It’s Summer… Now What?

For those of you that aren’t taking summer classes yet, you may be wondering what to do now. For real– now what? No essays to write, no finals to study for, no time hanging out with your friends at the library— so, what now? I have compiled a list of things that you can do this summer for your boredom-curing ease. Enjoy!

Get lost on purpose– Bring a phone or something, of course, and don’t get lost in a bad neighborhood– but getting lost on purpose is a blast.  Even if it’s only in a mall, it’s a great adventure and a fun way to get to know your way around someplace. It’s more fun if you bring a friend.

Have a picnic– Whether it’s on the porch, Calvin and Hobbes style, or at a park with some friends, try having a picnic.

Have a foam-sword fight– Cut some foam noodles into halves and add on some tape for handles, then fight your friends. Pretend you’re a jedi or a samurai or whatever you want.

Travel somewhere– Buy a cheap airplane ticket and go somewhere! It’s summer; you actually can! Be sure to pack everything you need, and bring books to read on the flight.

Go jogging– Just try it. If you’ve never jogged before, just jog for a little bit- whatever is comfortable.

Eavesdrop on a conversation– And make a short story about it. Don’t be rude or nosey, but if you just so happen to hear what the people at the table next to you are saying, start jotting down notes and see what you come up with.

Go hiking– Find someplace that you can, and go hiking. Bring plenty of water and some granola bars and good shoes, and then have fun!

Walk to somewhere near your house– How often have you actually walked around your neighborhood? Go hunting for the nearest store and see what you can find!

Eat popsickles on the porch– If you haven’t done this, you’re missing out. If you don’t like popsickles, eat ice cream. Just sit on the porch in the evening and enjoy the weather and your tasty popsickle.

Talk in a fake accent all day– It’s really awkward, but if you can muster up the courage it can be pretty entertaining. Go to the store and talk to people in this accent. If no one guesses that it’s fake, go you.

Climb a tree– You’re in college, I know. Who cares?! Climb a tree anyway. Get sap on you, get scratches all over arms, maybe tear some leggings– climb that tree! Climbing a tree is a lovely experience that you need to have in life.

Swing on a swing– You’re not too old for this either. Find a swing and swing on it. Just don’t hog it or you’ll annoy little kids.

Write a short story– Pick a topic and write about it. Think about the first thing that pops into your head, and write about it.

Ask someone to hang out with you– If you normally just keep to yourself and don’t actually do the “friend” thing, just try it for once. Ask someone to see a movie with you or go to the mall or anything you want!

Draw something-- It doesn’t matter if you think you’re bad at drawing or if you’re really good at it. Just try and draw something!

Read a book you liked as a kid– How long has it been since you read The Boxcar Children or The Spiderwick Chronicles? Probably years. Read a book that you liked as a kid and bring back old memories.

Order a weird snowball flavor– Find a snowball stand and order the weirdest flavor you can think of.

Start martial arts– Talk to me about this. For real. Email and I’ll help you find out when to start!

Buy a weird clothing item– You’ll end up wearing it, I just know it–  but find the oddest thing you can and buy it. That awful pink jacket is probably going to become your favorite thing pretty soon.

Go to an International Foods store– And find the oddest thing you can, and taste it.

Wear a costume in public-- And see people’s reactions. More fun with a friend!

Play a backyard game– Soccer, baseball, tag– anything. How long has it been since you actually played a game? Go for it, man!

Make a movie– It doesn’t matter if movies are your thing are not; just find some friends and film something and see what happens.

Play a video game with a cool storyline– Kingdom Hearts and Jak and Daxter are some great games that you should try and play. If you’ve played them already, revisit them and experience some lovley nostalgia.

Do a photoshoot– Find some friends and a decent camera and take pictures of each other. It can be silly or serious, but either way it’ll be fun.

Watch a TV series– I’m sure there’s something that you’ve been wanting to start but haven’t had the time to. Go find that right now and go for it!

