CCBC Day of Service!

As Student Life Ambassadors, we usually meet up and enjoy interesting presentations, group activities, and educational games for our every-other-Friday Ambassador meetings.
But the meeting before last, we rode down to Baltimore to participate in the CCBC Day of Service!!

As you can see, we got a lot done– and had a lot of fun in the process.

What exactly did we do for our Day of Service, you ask? Well, aside from the occasional wheelbarrow ride, we worked together to create a community garden out of an empty lot. We dug trenches for plants, created a nice path, cleaned up, and made nice decorations. The sun shone brightly as sweat dripped down our necks, but on we worked. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable experience.

I think this quote says it all: “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can change the world”-Howard Zinn.
As students, those small acts start with us. If we each just contributed even the smallest amount, I believe that we can truly, truly change this world for the better.

5 Ways CCBC Students Have Each Others’ Backs

You know the slogan “I am CCBC” that you catch around campus and hear on the radio? Well, that’s pretty dang true. We are all CCBC, and we CCBC people stick together! Not sure if it’s true? Check out these 5 ways CCBC students have each others’ backs.

1. When There’s Free Food

Whether it’s Student Life’s Free Ice Cream day or the yearly International Festival, you can count on a fellow CCBC student to inform you of free food. You may not even KNOW the person and they’ll just pass by you, waving their plate or bowl, uttering those tantalizing words– “There’s free food.” And if you do know the person? Expect a text like “hey free food in the barn” because oh, how they empathize with you.

2. When You Need a Ride

Our parents may have excitedly received their drivers’ licenses they millisecond they turned 16. In today’s world, that isn’t so much a thing anymore (or maybe people at CCBC just missed the “you-need-a-license” memo). Regardless, in the world of CCBC, you’re either in the “I take the bus” category or you aren’t, and those who aren’t tend to be the kindest of souls who give rides to their unfortunate non-driving associates. CCBC people know the struggle and they gotchu.

3. When You Don’t Understand the Assignment

You may not know the person outside of class, but they feel your pain. They’re either there to help you struggle through your lack of understanding together, or at least empathize with you in your “I don’t understand” sorrow until one of you finally just asks the teacher. If you DO know the person, expect many texts/messages back and forth about said assignment where you both complain together or help each other navigate the seas of Blackboard until the treasure ye seek (in the form of a PDF link under some weird tab) is uncovered.

4. When You Need To Avoid/Find Someone 

“Just saw *insert person’s name* in the cafeteria”
Good. Now you can determine what to do about that! For the most part, we get along here at CCBC. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you need to avoid someone. Luckily your CCBC buddies have your back; expect a passing remark or a text/message informing you of this person’s whereabouts!  Alternatively, maybe you need to find someone– worry not, because someone has already told you where they are at.

5. When You Are Desperate

Maybe you’re broke and dying of starvation. Maybe you are in need of bus money. Whatever the issue, you are desperate and are in need of help! Fear not, because CCBC students know your pain. Someone’s gonna donate a few bucks to save you, because chances are they were in your place a few weeks/days prior. Just make sure to return the favor when THEY are in trouble!


You Are As You Are Perceived?

You are you (obviously).

But who exactly ARE you?

No, seriously. Who do you think you are– and who do OTHERS think you are? I believe that people have multiple “versions” of themselves, and that the only person who has the capability to know ALL of them is you. You have…

 The You that you are in your head

No one gets to know this version of You except for you (and some people even struggle to truly know this part of themselves, in which case, you are the only one with the potential to get to know this version of you). While some people may come close, such as best friends, significant others, or close family members, no one truly knows the You that you are in your head. This version of You may not feel, in some ways, much different than you did when you were a kid, in some regards– and then vastly more mature than you act in other regards (it depends on the person, of course). There is only one aspect of this version.

The You that you are around your friends

This version of you may split into different aspects depending on which friends you are around. Around good friends, this is the closest that you can get to showing the You that you are inside your head. Sadly, you can never actually show that You 100%, because that You exists only in your head. So, to your friends, this is how you are. (Bit freaky, huh?)

The You that you are to others in general

Here is where it gets tricky. There is a way that you present yourself to others, especially those whom you do not know very well. These are your teachers.  Your random classmates. Casual associates.

