Enjoy Your Winter Break!

I have a friend who dislikes the word “enjoy.” What the actual heck, what’s wrong with the word “enjoy?” It’s quicker than saying “have fun during your winter break, people!” but okay.


Have you registered for classes yet? I sure haven’t. I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that THIS semester ended, let alone that I don’t have much more than a month before the NEXT semester begins!

It’s winter break, so my blog is closed for the winter. I’ll be back again in the spring, though!


Stuff That I Learned As New President of Film Society

I seriously learned a lot this semester. As a person who’s always ended up in charge of everything ever, a  life-long big sister, and a martial arts instructor,  Ihadsoooooort of thought that I’d had the whole leadership thing relatively figured out. Well, I was wrong. You never stop learning about anything ever, and even if you think you still have more to learn chances are that you have even MORE to learn than you thought you did.

Last semester, I really loved Film Society because I WASN’T charge of it. It was super cool to just be a member for once in my life, and the previous president was actually highly competent (which is something I’d not found in any other group I’d ever been in).

This semester, though, I had to love Film Society while I was the president and find a good behavior balance. There was no more sitting in the back of the room for me!

Here are some of the things that I learned this semester at Film Society– about life, leadership, humans,  stuff, and responsibility. And more. Etc. Yes.


  • There is actually such a thing as being TOO on-the-ball about things
  • As president, you should always accept  responsibility even if it wasn’t your fault– because it actually IS your fault
  • Don’t ever blame anyone else, ever
  • You actually should care if people like you or not, in this scenario. Be likable.
  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice overall productivity for group contentment
  • The words “humor me” are really powerful
  • Not everything has to be presented as “your” idea
  • Shut up; you don’t  need to take credit for everything, geez
  • It’s better to talk less. And slower.
  • Try to behave in a way that you will never have to defend yourself in the first place
  • If you have to explain yourself, don’t be defensive– make it matter-of-fact
  • You actually CAN do everything– but do it in a way that isn’t taking on other people’s responsibilities directly
  • No one likes being told to meet up or get something done; instead present it in a way that it is something that they are compelled to do instead of obligated to do
  • Nobody reads long Facebook messages
  • Nobody responds to anything but the NEWEST Facebook message
  • Be careful when you’re joking; people take you seriously and may not understand that you’re kidding at times
  • There are certain things you  can’t talk about to the club members and you must only talk about with other leaders
  • Never let the club members know if you’re sad, angry, or uncomfortable– always present yourself in a way that allows the club to be a place for people to escape their problems instead of be met with yours
  • You cannot be a president and a  peer at the same time; you just can’t. So don’t try to be
  • Show that you are competent by being competent, repeatedly
  • Sometimes it’s best to stop mistakes from happening before they happen
  • Sometimes it’s best to allow people to make mistakes– don’t feel guilty about this
  • You’re not perfect, but try to be perfect anyway
  • Recognize when to be direct, and when to be subtle– both are important
  • Sometimes it’s better to apologize later than to ask for permission


  • Don’t always assume everything is good with those who know you just because they haven’t complained
  • Ask how people are doing, and mean it
  • You can’t please everyone, but behave in a way that aims to without being too concerned about it
  • Always assume that there is going to be someone mad at you, and without being overly-worried about it address the situation indirectly and if that does not work, address it directly but not  brashly
  • Don’t wait for new members to speak up; invite them to participate
  • When people sit off to the side, they are automatically alienated. Don’t let people be alienated
  • Let people get to the point themselves instead of giving them the point immediately. It takes  longer but it works better
  • It’s quicker to do everything yourself, but smarter to include others even in minor ways
  • Work harder to give genuine compliments, for God’s sake!
  • You have to flat-out tell people that they are included or they won’t know at all
  • As a president, you can’t dislike any club members. Ever
  • Sometimes the  best way for people to learn to “swim”  is to throw them in the water
  • Sometimes you have to coach people through things, but not in a way that they feel they are being instructed
  • Don’t tell; suggest
  • Don’t assume that someone knows how to do something; they probably don’t. However, behave as if you believe that they do because sometimes, they MIGHT know how  to do something
  • People can surprise you or  dissapoint you; be realistic and don’t lean too far towards pessimism or optimism
  • Sometimes you talk down to people while leading something; try NOT to do this
  • Don’t tell people to trust you; be the type of person that people can trust
  • It’s okay to let people do things that you know that you could do yourself; remember that this is how you learned to do things in the first place
  • Sometimes you have to nag people and push people to get things done, but never allow them to feel like they are being nagged or pushed or else they won’t want to do it anymore
  • Always say hi to people if you see them around outside of club time
  • It hurts really  badly when people take off without saying goodbye. Don’t do this to other people
  • When Facebook messaging or texting, try to match people’s writing style


