Thought #28

Mind, we live in anarchy murdering one another. Should we continue to accuse one another until hostility takes over? Animosity is torturous regardless of how you justify it, you know.

Thought #27

Cut me and I’ll bleed blanco, azul y rojo. Mis huesos tan hecho de casabe y mi piel de mangú. Tirame in the ocean but rest assured that mi will find my way back to Taíno land.

Thought #26

Rationalizing my thoughts just like we rationalize roots from a denominator like a terminator. Trying to be real unlike the negative one under a root because Yuca to the Imagination power goes to Infinity and a lost one should just go back to its roots.

Thought #25

Oh yeah!

Thought #24

Those who read one of my very first blogs know that my childhood dream was to become a meteorologist. I follow the weather forecast religiously. A few of my peeps are freaking out because there is a Tornado Warning for some areas. So take cover! No but seriously, Tornadoes are not common in Maryland, so [...]