Late vs Early

You have something due tomorrow and for whatever reason, you have not yet finalized it. Maybe you haven’t even started it!

It’s late at night. You probably started to work at around 11:oo PM, but then you ended up getting distracted by Facebook messenger or decided that you had just a liiiiitttle time to do something for a club… or look on Pinterest or Tumblr or check your email… and then it was past midnight and you decided that you had could probably finish your homework in less than an hour so you wait just a little bit longer… and all of the sudden, it’s after 1:00 AM and you NEED to do your homework at this point!

What do you do? Do you… stay up later to finish it, or do you wake up early the next morning to finish it?

Pros of staying up late: 

- You get to sleep in later the next morning

- You can go to sleep knowing that you have nothing to worry about the next morning

- You could stay up as late as you want, so long as you finish it– no time limits

Cons of staying up late: 

- You will likely be really tired and not at your best, possibly lessening your ability to function and therefore your ability to do a good job on the homework

- You will likely feel less rested when you wake up

- You may decide that, since you are staying up late anyway, you have more “time” to procrastinate your schoolwork and therefor lessen the amount of sleep that you will get

Pros of waking up early:

- You get to go to sleep when you feel tired the previous night, and likely feel more rested

- You give yourself a time period within which you must complete your homework

- Sometimes your mind can be clearer in the morning than it can be at night

Cons of waking up early:

- The actual act of waking up early

- You will probably need at least 40 minutes to feel fully awake, if you woke up slowly and tiredly

- You might not be able to finish your schoolwork within the time period you have to complete it in the morning

- Your alarm might go off late, causing you to lose time for doing the assignment

- Something could go wrong, and now you have to rush to complete your homework


Personally, I like finishing all my homework early so that I don’t have to choose between either of these options. Procrastination is easy to glorify when everyone talks and jokes about it, so it’s best to remind oneself that just because so many people talk about procrastinating things does NOT mean that it is okay to procrastinate. Sadly, sometimes life gets in the way of other aspects of, well, life, and staying up late is something that simply HAPPENS.

What do YOU decide to do– stay up even later, or wake up early and complete your homework?


Episode One!

Why You Should Watch the New CCBC Miniseries, “the PSA”

Why wouldn’t you watch it?

It’s BY CCBC Film Society, SET at CCBC, starring people that you probably know FROM CCBC

The episodes are short, so you have no excuses not to watch them

They’re also Emmy award winning!

Ahh, no, they totally aren’t. But they’re funny; that counts for something

It’s about a Pizza Student Association that is being shut down, and the characters only have a short period of time to save the club

But how are they going to save a club made up of only a few members who are either indifferent to the PSA or are argumentative pretentious pizza people?

Check out “The PSA” a short film miniseries coming soon to the CCBC Film Society YouTube page!!



An Open Letter to Reliable Individuals

Dear Reliable Individuals,

You are few and you are difficult to find.

You are there, though. You are the ones who make a difference in the world. You are the ones who make the world a better place.

You are the ones who can be counted on, and you pride yourself on this– but you also can’t imagine NOT being reliable. It’s just how you are.

You are dependable and you wish that others were the same, but when they are not you still continue on.

You are the ones who get what needs to be done DONE when it needs to be done.

You are the ones who work hard at something even if you don’t get anything out of it except inward satisfaction (and sometimes not even that).

You are the ones who take on the extra tasks, the hard work, and sometimes make others look good because of it. You are the ones who submit what needs to be submitted, who arrive when you need to arrive, who organize what needs to be organized. You are the ones who put in effort when others dissapear.

You are not always thanked for this. When you are, the gratitude is often selfish and not genuine.

You are taken for granted by those who are unreliable. You make your own lives more difficult and others’ lives easier. No wonder you are difficult to come across.

Maybe you envy those who are unreliable, because they are able to coast through life in a way that you know you would never allow yourselves to.

It doesn’t matter to you though, because you are reliable people. You push aside lazy thoughts and keep doing what needs to be done.

Dear reliable individuals, thank you, thank you for being reliable.

Sometimes multiple reliable people meet each other, and in these rare instances an explosion of greatness echoes throughout the essence of the universe– okay, probably not– but great things happen.