Write a murder scene– If you have never killed anyone in a story, book, or script before, try it now. Make a character that you like, and kill them off. You’ll really get a feel for how your favorite writers feel when they kill their own favorite characters! Remember, if it bugs you too much you could always write them back to life– they’re your character.

See how many push ups you can do– If you can do more than  10 in a row I’ll give you an imaginary hug. More than 30 in a row then I’ll give you an imaginary award. If you can do more than 100 in a row I‘ll give you 2 imaginary awards. Yay.

See how many sit-ups you can do–  If you can do more than  10 in a row I’ll give you an imaginary hug. More than 30 in a row then I’ll give you an imaginary award. If you can do more than 100 in a row I‘ll give you 2 imaginary awards. If you can manage to do more sit-ups than me in a side-by-side sit up competition, you’re probably my evil clone and therefore I’m going to have to kill you. My apologies.

Watch a crappy movie-- Go to the store and find the worst-seeming movie you can buy, then watch it and waste hours of your life that you can now never get back.

Try and become more flexible– As in the splits and the butterfly stretch and all those. It’s not that hard; just practice every night and stretch a little further each day until you get to where you want to be. Find where you are comfortable and go slightly beyond it, slightly beyond it…

Make cookies at midnight– Wait until midnight, then make cookies from scratch.

Write a list of what you like in a person– Every little quality you’d want in an ideal person. It’s a fun way to learn about yourself

Write a list about what you like about yourself– This is quite hard if you’re normally quite humble. Just do it. You don’t have to show anyone– just write it for yourself.

For-fun websites– Go to Pinterest, Tumblr, and SparkLife for random time-wasting fun. Cause now that it’s summer, you can actually waste time and not feel guilty! Yay! Pinterest is sort of like shopping for stuff you can’t actually have, Tumblr is basically random fandom stuff, and SparkLife is kind of teenager-ish but it’s a bit fun if you’re bored. Coolness.

Waste your money- Or notThis Is Why I‘m Broke is a pretty self-explanitory website name. Also try Think Geek for more random stuff that you totally don’t need.

Listen to audiobooks– “This is a LibriVox recording. All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain” will totally get stuck in your head, but this website is a super cool way to find classics to listen to.

Listen to Welcome to Night Vale– Weird stuff happens in a little town and it hypnotizes you. Welcome… to Night Vale. *cool music plays now*

Design outfits and allPolyvore! Make outfits out of real clothes that you could actually buy if you were like, a bazzilionaire. It’s the kind of website that you only play once in a while, but when you do, you make about a million outfits that you’ll never wear.

Choose your own story– Travel back to the early 2000s on this cool website that hasn’t been updated since 2003. The Neverending Tale is a choose-your-own-adventure website that allows you to write your own choices in as well. If you don’t like the options offered, make your own! And write whatever because nobody has been on this site for over ten years! Yea-uh!

Insult people– Not normally of course, because that’s just rude. Instead, go to this website and learn how to insult people Shakespeare-style, thou saucy idle-headed hugger mugger!

Read some Shakespeare plays for free-- They are all online here! How cool is that? It takes a while to get the language, but with some practice you’ll be enjoying some of these classics in no time.

Talk to strangers– Do what you’re never ever supposed to do on the internet and talk to strangers at this annoying website. Make sure you don’t give out personal information, of course, and put something in your interests section or else you’ll just get people who want you to add them on their Kik sites and spam robots. It’s fun to play out scenes from movies and see how long it takes before they catch on. They usually don’t, and it’s hilarious.


Here are a few short stories that I wrote for my Creative Writing class. I am sharing them here because I think that perhaps some people might be curious about this “writing” that I speak of. Each title will be a link to the story, as pasting them here would be ridiculous.

The Measure Of Success 

A woman addicted to murder reflects on her life. Warning: this is a serial killer story, so, expect serial killer stuff. I think that this story would be better as a longer book.


