What’s The Surprise This Time, Google?

Google’s Doodle today is ice cream? Hmmm. When you click on Google’s landing page image (assuming of course that you have not customized yours), it will take you to a bunch of links about ice cream sundae and lots of pictures of delicious ice cream… Mmm… I’ll be right back. So after getting me some [...]

Online System Announcement

Here are two things CCBC peeps need to know: 1) ATTENTION – ALL STUDENTS: ONLINE STUDENT EVALUATION This semester CCBC is piloting an evaluation instrument for fully online courses. Please follow the link to complete an evaluation for each online course you are taking this semester. You will need to identify the course and instructor [...]

SIMON, Where Are You?!

Hey guys! SIMON (CCBC’s online information system) will be down from 8pm through 11pm on Friday, March 25th. I just thought you guys should know, so no freaking out is in order.

Hey, Who Turned Off the Lights?

I freaked out when I could not access SIMON earlier today. A couple of my friends did too. I guess we should have read this.

Thought #11

I love my Beats by Dr. Dre. He says, “People aren’t hearing all the music”, and hey! I agree with that. The sound is amazing! Here’s the deal, though. My new Urbanears allow me to connect others’ earphones/headphones to my own. How cool is that?! Basically, the Plattan model comes with a “zound plug” on [...]