Film Fest 2015!

Film Fest 2015 was a success!

Photo Credit to Chris Maydn



Photo credit to Chris Maydn

Filmmaker Panel

If you walked into the ARTS lounge at 4:00pm, you would have entered a room adorned with film-related decorations, sparkling golden stars sprinkled over the tables, and a red carpet between chairs set with booklets that revealed what was to come. You would have seen Film Fest committee members dressed up looking their best, a large projector screen prepared to show the gathering audience 13 student films, and students with cameras darting about taking photographs. You would have seen tables of dinner and dessert ready to be consumed in due time, and judges preparing to watch the films that they would soon award three of the four trophies shining on their table to. Filmmakers and friends finding their seats, wondering who would win Best Production, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, and Audience Favorite trophies in addition a $100 prize.

…and if you walked into the ARTS lounge at 1:00pm, you would have seen one sweaty person running around making sure everything necessary was around, and setting up chairs and tables.

But if you walked in at 3:00pm, by then you would have seen an entire team of people working hard to make everything come together. Setting up, making sure that everything was set with the films, and coordinating. An entire semester of ups and downs and scares and triumphs and re-scheduling issues and advertising leading up to that ONE afternoon in the ARTS lounge– for behind the scenes, many people had to work together to present an environment for audience comfort and entertainment.

We were not perfect, but I feel like the event went well. If everyone went home with fun memories and stories to tell and excitement for next year’s Film Festival, then that’s success in my eyes.

Good job, everyone. Good job.

We hope to see you blog readers at next year’s Film Festival, sure to be even better than the first two!!


Semi-Frequently Asked Questions

Now that people are reading my blog and asking me questions, I shall answer some here for you for your personal enjoyment and my writing pleasure. Not that I’m presuming that you would enjoy to learn about me, but, well, people keep asking me these questions so apparently some people would.

Have you gone to Italy yet?

No, not yet. I am leaving on the 23rd, and yes, I have enough money to go!! What am I going to Italy for? The 2015 ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships!! I am competing in patterns (a set form of fundamental movements performed against an “imaginary opponent”) and sparring (Similar to UFC MMA fighting except no take downs/low kicks and you can’t win on a knock-out).

You do martial arts?!

Yes. I am a 3rd degree black belt and I’m also a blue sash in Eskrima. I just don’t bring this up unless it is relevant because then–

Can you beat me up?!




Like, for real?!


Will you?!


Will you go on a date with me?


What is your major? 

I am an English major, and whenever I transfer in like, ten years, I would like to double minor in business and psychology.

Why? What do you want to do with that?

*insert dramatic sigh* I would like to be a martial arts instructor; I currently have my own small program at a community center and I assist at a larger do-jang (school) but one day I would like to have my own facility. I would also like to edit on the side. You do not technically need to go to college to be a martial arts instructor, or even an editor, really. However, I believe that college is very beneficial in the life skills department, and learning English is very beneficial in life. Being a good writer translates into many aspects of one’s life, especially for someone who wants to be a martial arts instructor. Psychology and business are also helpful when it comes to human interaction, which is vital when it comes to being a martial arts instructor.

Do you have a religion?

I do not have a religion. I consider myself to be an agnostic-theist, but I grew up without religion and I do not currently follow a religion.

Then why do I see you helping out the MSA?

Cause the MSA is awesome. Duh.

Why were you at that event?

Probably because I am a Student Ambassador here at CCBC, and part of being an Ambassador is helping out with various events around campus. Other options include “I planned that event,” “I helped plan that event,” and “I’m actually attending the event just to attend.”

Why do I always see you on campus? 

Why do I always see YOU on campus? Haha. I’m often on campus because after classes I just stick around all day– I’m often working events, doing stuff for Film Society, or just chilling waiting to do one of the other options.

Why do you always carry so much stuff?

I’m president of Film Society so I tend to carry around a lot of stuff. The most I’ve ever had at once (aside from carrying all the equipment from wherever to wherever) was my backpack, my purse, my laptop, the club camera, the sound equipment, and the boom pole. I may have had a tripod at the time as well, but I do not recall!

Film Society? When do you meet?

HTEC 035 Tuesdays 3:00pm to 6:00pm; you should come!


Evidently I Am Famous Now

“Hey, you’re the girl with that blog, right?”

“Don’t I know you from the CCBC website?”

“Ohh have you gone to Italy yet?”

“You’re on the CCBC website!”

These are just some of the things that I have been hearing since my blog was added to the main page of the lovely new CCBC website.

Random people keep approaching me telling me that they have seen and read this blog.

