Hey, Who Turned Off the Lights?

I freaked out when I could not access SIMON earlier today. A couple of my friends did too. I guess we should have read this.

Dominicana Soy

Today, Dominican Republic celebrates its independence. I remember being ten or so and standing in line in school singing el Himno Nacional Dominicano, followed by a loud blunderbuss shot representing El Trabucazo. I would cover my ears and think to myself, “Why do they have to this every single year?!” On February 27, 1844, Los Trinitarios promoted the fight for freedom and the [...]

We Get to Choose!

Alright, so here’s how it works: Each year CCBC selects a book that it recommends to the community. Students are urged to read the book and faculty members are urged to include it or selections from it in their courses. A series of cultural and academic activities—films, plays, dance performances, debates, panels, and lectures—are organized [...]

Math Overload

Can I borrow a calculator, a ruler, and Leibniz’s brain please! I have taken so many math classes throughout my life that I suddenly feel like I should change my major to math! Actually, if I changed my major, I would only have to take two more math classes to earn an A.S. in Mathematics: Differential [...]

Thought #14

Have you ever sat on a bus not really knowing where it’s going? Sin Rumbo. Sin Destino. All I can do is look out the window and enjoy the ride. Isn’t that life’s definition, though? Are we all on the same bus? We’re all on the same bus. Just different seats, different views from the [...]