…Yet sometimes, even your friends and family. Because no matter how you are inside your head, this You is the You that the world knows.


Why does it matter?

The thing is, in many ways, you are as you are perceived. So, if the You that you know inside your head is a very kind person, but the You that you present to others seems very unkind, then how can you expect people to see you in any other way than the way in which you present yourself? 

Alternatively, if inside your head, you are a very motivated, intelligent person, but you’re not doing very well in school at the moment and so come off as lazy and dull… at what point do you cease to be a good student having a bad year, and simply become a bad student?

For the most part, you are as you are perceived. You can argue for hours that you’re not ACTUALLY like someone accused you of being, but if they only know you to be as you presented yourself, then how are you actually any different than their perception of you? To the world… you’re simply not. You are only as people know you to be.

This is often an accident. You KNOW how you are, but you simply show a different You, and it isn’t intentional. This can be a struggle. You may want desperately to show the world the You that you are inside, but you don’t know how to do so, or else give in to the persuasiveness of your environment and mess up before you know that you are doing so. However, sometimes it is intentional– because you are attempting to present yourself in a way that you are not.

This can actually be a good thing. Mastering the art of self-presentation can, for example, cause people to think that you are confident and in-control when the You inside your head is actually nervous and shy, and help you to get further in life than you would otherwise. However, this can be a bad thing, too– perhaps you present yourself as a tough person, impervious to insults, but inside you actually get your feelings hurt quite easily. People will likely not understand that they are getting to you, and if you bring up your troubles or feelings, you may simply come off as dramatic instead of earnest.

If you– to fit in, to seem like a better person, to seem smarter, whatever– decide to act as if you are a certain way… how long will it be until you actually ARE that way, to the world? Be careful not to lose the You that you are inside your head in the process. Yet even if you do not lose the You that you are inside, does it really matter, if, to the world, that part of you does not even exist??

Be careful how you are. Make sure that the You that the world knows is a You that the You inside your head would be proud to show– but also a You that won’t cause any strife for the You inside your head. 

To quote one of my all-time favorite books…

“Perhaps it’s impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be” – Ender’s Game. 

The 14 New Associates You Might Have In College

You will meet a lot of interesting characters in college.

I for one certainly did not go to college with the intent to make friends or have all these weird new associates or run into all these odd people, but, it happened. Any of these people sound familiar? Probably– when you go to CCBC, meeting them is rather inevitable.

1. The Hangout Friend 

You wound up friends with this person and now the two of you hang out, like, constantly. People may mistake you for siblings at this point. Good part? You found an awesome person with whom you can go on many adventures and have excellent conversations with and spend too much money on food with. Bad part? People maaaaay start to view you as ONE entity instead of two separate people. Luckily, you automatically have someone to be annoyed with about the whole one entity thing, so it’s cool.

2. The Teammate

Maybe you went through life thinking that there was certainly nobody who thought like you do. Then when you got to college, you eventually ran into somebody who… did? With this friend, you not only have someone who’s got your back, but who’s by your side. You can trust them to run an event with you, or help you with homework, or get their opinion on something even though you already know what they’re going to say because you would totally say the same thing. Maybe you guys tend to stick to more practical things most of the time, but you always manage to gain something from every interaction and you still can’t quite believe you met them.

3. The Fun One

Low-maintenance, excitable, and kind, this fun associate is the friend who a group hangout feels incomplete without. You may not go to them for deep conversations, but they’re there to encourage you and rarely have any complaints. Running into them on campus is the best because you know that no matter what’s going on in the world, they will be happy to see you.

4. Ms/Mr High-Maintenance 

You may hesitate (or used to hesitate) to call this one a friend because he/she is always such a pain in the butt. Maybe they’re always asking you to do things for them and then when you help, are always asking you to revise said things. Maybe they are always coming to you to complain about other people. Maybe it’s simply that they think that you are their automatic ride to literally anywhere. Whatever it is, this person is… high-maintenance. However, for some reason, you’re able to look past that and see their redeeming value, and you do have some good conversations with them at times.