So, now when people come up to me I get to guess whether they know me from Ambassadors, Film Society, a Film Society project like PSA, simply being on campus all the time, or from this blog.

I used to/usually do feel semi-guilty when I have no recollection of them whatsoever– but now people who have never met me before are approaching me, so I feel less guilty because they do not expect me to know them in return!

Since this has been happening, I feel like I need to up my game. I was locked out of my blog again temporarily, but technical difficulties have been fixed with speed and efficiency so I am return’d again.

Now, however, I must decide what to write about. When I wasn’t posting, I concocted many a blog post idea… and then upon returning, each and every one of them escaped my mind like a… I dunno, I was going to put some analogy and then I couldn’t think of anything for that, either.

Film Fest!!!

So a major aspect of my life right now is FILM FESTIVAL. Last year’s was amazing, so we planned to make this year’s even more awesome.

However, due to the curfew down in Baltimore, we had to re-schedule it last minute.

Now, Film Fest will be on MAY 14th FROM 4:00pm TO 7:00PM in the ARTS LOUNGE! Don’t miss out!

Watch student films, enjoy free dinner and dessert, and chill with CCBC friends. The event is sure to be a hit.

New CCBC website!!

The new CCBC website is up!

I think it looks quite nice.

What do you think of it??

Thoughts That Go Through Our Heads When Spring Break Ends

What the– wait, spring break is ending?!

Didn’t it just start?! What day is it?! What work do I have to do?

I’m going to actually get stuff done now. I can do this.

Work given during break should be illegal.



did this break even count I mean I had stuff on Friday and I was busy on Saturday and I had a thing on Sunday and…

Assessing what I got done… I think this break was acceptable.

 It was a good break. It was just… too short.






In Which There Is A Poem

I have not shared a poem in a while. That is because, in fact, I have not actually written any poetry.

Now, I have decided to do so. Here is a random poem by a college student; I was simply playing with some words.


I want to sit

In a room with you

Warm, tranquil

And there we would remain

And hours would go by

And they would feel like instants

Instants that repeat on and on

And I wouldn’t get bored

Because I’d be there with


And I hope that you wouldn’t get bored


I wish to rule the world with you

For we both know that we could.


Achieve whatever we wanted to,

Because we are us

And you’re clever on your own

And I’m clever on my own

But together the world is ours

For isn’t it always “we” with us?

We would do

Good things

And no one would know but the ones we allowed

In an eternal state of feeling like

that last catchy riff in a deep song.

Fade to black.

I yearn to slide my fingers down your arms

Until our hands do clasp

And you would feel comfortable

And I’d meet your gaze

And the touch would crackle in my eyes

Until I closed them and held the moment

Swell to gold.

What if we just

Ran away

Ran to the summer of my childhood

The waking in the morning back when waking was a rush of hope

And there would be enough of this planning

And meeting the deadlines

And worrying

Eggshell fine


Tears in the throat under the whispers

Tales that were true and buried under redemption

We’d sit in a slanted tree

Warm, tranquil

And rule our own world

There in the forest

And I’d still believe in faeries

And I’d feel the tangible magic

Enveloping our souls; the rushing in the heart

And the hope for adventure

That we’d have time for

And lack of rules that were not of our own

For what’s the point

Of growing up

And doing things

And growing old

And missing life

Run away with me

To a time of barefoot on soft grass and fireflies in a jar, soon freed

You and I


And I wouldn’t get bored

Because I’d be there with


And I hope that you wouldn’t get bored


Swell to red

Cut to gold.


New website coming on April 20th

Whoa, CCBC is getting a new website?! That’s right; it totally is!

Are you excited?!


Hi everyone! If you noticed, I didn’t post at all earlier in March! Due to some technical difficulties, I couldn’t log into my blog. Luckily everything is fixed, so I’m back. How are your midterms going?

I’m Going to Italy for Worlds! If I can afford it…

As you probably know, I am a Taekwon-Do practitioner.

I don’t usually ask for such things, and this isn’t CCBC or college-related exactly, but I’m fundraising for my trip to Italy for the 2015 ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships. I will be competing in sparring (fighting) and patterns competitions to represent Team USA, and if I win I will be the first person from Maryland ever to do so!

Visit to donate– every dollar counts.

I know we’re all broke college students (or professors!) but if you’d consider donating just a few dollars it would really mean a lot to me and will help me to achieve my dreams while having the experience of a lifetime!

If you can’t donate, please consider sharing this on your Facebook pages.

If you donated $5, it would be the same as buying a frozen hot chocolate and a bagel :D