Think Like Hermione

If you’re from 16 to 30, then you probably grew up reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies. And if you’re older or younger, then you’ve probably watched or read Harry Potter anyway, just because Harry Potter is just THAT GOOD.

Most of us are familiar with the character of Hermione Granger, a brilliant witch who enjoys studying and learning about the wizarding world. Because she was so brilliant, she saved her friends’ lives on many occasions!

We might think, sure, if WE lived in the Harry Potter series then we would do the same. We would want to learn as much as we could about the wizarding world and everything in it! After all, it’s a really incredible fictional world!

But what about our world? Can’t we think like Hermione in our own world? 

Why do you want to study, anyway? Shouldn’t it be because you want to learn?

Think about it: If our world, a world that might seem so boring or normal to us, were a a book, wouldn’t there be people dreaming of living in it? People would find our world fascinating. There might not be magic in our world, but I’m sure that these readers would find all of our technology and places and the human mind– everything– very interesting. Readers would wish that THEY were humans, humans who could live in the amazing world of earth! They wouldn’t care that life sucks sometimes, or that lots of people are annoying, or about the sadness and chaos on earth– they’d want to learn about our world just as we want to learn about fantasy worlds.

We should view our world like an outsider might, and then realize that hey, maybe we’re lucky to have the opportunity to learn as much as we can about it. We have the chance to learn how to read microexpressions, learn about the history of the world, learn why humans to bad things, learn how the human body works, learn how different machines work– and how many of us actually WANT to?

In my opinion, I certainly want to. I want to think like Hermione– think that this world has plenty for us to learn about, so I’m going to learn about it. I wouldn’t be one of those annoyingly ignorant book characters, I would want to be one that knows a lot about their world. I don’t want to be a know-it-all, no– I just want to know a lot. As a human, I’m practically obligated to. If I’m interested in it, I’m going to learn about it. If not, I’m wasting my potential as a human in this world.

Not wanting to learn about anything– that’s like staying in level one of a video game and not even bothering to collect all the items or defeat all the enemies. AND you skip the scenes.

Not wanting to learn about anything– that would be like Hermione skipping classes and sitting in the Gryffindor common room instead of learning as much as she could about the wizarding world.

So hey, I’m going to learn about stuff because I’m interested in it and that is that!


Shakespeare in a Sentence!

Did you know that CCBC is offering a Shakespeare Honors course this fall? That’s right! I love Shakespeare and took several Shakespeare courses while in high school, so inspired by this new CCBC class I am going to write a bit about some of the Shakespeare plays.

Wonder which play to read? Find out by reading “Shakespeare in a Sentence!” Note: there are MANY more plays to read, but these are some of the more well-known ones.

MACBETH: Scottish serial killers and supernatural stuff

ROMEO AND JULIET: A teenage romance doesn’t work out, and here’s why

HAMLET: Death, insanity, ghosts, death

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW: A romantic comedy with fiesty characters galore that isn’t as sexist as it seems

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: Very ship-able characters, a dark side plot, happy ending

TITUS ANDRONICUS: Rated NC-17 stuff with major injuries and cannibalism

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM: Fairies and ridiculous romance escapades

OTHELLO: Diabolical villian causes jealousy to lead to murder. Oops

AS YOU LIKE IT: A girl dresses up as a guy and then dresses up as a girl to give the guy she likes romance advice when it comes to liking her

TWELFH NIGHT: A girl dressed as a guy looks a lot like her twin; sexually confused people are sexually confused

THE TEMPEST: Supernatural stuff and young love on an island

KING LEAR: A King is a jerk father and is slowly ruined, and everybody dies

JULIAS CAESAR: Caesar gets killed. Spoilers

COMEDY OF ERRORS: Two sets of twins in one town cause comedic confusion



It’s Started

Ohhh, geez. It’s started.

And when I say it’s started, I mean the “it” of lack-of-purpose-summerness.

Today was my first Tuesday with no classes and no Film Society meetings, so I spend it editing and publishing a ridiculous (and funny) short film that I made with my brothers, then editing and publishing the bloopers for the same film, then pacing around wondering what to do, then walking to Rite Aid, then finally studying for my Criminology finals on Thursday. If I wasn’t testing in Taekwon-Do this week, I probably would have jogged and sprinted and biked– but since I AM testing this week, I just got on Facebook and swept the kitchen floor.