5. Not Actually Too Cool for School People

How… do these people exist? They never seem to be doing homework. They randomly skip class. Yet somehow… somehow… they pass? With good grades?? Apparently they’re just really clever. Also, you may never see them carrying a backpack… does this mean they got their textbooks through less-than-legal means, or are they just so cool that somehow they don’t need textbooks to pass tests? Support the CCBC bookstore, people! You may like to hope you’d learn a lot from these people, but in actuality, chances are you just spend your days being baffled by them (unless you are one of them).

6. The Conversation Friend

You met them, and then somehow you started texting or messaging each other, and then suddenly it started happening constantly, and then suddenly you knew that if you were really bored at 3am, you could hit them up and they’d still freaking be awake. At first you may just talk to them to talk, but eventually they grow on you and you’re kiiiiiind ooooofff quite pleased that they message you constantly. The downside is, they are also responsible for you getting into bad habits when it comes to texting other people, because not everyone is cool with ten thousand messages in a row if someone ignores one. Oops.

7. The Walking Argument

Not until college did you meet someone this argumentative for the sake of… their… ego? Fun? Who knows, really, and if you asked them they’d probably just start an argument with you about it. They may LITERALLY SEEK YOU OUT just to start an argument. And if you escape? Expect quite a few argumentative texts and Facebook messages instead. Sigh.

8. The Person Everyone Likes But You

Everyone thinks this person is soooooo cool. But you? Not you. Not you at all. In fact, chances are the two of you have a mutual DISlike for each other. Perhaps you are not even sure why, but, so it is. Maybe you’re exact opposites? Maybe you’re too alike? Whatever it is, you kind of can’t wait until they transfer/graduate.

9. The Event Hopper

Any event you go to on campus, this person is there. Maybe you’d like to be cool with them, but they’re always on the go and since you really only see them at events, there’s really nothing much to do but wave at them excitedly and move on with life.

10. The You See Them Around Person

“Do you know *insert person’s name here*?” “Yeah I’ve seen them around.” That’s about the extent of this person. Maybe you have a class with them. Maybe they sit with people you know sometimes. You guys say hi to each other, and you talk sometimes, but that’s about it. There’s nothing much to say about this person.

11. The One Who Just Sucks

You don’t hate them, but, dang, they suck. Like, you think that they’re cool… they haven’t done anything sucky in a while… and then… nope. No, no. They suck. Yet somehow they always get out of it. SOMEHOW. Is it your fault for forgiving them? Or are they…? No. No, they still freaking suck. Luckily, you learn a lot from knowing them… right…? Right? If you haven’t met one earlier in life, you’re going to meet one in college for sure.

12. Is Totally Not Your Best Friend Person

They met you and decided that the two of you were like, REALLY close. YOU AREN’T. NO ONE THINK THIS! PLEASE! Sadly, this person does not understand, really, no matter how many times you tell them. Please, please, please don’t be this person. Please.

13. The Sad One

The gif explains it all. But, the reason that their very existence is sad is because they do not really know how to interact with people. Should you teach them, or should you avoid them, or? Tis quite a dilemma. Make sure to invite them to events, but be careful because if you give them too much attention they may evolve into #12.

14. The Inspiration 

This person serves as a role model to you. You learn a lot just from being around them. Maybe they are a fellow student, maybe they are a teacher, but whoever this person is, they happen to very much inspire you. Aren’t you glad you went to CCBC?


There are plenty more types of people you can run into at CCBC. All I know is, I am so glad to have met the people that I have met. Life wouldn’t be the same without ‘em.

How to Get a Jump Start on Spring Semester

It’s time to SPRING into action. This list is sure to put a SPRING in your step. It’s very SPRING– okay I’ll stop.



We know you want to go back to bed. Sadly, screwing up your sleep schedule during semester (or leaving it as screwed up as it already is)  isn’t a good move. I always end up doing this. Always. I end up being all “Hmmmm, get good sleep…. stay up and edit a movie…. get good sleep…. hang out with friends…” NO. Stop right there. This is it. Your semester to… sleep properly.


It’s easy to be like, “Oh, the teacher will post this on Blackboard. No need to take notes,” and then getting into a bad habit of not taking notes at all. However, taking notes is actually a good move, whether the info is posted on Blackboard at all. It forces you to pay attention to the teacher, and prevents you from checking your phone or distracting yourself in other ways. Writing also helps the information to sink in. The best I ever did in a class was one where my teacher played PowerPoints… but didn’t post them on BlackBoard. Each student had to give their undivided attention to the screen and write down everything as quickly as possible– but boy, did we nail those final exams!