The House That Built Her

This story is written in the style of Thomas Harris as part of an assignment. It’s a sad story about Caroline Turner, who visits her old house and confronts old memories. I quite like this story, despite the fact that it isn’t written in my typical writing style.


The Undesirables 

12-year-old William lives in a society where those that are considered an Undesirable are sterilized… which has come to mean killed. I’m not really sure if I actually like this story yet or not.




*”I Wanna Talk About Me“ playing somewhere in the distance probably*

I’m not really sure if I’m particularly normal for a college student (being any kind of normal is boring anyway), but the thing is, at CCBC there is no “normal” for a college student. Each person is unique and amazing in their own way (yea, yea, it’s so cliche, but I’m not exaggerating or being overly nice– it’s just true). Anyway, I’m going to write some random things about me to give readers a “glimpse” into the mind of this particular English major and we’ll see if it actually interests anyone enough to read it! Here we go…

  1. When I was little, I wanted to be a paleontologist. Then when I was 11 I decided I wanted to be a Taekwon-Do instructor, and I haven’t changed my mind since!
  2. My favorite class building at CCBC is the HTEC building. My favorite place at CCBC is the lower level of the Library near the Einstien Bros
  3. I despise wearing brand-name clothes because then you are, in fact, a walking advertisement
  4. If you talk to me about The Silence of the Lambs, I will love you forever
  5. Also if you buy me high-waisted jeans. Size 2 or 3, please
  6. The best thing at Einstien Bros is the Frozen Hot Chocolate. The second best thing is people’s faces when you ORDER a Frozen Hot Chocolate
  7. My favorite video games were/are Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Jak and Daxter, and Pokemon Emerald
  8. When I was a pre-teen I used to trade bad Pokemon cards for rare Pokemon cards with boys who had crushes on me because I knew that they would accept the deal– which, looking back, was rather mean and manipulative
  9. I still have those rare Pokemon cards, though. I have an entire binder of foil cards only, too, and a Charizard EX worth $200 last time I checked
  10. I have Dermotillomania, which means that I pick scabs over and over. I care not. If I get scars, I put vitamin E oil and that is that– and I have enough self-control to avoid infection or picking at anything on my face
  11. I have never gotten a “B” in the history of ever
  12. When I got frustrated with life as a pre-teen and young teenager, I would add to this Wish Machine that I invented in my head. It has all kinds of rules and stuff, and looks like a laptop to anyone but me. Talk to me about it and I shall go into great depth about this imaginary wish machine
  13. I am really into the Chinese zodiac and swear by its accuracy, which basically means that if I find out your birthday, birth year, and birth time I will know everything about your personality and therefore pretty much have you pegged as an individual
  14. My favorite book series is the Harry Potter series, of course. I also enjoy Ender’s Game and the Hannibal Lecter series
  15. When I was 11 to 14, I wrote a 75,000 word novel called The Unfulfilled Prophecy: The Hornless Unicorn
  16. I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and Mt. Charleston, Nevada from 2006 to 2010
  17. I really like getting lost on purpose and exploring new places is very entertaining for me
  18. If I ever went on a date with someone, the most awesome, ideal long date would be getting lost on purpose, eating out somewhere, watching The Silence of the Lambs, and then sitting on a porch and watching fireflies while eating popsickles
  19. When I was 12 I read the entirety of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in one day
  20. My favorite quote is “Correct your mistake as soon as you have found it”
  21. I cannot think of a worst fear
  22. One time I had “California Girls” stuck in my head so badly that I barely got any sleep all night
  23. My least favorite movie is probably The NeverEnding Story 3. Yikers. Although Ender’s Game the movie was so frustrating that it is a close second
  24. “All Of Me” by John Legend is quickly becoming my least favorite song and I am not entirely sure why. All I can say is, it is not romantic, it is annoying. So, so annoying
  25. My mouth is crooked, causing my neutral expression to look like an eternal scowl
