Ghostly Night in Gettysburg

CCBC took some students to Historic Gettysburg Battlefield. I think I brought back some ghosts to Baltimore. On our way to Gettysburg, PA, most students found a way to keep themselves entertained. Some conversed with newly-made friends. Others were distracted by their ipods, phones, and such. I was gratified with just looking out the bus [...]

Walking for a Reason

The American Cancer Society Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk on Sunday, October 24th was held at the YMCA on 33rd street in Baltimore. CCBC students and staff supported this cause. As I walk to the spot where we are supposed to meet early in the morning, all I see is a wave of pink [...]

MTA’s Got Your Back!

I am waiting for my bus at my usual stop. Some sit on the benches and look at the sullied ground. Others walk around in circles with their headphones on and the volume all the way up (That’s me!).  We are all a family with a similar wish. We want that MTA bus to get [...]

The Mic’s All Yours

Dimmed lights, food on the table, an open mic. Someone hands you a notebook. If you are brave enough, you write down your name. He calls your name. When you finally decide to go up to the stage, you feel like a little kid on his/her first day of school. Your heart is racing. The [...]

私は私の日本語のクラスを愛して Say What!?

I love my Japanese class! That’s what my title says in case you are wondering. Tojo Sensei usually writes new vocabulary and examples on the board both phonetically and in Hiragana (Japanese symbols). Not anymore. At this point of the semester, we are supposed to know Hiragana. Everything Tojo Sensei writes on the board is [...]