Become a Global Student

Did you guys know CCBC has a Global Distinction Program? Well, now you know, and you have no excuse not to apply! What do I need to become a Global Student, you ask? Take six credits of Foreign Languages Nine hours of Globally Intensive courses Participate in Global and Intercultural events on campus Participate in [...]

Dominicana Soy

Today, Dominican Republic celebrates its independence. I remember being ten or so and standing in line in school singing el Himno Nacional Dominicano, followed by a loud blunderbuss shot representing El Trabucazo. I would cover my ears and think to myself, “Why do they have to this every single year?!” On February 27, 1844, Los Trinitarios promoted the fight for freedom and the [...]

The Clash of The Langwidges

As I was walking home from my French class the heat of the sun burning my face, the multitude in the street colliding with me, the scent of corn being grilled, and the sound of my phone ringing irritated me. “Pack your things and get ready to leave next Saturday,” my father said calmly. “I [...]

A Teacher Called Hip Hop

I grew up in a small town called La Romana in the Dominican Republic. My family was predominantly Catholic. We went to church every Sunday, and we could not curse in the house or things of that nature. I attended a Catholic school where almost all the teachers were nuns, who were awfully strict. Just to [...]

Diversity is Brilliant

Last week, CCBC celebrated International Education Week with a series of events. I was able to attend a few of them. On Wednesday, November 17th, the International Club and Performing Arts at Catonsville celebrated diversity with their annual International Festival. Different countries were represented by poster boards with great information and visuals. There was a [...]