Everyone knows what’s, in their opinion, the tastiest food item on campus. However, everyone (I think) also knows that such food items tend to be pricey and rather unhealthy. Bringing your own food to campus both saves you time and allows you to eat healthier. Make this semester your “bring food to campus” semester.


If you’re planning on adjusting your personal clothing style, the beginning of semester is a good time to do it. Then people aren’t shocked by any abrupt changes in what clothes you wear or type of hair you have, but you can still stroll through the library and turn heads and all that jazz. Basically, it’s a good excuse to look the way that you actually want to look.


Get into the habit of writing down what you have and when you have it. Whether it’s working an event, turning in a homework assignment, or printing that one thing for club, make sure you write it down somewhere. If you don’t have an official daily planner, just stick it in your phone or notebook.


Any other suggestions on how to get a jump start on Spring semester? 

Welcome back!!

BAM! GOODBYE, WINTER SEMESTER! (the gif above is an actual representation of me)

I am  one of those people who gets far too excited to go back to college. Maybe because, as a former PEP student, I’ve been at CCBC so long that it feels like a second home. Maybe because I can jump back into a mode of productivity and college-y adventure. Maybe because I’m rather sentimental. Whatever the reason, the first days back I feel like I’m in a musical, skipping around campus and waving at practically everyone on campus (I’ve been told I know everyone except for like, 2 people. Perhaps, seeing as I walked into my first class the other day and saw 5 people and the teacher who I all knew, this is factual).

My classes were amazing. I landed some lovely teachers, and am excited for this semester to get rolling. I worked at First Week as an Ambassador, which was quite nice. Film Society will be back in action soon, as well, which is of course very exciting for me. Last semester was a little rough for me, class-wise, but I am looking forward to this semester and have a very good feeling about it!

What are YOU looking forward to this semester? 

If you don’t know, I suggest swinging by Film Society. We make movies, and meet in HTEC 035 on Tuesdays at 3:00pm!

And if you want to go to an upcoming event, I suggest MSA’s Ice Cream social. You don’t have to be Muslim to go, and there’s free ice cream and a hilarious movie (that I’m helping to make). What’s not to love?

I wish everyone a happy end-of-winter-break/welcome back/new semester. Peace out!

Winter Break

Welcome to “Winter” Break in Maryland, where it’s 75 degrees one day and below zero the next! Hopefully you are all excited to enjoy this break. Or perhaps take some winter classes, for those of you who are doing so!

If you are on Winter Break, however, I’ll give you a few suggestions on how to pass the time. Because while doing nothing the first week can be quite relaxing, I know that I for sure get antsy if I have nothing to do for too long.



Well, duh, right? But unless you’re waking up early for work or other activities, getting to sleep in a little or having some time to take naps is definitely something to take advantage of. Of course, the problem is, Winter Break is also a good time to stay up late, which can kind of counteract the benefits of sleeping in. Whatever, at least it feels good, right? Don’t feel guilty for sleeping in and staying up late. It doesn’t make you lazy, it just makes you a tired person refreshing themselves during break.


If you don’t have one or are looking for something more beneficial or more fun, Winter Break is a good time to buckle down and get a job/new job.  If you have a job, particularly a flexible one, Winter Break is a good time to rack up those work hours.


1) If you’re not religious, this is a great way to learn about others’ mindsets and way of life. I’m sure you’ve heard different stories from religious texts and heard different rumors about them– why not come to your own conclusions? It can be really interesting and intriguing to at least partially flip through a religious text, and you sure ain’t going to have time to do so during semester.

2) If you ARE religious, this is a good time to become more familiar with your religion and deepen your spiritual connection. Especially if you grew up with your religion and are familiar with the culture but maybe haven’t checked out the text in a while.


One good thing about college is that you get many opportunities to THINK. One BAD thing about college is that you get many opportunities to think… but only about certain things! Remember that college helps you academically and knowledge-wise, but it does not necessarily help you with certain aspects of existence, help you to be more of an open-minded thinker, or give you much freedom to learn about whatever you want. Utilizing Winter Break to learn about whatever you want is a good move, and I would suggest reading psychology and philosophy books. There’s an excellent collection of them at the Catonsville library. You can learn so much about how humanity works by reading such books– not because of the content, so much as because they inspire you to be more observant and think a little differently in day-to-day life.