  26. Up until I was 11, I thought “moron” was a swear word, a cuss second only to the “f-word” in badness
  27. When I was 8 I made a sequel to Grocery Store Wars featuring Emperor Orange Pulp-atine
  28. I really wanted to meet fairies when I was about 6, and I was convinced that they were real
  29. I’m not sure what it is called, but I have this thing where I associate everything with a feeling. Not an emotion, a feeling– a feeling that is not describable in English because it is a feeling associated only with a thing/idea. I only recently discovered that not everyone thinks like this. How on earth can you think of something without associating it with a feeling?! Then what does it seem like– a NOTHING? How do you even remember things? The world must be so blank to you people. What must it be like in your feeble little human minds…
  30. I would rather fight a werewolf than a ghost
  31. I would rather fight a person with a sword than a person with a knife
  32. I don’t scream. I am not a screechy annoying screaming person and I find it annoying when other people scream and squeal like ridiculous little kids.  I don’t think I even know how to scream anymore, actually…
  33. I don’t like the idea of drinking, and even though I am not yet 21 when I DO turn 21 I plan to continue not-drinking
  34. I am the queen of gluten-free and sugar free cooking and no one can convince me otherwise. I can make gluten-free and sugar-free baked goods that taste exactly like (and often better than) typical wheat and sugar goods and no one can tell the difference
  35. I am extremely annoyed by fake people, arrogant people, lazy people, and most of all unreliable people. If you are all of these things than I probably do not like you. However, I will most likely pretend to like you anyway because unless I absolutely loathe you I will not want to be rude
  36. I really despise being ignored or talked-over and therefore I try to be a good, inclusive listener.  If you actually listen to me, it is 100% guaranteed that I like you
  37. When I was 5 I drew on a wall with the head of an action figure and sunk into a pit of overwealming guilt and disapointment in myself because such an act was extremely out of character for me. My parents were not mad; they actually found the situation quite funny
  38. My bookshelf is organized by book color
  39. I purposefully try to dress uniquely because I dislike looking like I’m trying to wear what’s popular. It annoys me when things that I wear start becoming popular
  40. One time I made some butterscotch pudding and I accidentally hit the container onto the fridge and it broke and pudding went everywhere and my siblings were mad and I still feel guilty about that to this day
  41. Paul Krendler from Hannibal (the book)  is the most despicable character in anything ever. He’s worse than Umbridge from Harry Potter
  42. I’ve always had my hair long and besides very short trims, I have never cut it shorter
  43. One time I asked about cameras in a BestBuy in-character as a female version of the 11th Doctor
  44. I despise talking on the phone. Text me, email me, FaceTime me any day– just don’t call me
  45. Luckily, I don’t own a cell phone yet, either
  46. I like deep, philosophical conversations
  47. People often think that my 0 and 5-year-old sisters are my daughters
  48. Lasagna is an incredible dinner, probably my favorite. I also love spaghetti and meatballs, and Viatnamese burritos, and homemade pizza. But not as much as lasagna
  49. I despise meringues because I once got a vomiting sickness shortly after eating them. I also despise Jasmine rice for the same reason. I’m feeling disgusted just thinking about this…
  50. Oh, no, one last fact. Um. Ummmm. What should I put for this last fact… Ah, I know. One time I injured my wrist cutting a potato with a fork.



CCBC Teachers & Their Classes

Some people might be trying not think about school at all. Others might be starting their summer courses soon. Still others might be already thinking about fall classes. (I am not one of those people. I am, in fact, one of those last-minute register-ers who thinks and thinks about what classes to take and then actually signs up for them like 2 weeks before classes start). For those of you that are thinking about what classes to take, I’m going to write a little about some of the teachers that I’ve had at CCBC Catonsville. Not qualifications or anything like that, just my personal experience with them and their class.