  • Keep friendship separate from  president-club member and president-council-member relationships; again; you can’t be a peer and a president at the same time
  • It’s actually okay to get attached to people; it does not mean that you are not capable alone
  • Let people know that you appreciate them even if it’s difficult to do so
  • You might end up becoming friends with someone that you would’ve never expected to like as a person
  • Just because they are your friend does NOT always mean that you can trust them. If you do trust them, though, make sure they know it. If you don’t trust them, don’t tell them that you don’t trust  them but don’t lie and say that you do– instead, attempt to build mutual trust
  • Trustworthy people are, well, trustworthy; always be  skeptical in general, but  know that sometimes it’s okay to NOT be skeptical
  • Even the best humans are still humans with feelings, egos, and issues; don’t forget this
  • People will ask you for advice. Give advice from a practical standpoint and tell them to look outside of an emotional standpoint for optimal help– but GIVE advice, don’t TELL them what to do
  • Know that you’re going to miss people and enjoy the time that you can spend with them while you can. If not, you’re going to regret it
  • Everyone loves when there’s food around
  • Speaking of food, granola bars  are surprisingly the most popular snack. Although this isn’t surprising, when you think about it from a practical standpoint
  • Don’t bring drinks because then there will be cups everywhere. Everywhere.
  • Adjust the chairs in a way that the seating does not exclude anyone
  • Always introduce yourself and others
  • Don’t stand behind the podium or behind the computer; try and be in the front
  • It’s okay to mingle, but don’t get off topic
  • Make sure you let the other council members get chances to participate in the running of the club meeting
  • Make sure that everything is sorted out
  • If it seems like it’s going to go wrong, it probably is
  • Try to spend time with people after and before the meeting if possible
  • Charge the club camera’s battery. Always.
  • Nobody ever picks up the club camera correctly. Watch it like a hawk
  • Literally everyone wants to play with the equipment. Dear me, watch it like a hawk
  • The microphone starts making ungodly noises if it’s twisted up too far; make sure it isn’t twisted up too far
  • Don’t ever forget to adjust the focus on the camera
  • People will always argue about where to set the ISO and aperture if you let them see what it looks like
  • Some people will say that they don’t want to learn how to do something because they fear failure; try and teach them anyway
  • Don’t rely on the best people to always be available; you have to allow new people to get their chances
  • Premiere is lying when it is  saying that your display drivers are incompatible! LYING, I say!
  • When someone insists that they know how to use the equipment when it is their first time, this does NOT mean that they are all set
  • Keep zooming to a minimum! PLEASE!
  • Makes sure the boom pole is being held at the correct angle
  • When editing, edit as if you are attempting to make the film as short as possible and then the pacing will turn out amazing automatically
  • Color correction and brightness/contrast and  vibrance  and all of that– pick and choose, and do so carefully. Then from there, find the simplest way to make the footage look the best
  • Stop feeling guilty about asking people who know resources where to find resources– just do not be annoying about it


  • If it’s a movie meant to be filmed during club time, make sure that it is of a length that can be completed during club time
  • Scene whatever, take whatever– super important to say
  • You don’t always have to film everything in chronological order
  • Make sure you are aware of what actors are there and what actors are not there
  • Write the script to cater the club; don’t write a script and have the club fit to  it
  • Sometimes you have to cut things for time purposes; this is okay
  • Never let things get too far off-track
  • Practice scenes before you shoot them
  • Do multiple  takes even if the scene seems perfect
  • Never assume that you will have the ideal equipment and people present
  • People will think that they are excluded unless you tell them that they are not
  • Everyone thinks that it is easier that it actually is; allow them to experience how it actually is instead of just telling them
  • Nobody understands what goes into editing except for other editors; don’t sweat it if they don’t recognize theimportance butif you get the chance to show them, do so
  • Not having a set director, assistant director, or camera guy never goes well, ever


  • It’s easy to put the club ahead of other things in life. Remember that you are going to college because you are a college student, first and foremost
  • Do your schoolwork before you do your club stuff, for the sake of goodness. You might die otherwise
  • Understand that other people have schoolwork commitments as well
  • Give yourself set dates to get things done
  • Give other people set dates to get things done
  • Always remember that you have a limited amount of time within club-time to get things done; do not lose track of this time
  • No one is ever free at the same time, like, ever. If you can get it done within club time, then get it done within club time

Film Society’s First Miniseries Is Complete

… And you can watch it RIGHT NOW! Click HERE to watch the FULL SERIES

The idea of a creating a miniseries seemed cool. Like my character in the series, however, I “wasn’t really sure what that entailed.”