Dear reliable individuals, this letter does not really mean much. It certainly is not a big enough thank you for all the things that you have done throughout your lives. Maybe you do not feel that you even deserve a thank you because being reliable is simply something that SHOULD BE and not anything extraordinary.

But you do deserve a thank you. A thank you for even existing.

The biggest of thank yous to all the reliable individuals who make the world go round on the of smallest levels, down to the minute details.

You are blessings to the universe. You are assets to the world. You are great for being you.

Keep up the good work, reliable individuals. Keep up the good work.


The Stages of Writing an Essay at the Last Minute

I really, really dislike procrastinating essays. However, sometimes it happens– usually due to me underestimating how long something will take– and when it does, it usually goes like this:

What Probably Happens at Club Parties, by Someone Who’s Never Been to One

One time last semester, CCBC actually had this CCBC-approved club party event that students were invited to. When it was mentioned in Film Society if anyone was going, there was this collective lips-pressed-thin-slow-nod-eyes-dart that indicated that mostly everyone was thinking, “mmmmmmm…. naahhh…” simultaneously. It was kind of funny, not being the only one doing this.

I’ve never been to a club party, and so what I know about them is based on very limited knowledge. (Okay, once I was in Spain and walked into a cute little night club that looked super cool, but I didn’t stay cause it was weird and awkward and I didn’t learn anything and it totally doesn’t count).  I thought that maybe it would be funny to write an article on What Probably Happens at Club Parties, by Someone Who’s Never Been to One. Let’s get started– and see how accurate or not I am. This should be amusing.

Stuff Like This

Like, flirty dancing stuff where people make eye contact with each other to try and get each other’s attention.


Crowded Dancing in a Room That Smells Like Humans

And really loud music and cool strobe lights. Right? The perfect setting for someone to to casually walk past these dancing scantily-clad individuals, hiding a gun under a fancy coat, so that they can approach the gang leader that has a secret room in the back of the club… No, wait, I’m pretty sure that’s an episode of Burn Notice. Never mind.


People Smoking and Drinking

This is allowed in clubs, right? I’m not getting clubs confused with bars? You can drink in clubs, right?


Throwing Up

Cause they were drinking and dancing, so balance of probability says that they’re going to be throwing up.


That Hip Swivel-Dancing Thing

Swively hip dancing with a dance partner who has their hands on the dancer’s hips. I’m pretty sure people dance like that in clubs when they have a dance partner. Pretty sure. This gif is… kindaew. This is appropriate for my blog, right? Right? Eww.


People Trying to Hit on Each Other

Like a, “hey babe,” and a slide in beside you and put their arm around you kind of hitting on. Or a pull-in-to-the-hip-swivel-dance kind of thing. I would guess.


Everyone Wearing Sequins, Leather, and Animal Print. With Cut-Off Jeans. 

I would imagine.


Kissing Random People

Kissing random people is obviously something that happens at club parties.


How accurate was I? I absolutely know what I’m talking about, correct?


The Dilemma of Online Submissions and “Date Accessed”

Me when I have to submit something online or write what day I accessed a scholarly journal...

Me when I have to submit something online or write what day I accessed a scholarly journal…

Teachers get to know a lot. This, you see, is why they are teachers (probably). However, there are some things that I believe that teachers should NOT know– and by some things, I mean what day you did your homework on.

Homework is the responsibility of the student, and as long as they complete their assignments by their due dates then it should be all good.

Sometimes, homework is done days and days early.

Sometimes, homework is done over the weekend.

Sometimes it’s done the night before it’s due.

The point is, as long as the teacher gets it turned in on time, then it shouldn’t matter WHEN the student actually completed the homework. The teacher should just look at the homework and observe it based on its quality.

This isn’t the case, though.

Ever got annoyed when you have to submit something online? Then your teacher totally knows that you stayed up late the night before to submit it on time! Or that you finished the homework early and submitted it the second you got out of class! Or maybe you actually completed it early, but you forgot to submit it until last minute! Do teachers really need to know this?! I certainly don’t think so.

Worse, though, is the “Date Accessed” aspect of a Works Cited page or an Annotated Bibliography.

If I was a teacher, I would totally check the “Date Accessed” to figure out when my students actually did their research and cited it.