Class: English 101

What I Learned From Her: Everything. Okay, well, not literally EVERYTHING, but all the important stuff that has to do with writing papers and creating outlines. Dr. Ochola is an incredible teacher with a unique teaching style and I am so grateful that I was able to be in her class. My writing improved so much from taking her class, and I believe that it was then that I decided that I wanted to be an English major. Your writing will go from high school level to college level in the time that you take this class.

Important Points: Dr. Ochola has a unique pre-grading system that some students were annoyed with but I found very beneficial. She’ll pre-grade your papers before you actually get them, so you might find yourself staring confusedly at a “C – -” and be even more confused when she tells you that is a good start. Don’t worry, though, you’ll find that you will be grateful for this grading system once you finish the class. In fact, she actually told the class this and they didn’t believe it– until the end, of course, where those that stayed were grateful. Especially me!



Class: English 102 Honors

What I Learned From Her: Basically a continuation of English 101, Professor Cole-Leonard lead a discussion-based 102 class that featured many short stories and works of poetry to read and write about. Although discussions tended to get off-topic, these classes were beneficial in learning how to get your thoughts together for different critiques and such.

Important Points: Professor Cole-Leonard is quite understanding and was a very interesting teacher. Although she would let discussions get off-topic at times and perhaps be a bit too lenient, she was always willing to talk to me and was especially friendly. Note that this class requires reading quite a few short stories and such, and while she will not get on your case for not doing the work you will not do as well in the class if you don’t actually participate.



Class: English 160, Mythology

What I Learned From Her: Her class had an emphasis on the mythology of different cultures and in this class, I (duh) learned quite a bit about mythology. I also had the opportunity to improve my writing and– most notably– my quiz-taking skills. Although this class did require hard work, I found it to be very enjoyable and I was pleased with the overall environment of the class.

Important Points: Firstly, if you want to take this class to learn about Greek myths, you’re taking the wrong class. We did go over a few Greek myths, but the mythology we studied included primarily less-familar myths from cultures from around the world. We actually even went over the “myth” that Tolkien created in his novel The Hobbit.  You have to make sure that you do the readings for this class– as it is a mythology class, you’ll have to read quite a few myths. Professor McCampbell gave quite a few quizzes in this course as well. I found them fun, but be prepared to know your mythology so that you can do well on the quizzes! She is a very supportive teacher as well.



Class: History 112 Honors

What I Learned From Him: The question is, what DIDN’T I learn from him? Besides a lot of American history– especially the darker side of American history– Josh (as Professor Ackerman prefers to be called) posed many life-altering, deep, deep questions to ponder that I got to write about. This is quite a life-changing class and Josh Ackerman is an especially good teacher. I had a great chance to practice more writing, too, as this class has many written assignments. It also has a healthy amount of discussion paired with an excellent sense of pacing.

Important Points: This is NOT an easy class. While Josh is a friendly and has an easy-going teaching style, the class is certainly not easy so prepare to dedicate yourself to some thought-provoking assignments and mega important quizzes. This is a class that requires lots of dedication and quite a bit of writing, reading, and quizzes. Josh also gives quite a few extra-credit opportunities, so make sure that you take them! He’s also always willing to talk if you need to ask him anything.



Class: Workshop in Creative Writing

What I Learned From Her: Professor Nyguyen is quite a unique teacher. She is more of a discussion-leader than a traditional teacher at times. Nonetheless, she helped me with my writing in many ways– especially through the writing workshops that we did throughout the semester, where students peer-review each others’ works. Although I did not always agree with certain critiques, I really enjoyed the overall mood of the class and found the set-up quite unique.

Important Points: Prepare to write, a lot. This is a Creative Writing class, and if you do not like writing short stories than this class is not for you. Professor Nyguyen is quite friendly and supportive, but she can be quite strict at times as well and can be a bit blunt. If you miss your workshop, it is practically a pass to getting a whole letter grade lower– so don’t miss your workshop! Also, make sure that you put a huge emphasis on character development and backstory, which is quite important in Professor Nyguyen’s class.



