Midterm Madness (Or like, calmness)

Midterms! They are here! Some of you have taken yours already! Many, even!

I am that one person who kind of, kiiiiiiind of, finds midterms to be fun.

So even if I am acting all “Aahhh, I have a midterm today!” BEFORE the midterm, during and after said midterm, I will likely be enjoying myself. It’s almost like a game, really, in my opinion.

Shut up, Ron.

In case midterms are causing you to go mad, here are some of my tactics for making midterms easier to take and possibly more enjoyable and beneficial, so that they can be done and out of the way!


Your teachers have likely given you many clues on your scholarly journey. Perhaps even a study guide! If so, utilize them!

Sure, you may have not picked up any of those printed slideshow slides since they were handed to you. Yeah, you haven’t actually looked at that “Notes from 10/10/15″ folder. It’s okay, now is the time to do so. You know how long it takes you to memorize something, so start at the moment that you feel you will have enough time to be set for your midterm.



This is especially helpful if you have a study guide to go on. A great way to remember things for your big test is to simply write them beforehand. No, you likely cannot bring this going into your test– (unless you randomly have a rare teacher who lets you use notes!) this is merely a memorization and knowledge-keeping technique. What I like to do is first write them out inside a Word document, and then copy them down on paper. You will feel much more confident going into that midterm this way!



Erm…. don’t notice the time that this post was published… at all…

Making sure that you get good sleep leading up to your midterms is actually very important. If you don’t sleep well enough, you won’t be functional enough to even study for your midterms, let alone actually take them– and care enough or feel up to doing your best. I am often one of those people who stays up much too late, but I know that when something important is coming up, it’s time to prepare and part of preparation is making sure that you are in good shape for what you are preparing for. Note that your most important night of sleep is NOT just the night before, but ACTUALLY the NIGHT BEFORE the actual night before. If you get decent sleep two nights before your midterm, then you will be golden, mentally!


How do you/did you prepare for midterms?




Today is Friday, which is almost over, which means that it will be the weekend, and it will be Saturday, which is practically Sunday already, and then it will be Monday which means it’s almost Tuesday but then Tuesday will come and it’ll be the day before Wednesday which is the middle of the week when it’s almost Thursday and the week is practically over already,  because then it’s Friday which is basically Saturday that turns into Sunday which is basically Monday already, and Monday means that the day after that is Tuesday but after Tuesday is Wednesday and the week is practically over at that point because then it is Thursday which is the end of the week, as Friday barely counts and just becomes Saturday which is almost Sunday and then it’s Monday again….

Gasp. Sigh. Flop on the floor dramatically.

A loop, that is what life is. A loop of a gazillion weeks of a gazillion days that make up months. Day in and day out, day in and day out, day in and day out.

It’s October which is almost over which is practically November and November is almost December which means freaking winter break and then it’s suddenly spring semester and I’m advertising for Film Fest again and it’s May and semester ends and it’s June and then it’s summer break which is oh-so-summer-like, but then it’s August which is almost September which is fall semester again which quickly becomes October and somewhere in there is Nationals and then it’s November and pretty soon it’s December and then WINTER and then ALL OVER AGAIN.

And then you look back and think, what was last year, what was two years ago, how has time gone this fast and yet this slowly?

It’s not that time flies, although it does. It’s just that despite the fact that so much happens, life feels like such a loop if you look at it like this.

Treasure the moments that are outside of time. Treasure the reading for fun in your bed. Treasure long conversations at 1am. Treasure sleeping in on an odd morning. Treasure reading to your sister in the car. Treasure locking eyes with someone and grinning. Treasure that warmth. Treasure feeling lost and so found at the same time; the moments within which it doesn’t matter that it’s Tuesday and soon Wednesday and soon Thursday and the week is over.

Time will continue to be time. Just make sure to enjoy your story, even if the pages flip too fast.


A Hunger That Must Be Satisfied

Once upon a time, I discovered that sometimes, I would get into a “writing mode” where all I wanted to do was write. As if writing felt right, and was something that just needed to be done. It’s a feeling of something lifting in your chest, pulling your heart and mind in the direction of that particular activity that you want to do.