It feels so odd, a Tuesday not at CCBC all day! Normally I would’ve been at CCBC from 11:00 AM to 6:30 or 40 PM. I had been looking forward to this day, but now that it’s here it was certainly not as nice as I had hoped.

Luckily, this Thursday I get to be at CCBC from 9:45 AM to 3:00 PM, then I’ll head over to CCBC Essex to take my Criminology finals (I have to take them then because I won’t be in Maryland on Saturday). Thank goodness! One more day of CCBC overload before summer break officially starts.

I never thought that I would be missing long days at CCBC! I suppose I’ll have to start planning something to do next Tuesday. I suppose I’ll exercise a lot and then organize my room– my poor, poor room needs to be organized desperately and I need to remove old study guides and drafts from my desk and actually hang up my clothes instead of leaving them in a pile. Also, I can’t wait to start training for the Taekwon-Do World Cup in Jamaica and to be able to read all of the books I haven’t been able to finish since school started. I have to keep these thoughts in my mind!

Until then, though, I’ll just spend tonight and tomorrow waiting for a busy Thursday that I actually want.

How are YOU feeling now that classes are winding down? What are you going to do after classes end?

Finishing up

Whoa, the semester is almost over?! Who would have thought that it would go by so fast!

Today, I turned in my final portfolio for my Creative Writing class. Last week I completed my final for my Communications class. Next week I will take my final for my Criminology class. Worked a few Ambassador events and even got to give my younger brother a tour of CCBC, and went to the Student Banquet.

AKA I have had a grand total of 9 impressive hours of sleep in the past three days TOTAL. Yikes! (Yes, I am going to be one of ‘those people’ and talk about sleep. Apologies).

Now I am at CCBC, blogging. I don’t really NEED to be at CCBC right now, but I think the thing is that I am simply going to miss it here during the summer. College can be stressful and tiring, yes, but it is also very fun and I just know that as soon as summer gets going, I will get bored!

CCBC Student Banquet!

We swear it was an elegant event, really

Yesterday, I got to attend the CCBC Student Banquet on behalf of Film Society and the Student Ambassadors. I got to dress all formal

And ride a bus

And have a blast with some of these goofballs

And these goofballs

… And I even won two certificates!

Certainly a fun time!

Check out some awesome Film Fest films!

Click to watch!

Check out my Best Screenplay-winning film, Loss!

Click to watch!

Check out the Best Direction winning film, Mr. Goat!

Click to watch!

Check out this modern classic, Viva la Wifi!

Click to watch

And lastly, Jiminy!

Film Society Pictures!


The last meeting of Film Society this semester was super fun. Everyone should join us next semester! Same room, same time– HUMN 100 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

See you there!

Last Meeting

Tomorrow– well, later today, seeing as it is after midnight!– is my last Film Society meeting for this semester. I’m really quite sad, because Film Society has come to mean a lot to me. I never thought that joining a club would be so great!

Before this semester, I really didn’t have many close friends– and the ones that I did have lived in Nevada.

Nevada is almost the furthest from Maryland you can get in the US.

I tend to meet people who ADMIRE me but don’t actually want to be friends with me– it’s as if they don’t even think that I would ever WANT to be friends.  Maybe I just don’t try hard enough to make real friends, and maybe there is a part of me that doesn’t want to– I don’t know. But know what really sucks? Sitting at a table with a group of people and being ignored, even if you’re trying your best to be a part of the conversation, even if you’re talking really loud, even if you have something to say. That feels awful.

However, since joining Film Society I think that I have gotten to know the members well enough that I can actually call them friends. For the most part, I kind of felt like Sherlock in BBC Sherlock: “I don’t have friends… I just have one.” Now I think I have more than one friend. Film Society members actually listen to me and most of them treat me as an equal. An EQUAL!  Imagine that!! For the most part, I feel like people from Film Society think of me as an equal– and I love that.

This feels odd, because I had not made new friends in so long that I had basically written off 99% of humans as either annoying or not interested enough in me to want to be friends and I really stopped trying to be anything but friendly with people. My best friend suggested that I try to think of it as attempting to get as many rejections in one day as possible instead of attempting to make friends, which is really clever and is great advice– but I don’t really do that. Maybe I think that feels fake. Maybe I just don’t care. I think I’ll need to reflect on this sometime.