Class: Sociology/Criminology 101

What I Learned From Her: Everything from the aspects that prevent people from committing crimes to the hierarchy of prostitutes.  You will learn exactly what you should expect to learn from a Criminology 101 class– so long as you pay attention and do your study questions! I especially liked Professor Brodus’ teaching style and the way that she interacted with students, so I learned good teaching tips through observation as well as learning about Criminology

Important Points: The textbook is very important. We read and answered study questions for twelve full chapters of the textbook. The set-up of the class is basically one long prep for the final, and a lot of emphasis is put on the final. You will also have five quizzes in the class, and as Professor Brodus emphasizes– quizzes cannot be made up! She is a great teacher and gives you everything that you need to succeed, so if you pay attention and work hard then you are set. For those that don’t, she is very patient and will explain things again if people ask. However, despite her patience it is very important that you study on your own– it is really up to you to get a good grade in the class, so be a good listener and have perseverance!



Class: Speech 101

What I Learned From Her: You might be thinking, oh, great, a communications class– lots of people don’t like communications classes because they don’t want to give speeches. Well, if that is you, then no worries because I promise that you will love this class! I saw so many nervous people transform into more confident speakers through the course of this class and I learned a lot myself, too! Not only about speaking, though, about myself

Important Points: This is not your average communications class. Prepare to jump inside your own mind and find the darkest places, the happiest places, the saddest places, the most fearful places… and then address issues and work towards resolving them. Mrs. Hartman is a very good teacher and I’m sure that you’ll love her. She talked quite a lot, but she is extremely funny and especially helpful. If you are someone who fears public speaking, take communications from Mrs. Hartman and you won’t regret it. If you are looking forwards to taking a communications class, take communications from Mrs. Hartman and you ALSO won’t regret it!





Stuff CCBC Students Say

The time has come.

Oh, the time has come.

I have been compiling these quotes since the second week of class this semester. This is the most beautiful thing ever to grace this meager little blog, a priceless compilation of absolute ridiculousness and oddly relatable statements.

These are odd things that I have heard CCBC students say.



“-It smells like breastmilk and ass in here.     – You know what breastmilk smells like?”

“When someone burps right next to me, I think of it as a challenge sometimes”

Uggs are like sex, and if Uggs were sex then I would be a prostitute”

“He’s got that big bag of chips and he ain’t sharing!”

“Give me back my carrots!”

“My stomach is flat and then I stand up and it just goes fffwwwooop

“I ain’t washing my hair every day!”

“You sound like a dying animal”

“She licked your scarf

“I was like a butcher on them onions, I was like chwchwchwchwchw!”

“I print at my work and use up all the ink over there”

“Don’t slide on those poles, someone slid on them and like broke their…”

“I got roped into Snapchat kicking and screaming but now I love it”

“Can I like HAVE your jacket?”

“I want a taco”

Well I‘m sorry, but I don’t know what classes I’m supposed to take!”

“The HTEC building is like, scary. I love it there”

“I always get lost in the HTEC building”

“When do you sleep? Don’t use that word around me”

“When do you sleep? Don’t remind me of what I’ve lost”

“When do you sleep? Uh, when was Reagan in office…”

“These rabbits messin‘ each other UP!”

“If you happy all the time then there is something wrong in your life, man”

“We don’t choke real b*tches”

“Say one more word and you’re my best friend”

“What did I do during spring break? I had the best nap of my life”

“Caught you with the porn. I caught you red-handed with the porn”

“I did turn 90 today”

“I like unbuttoned my shirt and then salsa was just like hwwaaarrrgh! It went every where!”

