“Revenge” Poster

A few weeks ago Film Society made a film-on-the-fly called Revenge, and I got to direct it. Big Mike of Film Society made this awesome poster for this upcoming short, and here it is! REVENGE: Coming soon to YouTube!

But the Book Was Better: Books that Were Unfairly Turned Into Unappealing Movies

All readers have experienced it: We’ve loved a book dearly, flipped out with excitement when it is announced that they are making a movie out of it, and then gone to theaters and whispered “NOPE!” the entire duration of the hopelessly mutilated film. Sure, sometimes there are fantastic book-to-movie adaptations, like the Harry Potter series, [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! Since today is also the 23rd Anniversary of one of my favorite films, The Silence of the Lambs, I gave my family these charming cards with quotes from the film… I also made them little chocolate truffles with white chocolate ganache. Yum! What are YOU doing for Valentine’s Day?

Snowpocalypse The Sequel: The Cancellation of All

Well, it’s happened. As basically everyone on the Catonsville campus predicted– and as everyone in Maryland demonstrated by their frantic rush to purchase milk, bread, and toilet paper– it has snowed. To make it sound cooler, I’m going to call it the Snowpocalypse because I kept hearing people say “the Snowpocalypse is on Thursday!” and lo [...]

Sigh… Free Time!

A “Thinking Movie” List You are sitting in your room or on the sofa, relaxing. Maybe you have just finished writing a particularly challenging paper. Maybe you have just scored well on a test. Maybe it is a Friday afternoon and you have completed all of your assignments for the week. Whatever the reason, you [...]