Now I think that I have actually made friends in Maryland, and I think that I actually like it! Film Society is so amazing– it’s so fun to meet intelligent, funny people who talk about stuff that you like and are always willing to help you if you need it.

If you want to meet great people, join a club at CCBC. Clubs are so inviting and accepting. Initially, I thought that joining a club at CCBC would be like joining a book club as a little kid– not what you expect, and then it slowly fades into nothingness. The first couple meetings, I wasn’t quite sure if I liked Film Society. Soon enough, though, I began to look forward to meetings.

Now I will attend my last one for the semester. What a sad moment! Good thing I get to see some of the members at the CCBC Banquet on Thursday– but then I might not see any of them for a while, some of them possibly forever!

Next semester, I suggest that everyone find a club to join. Although we’ll certainly welcome you, if films aren’t your thing you don’t have to join Film Society. Try Barnstormers, Micology, International Club… and so many, many more!

Who else has a last club meeting this week?

Prepping For Last Classes Playlist

Warning: Some songs may contain explicit language

Your last classes are approaching! Here is a playlist of “Last Classes” songs– with links to find them on YouTube. Hopefully there is something for everyone to maybe listen to while studying for finals or after finishing your final portfolio.

Lean From the Middle– Ashok

Shake It Out– Florence + The Machine

Are You What You Wanna Be– Foster the People

Paradise– Wye Oak

Firework– Katy Perry

Panama– Van Halen

Foo Fighters– The Pretender

King and Lionheart– Of Monsters and Men

Ready to Start– Arcade Fire

Springsteen– Eric Church

Wake Me Up- Avicii

Sh Boom Sh Boom– The Crew Cuts

Silent Machine– Cat Power

Done– The Band Perry

Kickstart My Heart– Motley Crue

Ho Hey– The Lumineers

Maps– Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Mountain Sound– Of Monsters and Men

Spectrum– Florence + The Machine


CCBC Would-You-Rathers

  • Would you rather have to eat only Sedexo or only Einstein Bros food forever?
  • Would you rather be locked in the HTEC building or the CLASSROOM building?
  • Would you rather ace every quiz but have to pay for college or do poorly on every quiz but have college for free?
  • Would you rather be stuck at a never-ending Film Society meeting or a never-ending Micology Open Mic?
  • Would you rather have to wear long sleeves when it’s hot or short sleeves when it’s cold?
  • Would you rather that CCBC had free printing everywhere or free food everywhere?
  • Would you rather live in the Catonsville bookstore or the Essex bookstore?
  • Would you rather it rain every day or snow every day?
  • Would you rather walk past the same person 1,234 times per day or be that person that everyone else walks past 1,234 times per day?
  • Would you rather have to write an essay every night or study for a quiz every night?
  • Would you rather give tours around campus or teach people how to use the computers?
  • Would you rather have no Wifi or no air conditioning?
  • Would you rather CCBC had yogurt fridge-vending machines or vending machines with school supplies?
  • Would you rather jump off the top of the library or jump off the top of the Catonsville Mansion?
  • Would you rather be a teacher or work in Student Life?
  • Would you rather go to class and sit next to your favorite celebrity or go to a class taught by your favorite celebrity?
  • Would you rather ONLY go to events hosted by International Club or ONLY go to events hosted by Micology?
  • Would you rather go to an Aquarium Night or a Science Center night?
  • Would you rather have free textbooks or free printing?
  • Would you rather teach English 101 or Math 101?
  • Would you rather meet up with club friends and classmates for a weekly movie night or a weekly bowling night?
  • Would you rather re-do your last essay right now or write an entire short story?
  • Would you rather eat a frozen hot chocolate or a strawberry smoothie?
  • Would you rather have to kiss all the classmates in the last class you went to or kiss all the club mates at the last club or club event you went to?
  • Would you rather be the smartest person on campus or the most well-known person on campus?
  • Would you rather go to each class with any younger relatives or go to each class with any older relatives?
  • Would you rather miss the Student Banquet or miss finals?
  • Would you rather get around CCBC by rollar blade or skateboard?
  • Would you rather be trapped on the Catonsville-Essex transit or trapped in a bathroom?