“If he shaved his arms it would be too hairy”

“But I like use physics and motions and sh*t”

“-If he’s my husband, does that mean you’re my son? – Your husband is a homicidal maniac. Who’s also split into three dimensions”

“I need a new condom for my phone. Actually, I wonder if that would work– a condom as a phone protector”

“I like naming my boobs”

“We found a used condom behind the BARN stage”

“The things that show up on my phone scare me”

“- You know, I never understand why people leave the bathroom door open and take sh*ts in the bathroom. – Maybe that’s why the hallway’s so funky”

“It’s gonna effin‘ RAIN on Saturday!”

“I have no idea what Blackboard is”

“I just want this day to be over. Just want it to be over, and then imma go get a drink or something”

“Can I get the turkey club on a cinnamon raisin bagel? Yes, a cinnamon raisin bagel”

“- You’d better come to the event… Or else I’m gonna pick you up… and drive you there. – That is the most Canadian threat ever”

“Ooh, my hair so RED. I love it”

“I wear a size D. I tell all the girls that I’m interested in that I have enough boob for both of us, cause it’s true”

“She would purposely mess with me in public because she knows I’m not good with PDA”

“This is the historic Einstien Bros. It is actually a little known fact that the Einstien Bros was here first and the campus was actually built AROUND it…”

“My dad has the nickname Sparky because he and my uncle used to throw fireworks at each other, but one blew backwards and into his pocket which was full of more fireworks and his whole arm caught on fire”


Sappy Quotes That Are Important

The title says it all. I’ve decided that I’m going to select some quotes that I find meaning, and post them here. Serious quotes, quotes that make you think. Quotes that should be beneficial to college students who have just started their summer break!



Think Like Hermione

If you’re from 16 to 30, then you probably grew up reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies. And if you’re older or younger, then you’ve probably watched or read Harry Potter anyway, just because Harry Potter is just THAT GOOD.

Most of us are familiar with the character of Hermione Granger, a brilliant witch who enjoys studying and learning about the wizarding world. Because she was so brilliant, she saved her friends’ lives on many occasions!

We might think, sure, if WE lived in the Harry Potter series then we would do the same. We would want to learn as much as we could about the wizarding world and everything in it! After all, it’s a really incredible fictional world!

But what about our world? Can’t we think like Hermione in our own world? 

Why do you want to study, anyway? Shouldn’t it be because you want to learn?

Think about it: If our world, a world that might seem so boring or normal to us, were a a book, wouldn’t there be people dreaming of living in it? People would find our world fascinating. There might not be magic in our world, but I’m sure that these readers would find all of our technology and places and the human mind– everything– very interesting. Readers would wish that THEY were humans, humans who could live in the amazing world of earth! They wouldn’t care that life sucks sometimes, or that lots of people are annoying, or about the sadness and chaos on earth– they’d want to learn about our world just as we want to learn about fantasy worlds.

We should view our world like an outsider might, and then realize that hey, maybe we’re lucky to have the opportunity to learn as much as we can about it. We have the chance to learn how to read microexpressions, learn about the history of the world, learn why humans to bad things, learn how the human body works, learn how different machines work– and how many of us actually WANT to?

In my opinion, I certainly want to. I want to think like Hermione– think that this world has plenty for us to learn about, so I’m going to learn about it. I wouldn’t be one of those annoyingly ignorant book characters, I would want to be one that knows a lot about their world. I don’t want to be a know-it-all, no– I just want to know a lot. As a human, I’m practically obligated to. If I’m interested in it, I’m going to learn about it. If not, I’m wasting my potential as a human in this world.

Not wanting to learn about anything– that’s like staying in level one of a video game and not even bothering to collect all the items or defeat all the enemies. AND you skip the scenes.

Not wanting to learn about anything– that would be like Hermione skipping classes and sitting in the Gryffindor common room instead of learning as much as she could about the wizarding world.

So hey, I’m going to learn about stuff because I’m interested in it and that is that!


Shakespeare in a Sentence!