Then when I was around 13, I read a book about writing (name forgotten) and it described this as a hunger for writing. It was very-well described– a hunger for writing– like being hungry, but in your heart and mind instead of in your stomach.

Do you know the feeling? Do you ever get into a certain mode where you are “hungry” for writing, or other artistic activities? Sometimes, you can even be “hungry” to do your homework. So, what do you do when you feel this hunger?

Well, in real life, with real food, most people would say that when you are hungry, you eat. So, logically, it would make sense that when you are hungry for some activity, then you go for it, right? But, not all of us eat when we are hungry.

Sometimes, we are hungry, but do not eat because we have other things going on in life. Sometimes, we are not hungry, but we DO eat just because we know that we SHOULD be eating.

So what do we do when we are hungry to write something? Do draw a picture? To edit something? To do your homework? Well, I would suggest to just do it –

Look at me, I’m all funny and hip to stuff that kids these days like. Ha. Ha. Go memes!

BUT, here is the dilemma.

What do you do when you’re hungry for, say, writing– BUT, you should really be doing your homework?! When your mind says homework, but your soul says “write the thing!”

I wish that I knew the answer. Alas, I do not. However, here is my suggestion for such a dilemma:

Look at how much time you have.

If you have a little time to write (or do whatever you are hungry for) then it may be helpful to have a break from school and to follow your heart and soul for that moment. No work is as good of quality as that work that is done when one desires to do it.

The thing is, you just have to make sure that you do your homework at some point after you satisfy your hunger. If you do NOT have time to do what you are hungry for, then, well, DON’T do it. You have an hour to finish that essay and submit it on Blackboard, but you really, really, reaaaalllly, want to write this poem that is forming in your head? In this scenario, your best bet is to just stay hungry and try to focus on your top priority activity.

Now, if it is homework that you are hungry for, this is a slightly different dilemma– because oftentimes one is only hungry for homework when they have several weeks left to complete the homework, so they decide that they have time to wait and ignore such urges. In this case, I would suggest that if you have free time and are compelled to do schoolwork– THEN DO THE SCHOOLWORK. DO IT. DO IT NOW. Don’t wait until it is too late!

Hardworking vs. Clever

There are many kinds of people in the world, but we all know those people who, end the end, achieve what was required and receive top marks, all the awards, and all the “wowwws” from other students.

Of these people, there are two primary kinds– the HARDWORKING ones, who have to work to cut their seven-page essay down to the five-page max, who’ve actually read the textbook, who have completed the study guides and ask questions in class— and the CLEVER ones, who have in fact missed the max 3 classes, but never any more (and were probably skipping for other priorities), who come in late and may or not be doing doing other obligations (and/or Facebook) on their laptops during class.

Both earn eyerolls from other students– ”show off, teacher’s pet, overachiever, I’m so jealous” or, “lazy, procrastinator, lucky, I’m so jealous.”

But when it comes down to it, in the end they’re both A-students, both submitting high-quality, highly decent, well though-out work and achieving success both in classes and in life.  No matter the process, in the end they are the movers and shakers of the world.

But is one better than the other? Does cleverness trump hard work, are hard workers more righteous than the clever ones? Or do the clever ones get further in life because of, well, cleverness? 

In my opinion, I think it depends on the process. Usually, the more questionable method is the cleverness option. Oftentimes, clever people are very selective about their priorities and selfish with their time. Some might call them lazy, but, if they were truly lazy then they would not be doing well in the class in the first place. Still, these clever people know all the shortcuts that still get the grade, and can charm their professors and classmates into liking them anyway.

Cons to the clever option is that, in knowing all the shortcuts and, dare we say, manipulation techniques, sometimes morals can be blurred a bit. If the end result is as desired, what does it matter how they got there? But if it leans towards any compromised integrity, this is when those blurred lines can be a little guilt-inducing. Another con is the learning experience. If you’re taking a class and managing to pass without actually memorizing the content, you can be cheating yourself out of educational benefits.