I am under the impression that Winter Break is the time that makes or breaks friendships. If one can remain friends through Winter Break, chances are their friendship is solid. This is especially true for new friendships made through college. People, if you want to be friends with someone, maybe act like a friend. Talk to them. Have a nice text conversation. Invite them somewhere. Don’t be annoying, but make sure to put in some effort. As barf-worthilty (not a word) cheesy as it is, to have a friend you have to be a friend.


No excuses not to, and unless it’s raining, pouring, or North Pole-level cold, weather doesn’t count. Not only is it good for staying in or getting in shape, but it is a good way to clear your mind. If you’re walking, it’s a cool way to explore a neighborhood, too.


I personally believe that watching a TV show is not a bad thing. You can actually learn a lot from certain shows– and also, it’s fun. Not everything has to be about education. Getting wrapped up in a good story and intrigued by excellent characters is perfectly fine, and Winter Break is a good time to do it because you don’t have to feel guilty about watching a TV show instead of studying. You can just watch. Watch. Watch away!


Pretend you’re in a movie and come back after break with a mini-makeover. According to studies, those who dye their hair tend to be more confident in themselves– and why wouldn’t they be? If you dye your hair, you are taking control over a certain aspect of your appearance, and it’s really quite cool. Go for it, yo.


Especially for those of us who are on campus all day, missing out on spending time with your family can be something that happens completely accidentally. Use Winter Break to spend some time with your family, particularly if you have siblings who would like your attention. Read to your little sister. Watch YouTube with your little brother. Be a decent human being. One day they’re going to grow up and remember what you were like during their childhoods– try and makes sure that what they remember are good things, not bad.

Stuff CCBC Students Say: Fall 2015

This is a thing now. An established thing. And the time has come yet again.

Here we go again– more Stuff CCBC Students Say! Enjoy this list of the wild, wacky, and perhaps relatable things that I have heard CCBC students say this Fall semester. For more fun, check out   my    past    three   posts of these. Special thanks to Ian and Spencer who each had several things that they’ve heard that were added in as well!


“I blame my parents when they created me I only have 2 hands. I told the woman in the book store, I said I need hands like an octopus. I’d be in glory.”

Girl 1: ”Nobody has ever heard of my major”
Girl 2: ”What is it?”
Girl 1: ”It’s called Mass Communication”

*loud whisper* I STEPPED IN THE WATER, TOO

Girl: “Where do you go if you need to like, make a schedule and meet with an adviser?”
Guy: “Academic Advisement”

“I hope this is the right word. I dunno why I’m having trouble reading things lately”

“This fool wants to tell me that they lifted up his willy, and they moooved it somewhere else”

Person 1: “I always miss the first week of classes. On purpose.”
Person 2: “Why”
Person 1: “I don’t know…”

Guy: “You lucky I got on clothes”
Girl: “I’m not the lucky one”

“I find “ok” so belligerent like, you sayin “ok” cause you want me to respond, you sayin “ok” cause you saying you got it, you sayin “ok” cause you want me to shut the f*ck up…?”

*walks up to a table outside SSRV*
I’m looking for 106!

“Look, my son, has a name and an identify. Stop calling him baby!”

Guy to freshman: “You play ball here?”
Freshman: “Yes sir”
Guy: “Me too. 1976. Been a long time.”

“We gonna fight you, teeth and nails!”

“Looking at you I wanna PUKE!! In my MOUTH!! And then spit it back out on the FLOOR!!”

“Someone brought us… legit moonshine”

“Some drugs are AWFUL!”

“I signed up for Veterans Day and I’m not even a veteran”

“Yall bad f*cking gel heads”

“Even if she did almost die, like we’re all gonna die one day. That’s how I feel when I wake up every morning. I’m like, ‘That’s one day closer to death.”

“And I hit him with my foot”

Girl 1: “There’s a lot of good-looking men here”
Girl 2: “He’s gay?”

“Its 1:27. I mean 1:14.”

“Did you PEE!”