Do teachers actually do this?! I always imagine them scouring the final pages of my essays, thinking, hmmm, looks like she found this book last month but only found this journal article last night!

This could even change a teacher’s opinion of a student! A student might seem top-notch in class, but when a teacher discovers that he/she didn’t finish their homework until the night before it might change the teacher’s views of this person– even if it’s only on a subconcious level.

Because of this, I always just write the date that the homework is due as the “Date Accessed” because I feel like actual the date that I accessed something is private information. No one’s ever given me a hard time for doing this so far.

However, this can’t work when submitting something online. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

What do YOU think? Do you think that it’s okay for teachers to know when you completed your homework, or should that be something only the student knows? 

Excuse me while I go write a paper that needs to be submitted online before Tuesday…

The Igloo

Did you know that there is a display in the Art Gallery on the Catonsville campus that is decorated with winter-themed light art pieces?

I did, but I didn’t actually go and visit the notorious Igloo until yesterday– and then I was enlightened on why it is such a big deal to everyone — well, more like select individuals who keep going on about it– right now.

To whomever built the Igloo– excellent job, my friend; excellent job!

I mean, WOW. What a brilliant idea.

It is a cleverly designed dome made only of cut-up squares of box totes, zip ties, screws, and small lights set to some kind of time program. The Igloo changes colors in various patterns. It is an interactive display that students can actually go inside of! When I went there, a group of students were hanging out, playing music on a computer.

It’s absolutely gorgeous, in a cool, tech-y sort of way. It would be really cool to have one in my house! Or a giant one, and there could be a dance held in it.

A dance that I’d totally be dj-ing, of course, because partying is not my division.

“We always hang out here, but I guess the word is out about this place,” one said, “but I think it’s only up until Friday.”

Others expressed dismay regarding the future loss of the beloved Igloo.

“One day you’re going to turn a corner in the ARTS building,” I said in a serious voice, only half sarcastic, “and find the dismantled remains of the Igloo, all of the squares abandoned in a pile and…”

“Then I will take that home and re-build it, I f*cking swear!” the student replied.

People love the Igloo.

It’s not going be on display for much longer, so go check out the Igloo while you have a chance!

In Which I Have No Idea What to Post, So I Choose to Ramble

I have not posted anything this week yet! Unfortunately, I cannot think of anything clever to post, so I am going to ramble about myself as if someone would actually be interested in hearing about my week. Cause maybe someone would find that interesting… for insight into the life of a CCBC student. I dunno.

Why look, it’s me at Film Society. Cause I needed a photo to make this post semi-interesting.

I did some homework, including creating an annotated bibliography for a research project for my Film History class. This was quite a lot of work; fortunately I was able to print some resources in class so the research did not take unreasonably long. There was an event at CCBC hosted by the ASU celebrating the anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner. It featured pizza and games and I KNOW that they took photographs– but I cannot find any of them on Facebook so apparently I will not be posting any pictures from this event at the time being.

I helped out with the College Gateway Program, leading some 8th grade students throughout CCBC. They seemed to have fun– although they were, like most Gateway Program visitors, impatient for food.  I also gave my almost-15-year-old brother a tour– he is likely going to be come a PEP student within the next few semesters– and allowed him to experience a day at CCBC.

Over the weekend I went to a 25th Anniversary celebration for the Taekwon-Do do-jang that I train with. I also watched a YouTube show that was recommended to me; it’s called The Guild and it was really, really good. Film Society is going to be doing a miniseries in a similar format to this show this semester.

This week, I will be on the CCBC campus every day of the week until Saturday! Wowza!



Film Society meeting!

Today was our first official Film Society meeting. The new president did a… decent job– That’s me by the way; HI! The meeting was entertaining and we have gotten things off to a great start. It was nice to see both old and new faces at the meeting and our new room, HTEC 100, has space enough to fit everyone in our growing club. Official elections for the Film Society “Council” take place next week, but those who plan on running for different positions did an excellent job taking initiative. We plan on shooting our first short film of the semester next week as well! I can tell this is going to be a fun semester. If you are interested in joining Film Society, stop by HTEC 100 next Tuesday at 3:oo PM– hope to see you there!