The hardworking option usually doesn’t lead to any compromised integrity. With hardworking people, if they have a priority and a set time to do it, they’re going to do it and do it well, even if they end up procrastinating it. The downside to the hardworking option is, the hardworking individuals can burn out. Too much hard work in too many places = what are you actually getting out of it? Hardworking people can be hardworking based on principle, but then they waste their ability and dedication on overworking themselves when they could spread it out in other places, too. They can lose sleep or free time to re-energize, and therefore end up losing their attributes that they value so much.

Sometimes, there are these blended people who are both hardworking AND clever, and they can end up leaning too far one way or the other based on their commitment level. I consider myself one of these people (“wow she’s so humble!” “what a lovely girl!” imsorryokay) and I have to be careful not to be too much one or the other. If I lean too much towards the clever side, my hardworking side feels guilty and as if it’s missing out. If I lean too much towards the hardworking side, I can burn out and that’s not healthy at all, and my clever side rolls its eyes. What causes one to lean one way or the other? Oftentimes, it’s dedication level. For me, if I’m really in-the-dedicated-zone, I’m hardworking all the way. If it’s something that maybe doesn’t seem as fun or fulfilling, my dedication wanes a bit and I lean too far towards the cleverness side. In the end, I get things done, but it’s the PROCESS that’s IMPORTANT.

So what’s better? Being hardworking or clever? The answer is, they both have their benefits and their issues, but at the core, here is what you should be mindful of in either option:

1. Are you getting something out of what you are doing? (answer should be YES, and moreso than you would doing something else)

2. Are you in a healthy state? (answer should be YES. NOT, “Monster Energy tho”)

3. Are you bothering anyone in the process? (This is a tricky one, because sometimes people are just rude people and are hypersensitive and rude about their hypersensitivity. In general, though, this just means that the answer is NO, you are not bothering your teachers or innocent classmates with anything such as excuses or falling asleep in class)

4. Are you a competent person? (Perhaps most important of all, because it often includes many of the previous points– if, no matter your process, you are a competent person, then you are doing something right!)

It’s good to associate with an equal amount of hardworking people and with clever people. Your hardworking friends can inspire your dedication, and your clever friends can help make sure that you don’t die. Hardworking people and clever people make good teammates, because they complement each other well. As long as both people are competent individuals, a lot can get done! So, a battle of hardworking vs. clever? Maybe it was never a battle at all!

It’s Not Too Late!

….Or maybe don’t listen to Calvin’s dad.

Guess what it’s not too late for? Huh? Huh?

Registering for the BONUS session at ccbc! Enroll now in 7-week BONUS session classes starting October 21. 

Go ahead, give it the ol’ college try. For real, though.

Enter the MASH Building

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” -Romeo and Juliet


“If I did anything right in life, it was when I gave my heart to you” -Anon

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, MASH was a building. Second, there was a part of it-and I didn’t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my attendance to classes. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it.

“True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. It is, on the contrary, an element calm and deep It looks beyond mere externals, and is attracted by qualities alone.” -Ellen G. White

I mean, have you seen this place?! The inside is like, heaven; the outside, like somewhere between Gol and Maya’s dark eco silo (This is a Jak and Daxter joke ok bye) and some modernistic interpretation of a glossier version of Hogwarts.

“All you need is the MASH building”- The Beatles (probably)

I mean, are we even AT CCBC anymore?! We cannot be. We must be in some magical land with buildings not meant for mere mortals.

“Every love story is beautiful. But ours is my favorite” -Anon

These poor little Fire Phone photos do not do this majestic building any justice at all.

“Falling in love with you was beyond my control”-Anon

“You’re my everything. Everything is just, everything else” – Anon
(gawd, how obsessive are these anon people, right??)

And Lucy stepped through the wardrobe when you discovered your first passage between HUMN and MASH.

This area was blocked off for YEARS, and I ran back and forth between it like a manic 4-year-old, caught in the bliss that was the completion and the opening of such a place such as this darn little hallway passage thingy.

Also, snazzy vending machines. Due to the quick lack of items within, they are a HUGE hit right now.

I mean, I’ve visited mansions. I’ve been to Venice. I’ve roamed Disney World. But the MASH building? Oh; oh the MASH building trumps all.

