Spanish subtitles. I feel like Smallville did back then what books do for me now: help me fill my vocabulary and idioms cabinet, things that are usually self taught when one learns a new language. Some great lessons were also taught by the characters such as Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent, Chloe Sullivan, and Clark himself.


I’ll miss it! Man! I’ll miss it. But my  birthday’s coming up, so you’ll know what to get me.

Thought #25

Oh yeah!

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