Did you know that CCBC is offering a Shakespeare Honors course this fall? That’s right! I love Shakespeare and took several Shakespeare courses while in high school, so inspired by this new CCBC class I am going to write a bit about some of the Shakespeare plays.

Wonder which play to read? Find out by reading “Shakespeare in a Sentence!” Note: there are MANY more plays to read, but these are some of the more well-known ones.

MACBETH: Scottish serial killers and supernatural stuff

ROMEO AND JULIET: A teenage romance doesn’t work out, and here’s why

HAMLET: Death, insanity, ghosts, death

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW: A romantic comedy with fiesty characters galore that isn’t as sexist as it seems

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: Very ship-able characters, a dark side plot, happy ending

TITUS ANDRONICUS: Rated NC-17 stuff with major injuries and cannibalism

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM: Fairies and ridiculous romance escapades

OTHELLO: Diabolical villian causes jealousy to lead to murder. Oops

AS YOU LIKE IT: A girl dresses up as a guy and then dresses up as a girl to give the guy she likes romance advice when it comes to liking her

TWELFH NIGHT: A girl dressed as a guy looks a lot like her twin; sexually confused people are sexually confused

THE TEMPEST: Supernatural stuff and young love on an island

KING LEAR: A King is a jerk father and is slowly ruined, and everybody dies

JULIAS CAESAR: Caesar gets killed. Spoilers

COMEDY OF ERRORS: Two sets of twins in one town cause comedic confusion



It’s Started

Ohhh, geez. It’s started.

And when I say it’s started, I mean the “it” of lack-of-purpose-summerness.

Today was my first Tuesday with no classes and no Film Society meetings, so I spend it editing and publishing a ridiculous (and funny) short film that I made with my brothers, then editing and publishing the bloopers for the same film, then pacing around wondering what to do, then walking to Rite Aid, then finally studying for my Criminology finals on Thursday. If I wasn’t testing in Taekwon-Do this week, I probably would have jogged and sprinted and biked– but since I AM testing this week, I just got on Facebook and swept the kitchen floor.

It feels so odd, a Tuesday not at CCBC all day! Normally I would’ve been at CCBC from 11:00 AM to 6:30 or 40 PM. I had been looking forward to this day, but now that it’s here it was certainly not as nice as I had hoped.

Luckily, this Thursday I get to be at CCBC from 9:45 AM to 3:00 PM, then I’ll head over to CCBC Essex to take my Criminology finals (I have to take them then because I won’t be in Maryland on Saturday). Thank goodness! One more day of CCBC overload before summer break officially starts.

I never thought that I would be missing long days at CCBC! I suppose I’ll have to start planning something to do next Tuesday. I suppose I’ll exercise a lot and then organize my room– my poor, poor room needs to be organized desperately and I need to remove old study guides and drafts from my desk and actually hang up my clothes instead of leaving them in a pile. Also, I can’t wait to start training for the Taekwon-Do World Cup in Jamaica and to be able to read all of the books I haven’t been able to finish since school started. I have to keep these thoughts in my mind!

Until then, though, I’ll just spend tonight and tomorrow waiting for a busy Thursday that I actually want.

How are YOU feeling now that classes are winding down? What are you going to do after classes end?

Finishing up

Whoa, the semester is almost over?! Who would have thought that it would go by so fast!

Today, I turned in my final portfolio for my Creative Writing class. Last week I completed my final for my Communications class. Next week I will take my final for my Criminology class. Worked a few Ambassador events and even got to give my younger brother a tour of CCBC, and went to the Student Banquet.

AKA I have had a grand total of 9 impressive hours of sleep in the past three days TOTAL. Yikes! (Yes, I am going to be one of ‘those people’ and talk about sleep. Apologies).

Now I am at CCBC, blogging. I don’t really NEED to be at CCBC right now, but I think the thing is that I am simply going to miss it here during the summer. College can be stressful and tiring, yes, but it is also very fun and I just know that as soon as summer gets going, I will get bored!