One might think that I am exaggerating, but one step within this blissfully un-hallowed halls and all minds shall be changed.

Do you envy these people? Because I do.

I mean, holy freaking cow.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a math and science center? I didn’t know that it was actually the modern-art interpretation of the Garden of Eden.

I mean, if you know me in real life, you will recognize that I am a highly critical individual who frequently runs into trouble expressing appreciation.



Freaking majestic.

Humans, you see, must be loved flaws and all. However, this building is, in fact, perfect. PERFECT, I tell you.

Don’t you wish you were in this room right now?

Oh, my heart. My head. My very existence.

You know what did this building justice?

Not this post.

No, not this post at ALL.

Please, do yourself a favor, and go explore the new MASH building at CCBC Catonsville. It’s spectacular.

There will actually be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the MASH building on Sept. 24 – And oh, does it deserve it!!!!!

WELCOME BACK! Fall 2015!!

My blog was glitchin’ again and I couldn’t sign in to welcome you all back during the first week of classes. That’s okay, though! All is now well.


First of all, I must tell you that I have changed my mind– love at first sight DOES exist. Okay, or maybe just obsession at first sight. Why? THE NEW MASH BUILDING AT CCBC CATONSVILLE. THE MASH BUILDING IS THE MOST GORGEOUS THING I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON, AND I CLAIM IT AS MY OWN.

Alright, I cannot claim it as my own. This, you see, is rude, because EVERYONE must experience the true majesty of the MASH building at Catonsville. In fact, I shall soon create a blog post that is purely in celebration of the MASH building– so my praising of it shall pause for now, lest I spoil the “surprise” of that post. If you haven’t been inside it yet, do it. Enter. Enter the brilliant halls of the esteemed MASH building. It’s nicer than anything I’ve seen at UMBC or College Park or any other college I have ever visited!

Next, classes resuming also means events and clubs are resuming, too! YAY!

I was working at the First Week tables a few days ago, and there are many new faces on campus. For those of you who don’t know, I have been around CCBC for a while. While this is technically only my second year as an official college student, I started as a PEP student in 2011. I used to be able to walk around campus and know practically everyone. Now, there are new people– people YOUNGER than me around here. I met a 16-year-old the other day, even.

Dear new people– I recommend joining a club. When I first started at CCBC, I would just go to class and then  promptly LEAVE campus. Don’t do that– at least try a club out. They aren’t going to trap you there. Also, feel free to take advantage of the events around CCBC.

For example, this Tuesday, the 8th! We’ve got Free Ice Cream Day in the quad, and also the first official Film Society Meeting!

Personally, my first week was excellent. I had some Ambassador events, I absolutely loved my classes, got to enjoy some unofficial club meetings, and saw some excellent people. I am so very happy that summer has ended.


Stuff CCBC Students Say: Spring 2015

You may have already died of laughter reading last semester’s and last year’s awesome compilation of the stuff I happen to hear around CCBC.

Well, here we go for round three-  a list of the wild, wacky, and perhaps relatable things that I have heard CCBC students say this spring semester. Special thanks to Ian, Colleen, and Spencer who each had several things that they’ve heard that were added in as well!


“My daughter; her boyfriend says he almost don’t wanna marry her cause she’s gotten too big and he wants her to lose weight, but she don’t want to lose weight cause she likes to eat. I’m like don’t talk about my daughter like that. She’s as biiig as a house cause she likes to eat. She’s like thiiiiiis big, big as a house, cause she’s fat. Don’t say that about my daughter though, and she looks like she’s pregnant but she’s not cause she’s got that needle in her arm and already have 5 kids; she just looks likes that cause she’s fat. But he’s gonna love her anyway. I just tell her be careful not to get that heart disease. That’s my only daughter, only one I got, so if y’all hurt her I’m gonna kill every single one of ya.”

“I’m a prophet. An African prophet.”

“A dictatorship, where they just line you up against a wall and kill you. I’m not talking about a war, I’m talking about a dictatorship, where they just march into your country and be like if you’re not gonna join this fight, we’re gonna kill you.”

