CCBC Alternative Summer Break to Puerto Rico

CCBC peeps! Are you interested in doing service en la Isla del Encanto? If you missed the info sessions, here’s some information for ya! Why Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico is U.S. Territory. Although Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, they cannot vote in presidential elections. Participants will be able to reflect on the benefits of social [...]

Miren Esto, Amigos!

CCBC peeps! Check out my Check This Out page. I have posted some cool links. Also, if you are looking for a laugh, visit my Sly Humor page. There are some geeky but funny pictures on there. If you don’t understand them, ask away!

SIMON, Where Are You?!

Hey guys! SIMON (CCBC’s online information system) will be down from 8pm through 11pm on Friday, March 25th. I just thought you guys should know, so no freaking out is in order.

Thought #17

Sundays used to be the best. My grandma made soup in which ants were often found. When we bellyached, she would simply say, “More protein for You!” Merengue music everywhere. Bike adventures with the gang, the only girl I was, then some “yun yun.” A shower forced by the moms we could not avoid since [...]

Thought #16

Escaped reality somehow ending up in a parallel world where the evil mind has all the power and the heart is just a roach waiting to be crushed. Rather go back to a world where the evil has no choice but to follow the heart.