Hold The Line, Please…

A group of CCBC students just came back from a wonderful Alternative Spring Break in Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. I am still putting my thoughts and adventures together which will be shared soon. I first need to prepare for my TWO Calculus II exams that are coming up too soon! Wish me luck. We [...]

Thought #24

Those who read one of my very first blogs know that my childhood dream was to become a meteorologist. I follow the weather forecast religiously. A few of my peeps are freaking out because there is a Tornado Warning for some areas. So take cover! No but seriously, Tornadoes are not common in Maryland, so [...]

Thought #23

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever take two Math courses at the same time. It’s a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad idea. Take ONE Math class at a time.

Thought #22

‎”Yuca, can you help me with my math?” “Yuca, help me write my paper.” “Yuca, my computer broke. Fix it!” “Yuca, If you place 9 red points in the plane and 9 blue points, and then connect each red point to each blue point with curves (81 curves in all), then what is the minimum [...]

I’m Ready! I’m READY!

The Honors Program hosted a trip to McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. We were able to sort of perceive what it is like to be a McDaniel student. Fellow Student Ambassador Mark gives his perspective here. Teaira Scott (CCBC Alumna/Current McDaniel Student) + CCBC Crew I will be honest and admit that I simply applied [...]