“What is a food wrapper?”

  • Guy 1: “I wish I could relate to what you’re feeling, but I don’t understand at all.”
  • Guy 2: “Yeah I don’t know. I wish I was gay, I tried being gay once, but it just didn’t work out at all. I’m just… not gay.”

“What year is it?”

“Why did I get into mortuary science? Job security.”

“You know how in Elf, Will Ferrell was not an elf but he was raised by elves to think he was an elf? [Person] is like that, except he was raised by Oompa Loompas to think he was an Oompa Loompa, but he is not.”

“The best upgrade for Windows Vista was Windows 7. Cause it replaced it.”

“You have the stomach of a hamburger.”

“Are they really contributing to society if they need to be told not to pet carnivorous animals?? I don’t advocate killing anyone, I just advocate removing the warning labels.”

“Whose is this? Who wrote the word f*ck on it?!”

“Yo your a** running so hard, it be burning holes in the wall!”

“Sometimes one finds ones sh*t equal to.”

“Come and rescue me. This cold and sleet and my hands are white. Save me now.”

“It was like, rice pudding flavored. They didn’t put the beans in… I mean, come on.”

“Yeah unless it has hi fruck-tos corn syrup.”

“I can’t wear white or I will look like… is that whale from Moby Dick actually called Moby Dick?”

“Dammit! Sons of beaches!”

“Laws are just like, f**king anti-freedom rules, that’s what they are! I mean I’m not saying laws are bad; laws are great.”

“Panera has no flavor. Everything they have…………… no flavor.”

“My wife loves that air conditioner; I can’t even sit on the toilet cause it’s too cold!”

  • Person 1: “I don’t feel like ninjas!”
  • Person 2: “What’s wrong with you?”
  • Person 1: “I’m not fluffy enough.”

“In a way I want a car, in a way I don’t. Cause these cars today, I don’t like em. I need one of them 1959, so hard you don’t get in an accident.”

“There is a cup over there full entirely of sugar.”

  • Person 1: “I need to buy a drug”
  • Person 2: “a drug?”
  • Person 1: “A dress!”

“He’s like that annoying little brother… that you want to toss off a cliff… but then like, pick him up, and fix his hair.”

“I have seen a woman who legitimately looks JUST like a hippo.”

“He marinated his way up the top.”

“Really disappointed there was no tornado last night. Really disappointed; I was ready for it. Stayed up til 1:00am, waiting for the winds.”

“He talks a deranged toddler with geese for parents.”

“One, I’m a guy; two, I’m a person and I’m also somewhat ignorant.”

  • Person 1: “Wow it sure is cold outside.”
  • Person 2: “Well you know what they say– cold fronts, bring cold weather.”

“How the f**k this baby 2 and half months old, it was born in January?!”

“Oh look there’s [Person] out there… all alone… GOOD.”

“…Danlile, but it’s spelled d-a-e-sh*t-d-e-a…d-a-n-i-e-l-e and I’m like how you ‘spost to not spell my name right?!”

“Anyway, my girlfriend got cancer, and people go ‘aww,’ and life sucks, but she got better.”

  • Person 1: “Why can’t human bodies just be better made?”
  • Person 2: “Because then awful people would get to live.”

“Bring up all this oooold sh*t; you b*tches aint on my motherf**king level. You b*tches don’t even know the things in my life…. I might’ve f**ked your father for all you know.”

“It’s JUST the senior superlatives. Stop RIGGING the senior superlatives!”

“I got two mouths to feed. You must be talkin’ about putting a RING on it tho.”

  • Guy 1: “Are you lactating right now?”
  • Guy 2: “What… you’re asking a dude if he’s lactating?”
  • Guy 1: “Yeah cause I had all those cookies.”

“Have you decided to come tonight? Did you shave off your beard?”

  • Person 1: “What happened to all your hair, man?”
  • Person 2: “What happened to my hair? A GNOME stole it.”
  • Person 1: *leaves*

“I’m Catholic, and we believe in waiting until marriage, chastity and all that stuff. I mean, that didn’t happen for me, but yeah.”