“It’s like cloudy with a chance of bisexual”

“I’m really sorry to hear that….I was just thinking, I didn’t, really know him”

“Time is film”

“Alright everyone we’re gonna take it from the top. Actually not the top, the middle”

Guy 1: “What’s up man? Missed you yesterday. Where you were you?”
Guy 2: “Home.”

“You know they’re talking about eating deer.”

“Meninists don’t exist”

“Ohhhhh, my lips look really chappy”

“Are people like born gay, or are they like, born?…..Clearly, but…”

“You know they say rationalization is like masturbation, you only do it to yourself”

“Why would you wanna do a thing in south Africa when Florida’s like, right down the street?”

“Dude, if I could 64 her, I would!”

Guy 1: Everyone wants to compare everything to Hitler and I am SICK OF IT!”
Guy 2: “I see.”

“What we did is uh, we took a baby doll, and we uh, ripped the center open…”

“I used the flippers for the first time today. OH my GAWD do you have any idea how much easier swimming is with flippers?! When all you have to do is move your legs?!”

“As soon as people realize it’s gone they’re gonna want some”

“They haven’t mastered the art of…. smartness yet”

“My niece just came out on Facebook. I mean, Facebook is whatever, but is that…. is that The Way?”

“Well I used to be a 9 but then life is like, mmm lemme bump you up to like a size 13.”

Girl 1: “What color is your red carpet?”
Girl 2: “Red”

“Chinese people bout to cook their chicken with the hair and sometimes they burn it all up in there”

*Man rides a bike around the library lounge*
*Asks for directions to the cafeteria*
*No one bats an eyelid*

“I’m like blind without being blind”

“His girlfriend, got married because she didn’t want him around, or something”

“I’m getting there on stretches that are almost nearly impossible, I think. Not saying that I’m getting there but I’m getting pretty close”

Person 1: “How many years you gon be here for?”
Person 2: “Forever.”

“Oh, that’s cool too. I know they gon be maaaaaad. ‘Raphael Lauren.’”

“Ooooooo that yo baby mama!”

“I didn’t have boobs until like, 10th grade. Well, I started budding in 5th grade. But they’re different sizes. THIS one is DEFINITELY a cup size down”

“I think it was like, longer than our class period, maybe shorter”

“When that baby reach 18 I’m gonna tell him like, your momma was HORRIBLE. She be cussing you out before you even EXISTED!”

“No. I died”

“This haaair spraaay is a BEAUTEOUS PAIN”

Girl: “Did you know the bride?”
Guy: “Yeah, I used to date her sister”

“Hi husband. Yes husband. I’m in the bathroom, husband. I’M IN THE BATHROOM. Husband, are you outside?”

“Drunk me is nothing compared to drunk me in a horse mask”

“She’s obsessively obsessing over things he’s interested in”

Person 1: “Box seats aren’t really that good for seeing plays”
Person 2: “Yeah, you might get assassinated”

“One thing we don’t remember is that plants have minds and are actually intelligent. They actually have minds and can think. We take that for granted a lot”

Girl 1: “I have a friend named Jesus and his best friend is named Angel.”
Girl 2: “He should marry someone named Mary. And have a kid named…. God.”

“My dad used to live in LA. *beat* Did a lotta drugs.”

“I got my main here, my ex in North Carolina, my side piece here, my side piece there, all them going crazy over that sh*t.”

“Yo, I had to chase my girl’s mother down the street cause her mother was chasing after with a gun.”

“I want lists, I want medicine, I want to know what she’s allergic, like if she’s allergic to sh*t.”

“If you want a child, that sh*t is not coming. Me and my ex tried for the longest time. She wanted that sh*t TOO bad.”

“I might as well cut off my side b*tches, because I won’t even have enough time for side b*tches.”

Guy: “Whaaaat? That’s my favorite show.”
Girl: “Trust me, it’s my favorite show as well, I just haven’t liked it recently.”

“I always like it when I’m like ‘Hey’ and they’re like, ‘I have a boyfriend’ and I’m like, cool. Are we going to work on our f*CKING PROJECT NOW?”

“30 MILLION candle lights. Do you know how bright that is?!”

“I like your barcode. It might end up beeping on the way out!”

“It’s not like if I’m a sociopath that I’d walk up to you and be like ‘hi, I’m a sociopath’”

“I was in the mall and Frank Sinatra comes on singing “oh the weather outside is frightful…” and I was like, no, it’s 60 degrees; don’t TELL them to let it snow.”