“The lions thing, is fine, except we don’t have access TO a lion, which means we will promote lions and not deliver.”

*Sees massive 3-car accident* “Something happened.”

“What did the tomato say to the bread? Lettuce pray. What did the lettuce say when it was in the sandwich? Lettuce pray. What did Lorrie say to Lesley? Lettuce pray.”

“Everyone is my mother! Even my own mother is my actual mother!”

  • Person 1: “We only have water. Water is for peasants!”
  • Person 2: “Well welcome to being a peasant.”

“Who came up with geometry? I HATE it.”

“I’m not as high as I was yesterday!”

“They’re either engaged, to get married, or pregnant, on their second child.”

“If you’re normal, and you can’t pay attention, something’s wrong.”

  • Girlfriend: *crying* “I’m just so tired of people calling me a slut because I’m not! Like, middle school and high school was like forever ago. Why can’t anyone just accept me for who I am now?”
  • Boyfriend: “…Well, we haven’t even graduated yet.”
  • Girlfriend: “That’s not the f**king POINT, Jake. Gawwd.”
  • Boyfriend: “Well… I don’t think you’re a slut.”
  • Girlfriend: “Yes you DO, Jake, that’s why you started dating me in the first place, ’cause I was a slut!”

“That’s like being on the, that’s like, like, like that’s beyond the, like you’re, that’s like beyond-epic scale.”

Phone: “to leave a callback number, press 5″

Person: “F*CK you!”


In Which Spring Semester Ends

If you’re an video editor (which, statistically speaking, you are probably not) you will know that in your editing program, you can move this little needle up and down the timeline, speeding things up or slowing things down as you move forwards or backwards along your in-progress video to get to a different point. An artificial re-wind/fast-forward noise is heard as you move the needle to your desired location before you finally press play and let it move of its own accord.

That’s what this semester felt like for me.

And now, you see, it is over.

This semester went by so incredibly fast.

With only two classes, education-wise I do not quite feel like I worked as hard this semester as I usually do. I am disappointed in myself in this regard (I feel like my mistake lay in taking two “easy” classes that did not require much writing or large projects, which took away a sense of urgency and therefore a true sense of completion. Note to self, evidently it is easier to take more difficult classes).

However, I feel like this semester was one of the most difficult ones that I have had here at CCBC. Firstly, I had to plan the Film Festival, which was quite an adventure. Secondly, Film Society. Being president of Film Society this semester was, while not a whole different story, definitely a whole different chapter than it was last semester. Thirdly, humans. I feel like I participated in a crash-course in human interaction this semester, and some of it felt outrageous and unnecessary and some of it I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Heck, the outrageous and unnecessary bits were just as beneficial as the amazing moments.

Last year, I wrote some semi-sappy post about summer approaching and being pleased with my first semester in Film Society (dear me, a whole year ago) and something about friendship.

I guess this year it is kind of the same thing, but from a different perspective.

Summer? As semester rushed by and summer approached, I was scared, of course. Genuinely freaked out. Summers are weird for me, and while other people look forward to summer I almost dread it. Last summer was like a roller coaster where the low-points were misery and the high points were a different sort of misery and the tracks up had some great, awesome moments and some lonely as heck moments.

I guess my error was expectation where there should have been none and anticipation for things that I wished for instead of things that I could have made/needed to MAKE happen.

This summer, I refuse to view it in a way that will put me back on the same roller coaster. This summer, I’m pleased to have a break and enjoy some freedom while getting on the ball about things like getting my driver’s license like, ten years after I should’ve gotten it, and getting in plenty of Taekwon-Do training with a new addition to my mindset that I picked up at World Championships (I lost, by the way, but the experience was amazing and I am WINNING NEXT TIME FOR SURE). I don’t believe that I’ve been so non-freaked out for a summer in quite a while.

I shall allow myself to walk and run and slide through summer and take what I can from what it gives.

College and college people and all of those adventures will be back in the fall, and if I cross paths with anyone during the summer then yay, and if not, no big deal. When you’re a kid, you take seasons as they come and they feel great. Maybe this summer I’ll get to experience that lovely, amazing, hope-filled waking-up-on-a-summer-morning feeling that got lost somewhere in the single digits. What happens is, I hate change and become too attached to set purposes in life. The thing is, long-term purposes in life are what one can be attached to, not small things that are only part of the bigger ones.