“You LIKE chilling at ccbc! That’s alright, I love this school. I love chilling at this school. This is my school.”

I Love You

The college girl runs over to her classmate upon seeing her in the library. They hug, and chat a bit about the relief of completing their finals. Finally, they hug again, and the girl cries, “Hope to see you next semester! I love yooooou!”

The 18-year-old freshman couple cuddle against each other in the hallway. “Love you bae” “Love you, too,” they exchange. They’ve only been together for two weeks.

So goes our culture, where the word “love” is thrown around like it’s nothing. Do you love that guy like you love the Santa Fe Wrap from the Einstein Bros? Do you love that class friend like you love the fact that you got an A in your math class? Do you love either of them the way that you love your parents? Siblings? Pets?

I’m not saying it is wrong to use the word “love.” There’s much, much, worse things in the world than people expressing positive thoughts towards each other. I know plenty of people who use “love you!” as a casual greeting, and I don’t hate them for it. I am also not going to be one of those people who rag on people who say that they love their favorite food/band/clothing item/whatever. That is clearly different than saying someone loves another person. Goshhhh.

That being said, I personally believe that the word does not need to be used as frequently as it is currently used. I tend to get quite uncomfortable when people tell me that that they “love” me as a greeting or goodbye when I do not genuinely “love” them as I may love my family members, best friend, etc. And so, I encounter exchanges all the time that go like…

Person: Bye! I love youuu!


Me: Yaaaay!

Me: Byeeeeee!

Me: See you!

…and hope that they do not think that I hate them for not responding with “Love you toooooooo!” like most people do.

Don’t you think that perhaps using the word “love” with people who you do not legitimately love lessens the meaning of the word? Why does it matter when you tell your mom that you love her if you already told 12 other people that day that you love THEM? What about telling your significant other that you love them for the first time… when you barely know each other? Doesn’t that lessen the impact of saying it when you legitimately LOVE them as time goes on? And even when you do actually love them… how can it mean something to them if you tell EVERYONE that you love them?

Would it really mean much to hear “I love you” from your best friend for the first time, if your best friend already tells everyone and their mother, brother, and 3 pet pugs that she loves them?

Obviously this is all situational as well. People know that if they hear their friend go, “Ahhh, you bought me ice cream! I freaking love you!” or, “Kirk! Ahhh, I love that guy!!” it does not mean the same as someone directly telling them that they love them. Those types of statements (to me, anyway) do not “count.” It is only direct statements of  ”Love you!” and “I love you!” in non-meaningingful-moments to people one is not close to that are long-run problematic.

Let the word love means what it means. Save it for times when you need to use it because there are no other words that you could use. Reserve it for people who are important to you in a deep enough manner.

Tell casual friends and associates that they’re awesome or great or lovely or whatever. Pick a fitting adjective and use that instead of a meaningless “I love you” and save that word for a better time. It doesn’t make you cold; it makes you careful.

It means so much more to hear an “I love you” from someone who doesn’t throw that word around like it’s nothing. So, maybe consider being that person with a bit of reserve.

Just a thought.


Finals… finals… finals…

What even is a final?

It has such finality to the word.


The end.

Final: The end; a conclusion

Final: A last exam

Final: An excuse to get out of anything else for an entire week. “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hang out, I’m soooooo busy with finals” *watches TV that night* (Shhh, people, we’re onto you and your excuses! But alas, we can’t prove that you’re making them, so, we just roll with it).

Welcome to Finals Week.

Happy Finals Week. May the curve be ever in your favor.

(I stole that from the internet okay).

Done freaking out? Don’t worry. Just because finals happen to be called “finals” doesn’t mean that they are the end of everything. Work hard, but know that if you do less than amazing on your finals, it’s not the end of the world. You can always register for some winter classes!

Finals just indicate that last mountain to climb before the end of semester and the beginning of winter break. You got this. Don’t lose too much sleep, or too much time. Just do your thing. Meet with your teachers before if necessary.

My favorite thing to do when studying for finals is to type up my potential answers, then write them out by hand. That way when the final is given to me, I’ll better memorize potential answers and therefore do much better.

Good luck, everyone!