I actually take pride on being an “impatient” person, because let’s face it– when it comes down to it, impatient people get things done.

However, I also take pride in the fact that I’ve developed a (look how brag-y I seem now, geez) remarkable long-term patience that is now getting to the point where I can be comfortable with allowing over-arching stories to move along at their own pace.

Something that happens on this page may come in handy a few pages along, and plot points brought up hundreds of pages ago are absolutely going to be resolved as the series continues, whether in this book or the promised sequel.

This past semester I’ve met a lot of those resolutions but also found many new plot points that are sure to affect things as pages turn, but it’s highly comforting to know that I have great amounts of control over much of the story once I am aware that it is indeed a story.

In realizing that I do not have control over everything in the massive thing that is life, I feel like I have so much more control over everything that happens within it. Life goes on, and existence doesn’t stop for anyone. As it rolls on, do what you wish as long as you accept that it’s still rollin’.

I’ve long felt that the meaning of life is to live it, but I wasn’t quiiiiiiite living life the right way. To live life, you kind of have to play it. Play it, play inside its rules yet don’t let them smother you and push its boundaries when necessary but also rule within them, jump off the spin and surf the paper. Grin at those moments that you recognize as joyous ones and enjoy them while you can, and simultaneously look at the future as you might a chess match and an summary you haven’t read yet. Live in the moment while both planning and waiting for the next ones. Cry when you need to cry and bask in it if you want to, as long as you don’t give up on the over-arching story, the game that you’re playing within life.

…And doesn’t this sound indulgent.

I had meant to write a short little wrap-up blog and suddenly I’m neck-deep in a philosophical mess that may seem like madness from an external perspective because words can’t put feelings with no English translation onto paper. Er, computer screen. Whatever. It probably all looks rather greater-than-thou and pretentious, but perhaps you can get something out of it besides “Trisha apparently thinks she’s queen of everything.”

Peace out, blog readers who now exist because by blog is on the front page of the gorgeous new CCBC website.

For those of you taking summer classes, work hard and stay fresh for fall. For me, my summer officially starts tomorrow. Summer? Bring it. Time to experience and rock the rest of this story.

Except first I gotta return this book to the CCBC library.

I owe $62 on it as of the end of semester because I though that I had returned it way back in January.

I had not.

I have made a cringe-worthy error.




Film Fest 2015!

Film Fest 2015 was a success!

Photo Credit to Chris Maydn



Photo credit to Chris Maydn

Filmmaker Panel

If you walked into the ARTS lounge at 4:00pm, you would have entered a room adorned with film-related decorations, sparkling golden stars sprinkled over the tables, and a red carpet between chairs set with booklets that revealed what was to come. You would have seen Film Fest committee members dressed up looking their best, a large projector screen prepared to show the gathering audience 13 student films, and students with cameras darting about taking photographs. You would have seen tables of dinner and dessert ready to be consumed in due time, and judges preparing to watch the films that they would soon award three of the four trophies shining on their table to. Filmmakers and friends finding their seats, wondering who would win Best Production, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, and Audience Favorite trophies in addition a $100 prize.

…and if you walked into the ARTS lounge at 1:00pm, you would have seen one sweaty person running around making sure everything necessary was around, and setting up chairs and tables.

But if you walked in at 3:00pm, by then you would have seen an entire team of people working hard to make everything come together. Setting up, making sure that everything was set with the films, and coordinating. An entire semester of ups and downs and scares and triumphs and re-scheduling issues and advertising leading up to that ONE afternoon in the ARTS lounge– for behind the scenes, many people had to work together to present an environment for audience comfort and entertainment.

We were not perfect, but I feel like the event went well. If everyone went home with fun memories and stories to tell and excitement for next year’s Film Festival, then that’s success in my eyes.

Good job, everyone. Good job.

We hope to see you blog readers at next year’s Film Festival, sure to be even better than the first two!!