Now, eight episodes, three promos, and a to-be-released epilogue  later, The PSA is a completed miniseries that gained a medium-sized following around the CCBC campus– and I must say that I am pleased with how it turned out.

The PSA isn’t perfect. There are slight continuity errors in certain scenes, sometimes people look at the camera when they aren’t supposed to, and maybe the focus isn’t always incredible on certain shots. Perhaps our acting isn’t professional-level, the cuts could be smoother, and the audio could be superior. Perhaps behind-the-scenes, things could’ve been a little less tense and a little more organized.

However, the PSA has heart. It has character development, sweet moments, awkward moments, weird moments… It has some of the funniest lines you will ever hear in anything ever. It has words you won’t be able to get out of your head. It has great pacing, timing, and plot and side plots. A lot went into this show, and it was fun, frustrating, fulfilling, time-consuming… Sometimes scenes took about a bazillion takes to get close-to-right. Sometimes I edited for 14 hours straight.

And then we’d watch the episodes together, and laugh and critique and praise and point-out while we got to see the final product of all our combined efforts. 

Experienced home filmmakers and newbies alike got to play a part in the creation of the series. People discovered unknown acting ability, began learning how to use a camera, and got a chance to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. As the characters in the show developed relationships and learned more about each other, the actual Film Society members did so as well.

While this season is for sure the one-and-only PSA season, we can look back at our miniseries with fond memories, pride, and contentment with the experience that we all gained from its creation. We can learn from our mistakes, and remember our successes.


Me, personally–

For me, the PSA was a lot of things.

It was getting changed into my Felicia clothes immediately after class.ItwasprintingscriptsatStudentLifewith10minutestil club meeting’s start. It was literally running across campus.

It was carrying the club camera with me all day, every day, and feeling oddly empty when I wasn’t holding the bag.

It was “Okay, who has to leave early this week?” and “Don’t forget to focus! Did you get the focus?” and “Okay, listen up everyone!” and “Where the heck is *insert vital person’s name here*” and “TIME CHECK, it’s 4:32!” and “Hey, please move, you’re in the shot”

It was meeting up in study rooms to film confessionals, or be filmed for confessionals, and laughing as we threw each other off.

It was hours of searching for just the right song for just the right scene.

Itwasediting. A heck ton of editing. A heck ton of “Adobe Premiere Elements 11 has stopped working” and “TO HECK WITH EVERYTHING” and “Ohhhyes, this is delicious” and sending the episodes as unlisted videos andenjoyingfeedback.

It wasstayinguptil midnight… 2:00 am… 4:00 am…preppingforthenext episode’s shoot, editing the previous episode, or planning out what was going to happen next.

It was “hey, are you on campus?”

It was Riptide by Vance Joy. It was Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod.

It was those darn sneakers I wore in every episode, every Tuesday, for months. A hairbrush in my backpack and makeup in the front pocket.

It was “When is the next episode coming out?” and “Hey, you’re from PSA!” and “I’m not actually like Felicia in real life.”

It was sitting on tables. And lying on tables. And standing at the front of the room. And standing in the hallway.

It was that horrible sinking feeling in your soul when you feel like you’re messing everything up. It was that lovely leaping feeling in your chest when you feel like nothing could ever be better.

It was all the Facebook messages back and forth about where the series was headed, editing feedback, song searching, problem solving…

It was sitting in the club room during the premiere of the finale, and the expressions as the episode played on the pull-down projector. The feeling of “we did it.” The feeling of knowing how much you’re going to miss it. And miss people. And miss events.

I’m still not over last semester’s Film Society ending. However, I know that I’m going  to  look back  at this semester, and miss it really, really badly.

Good job, everyone. Good job!





Stuff CCBC Students Say: Fall 2014

You may have read the original Stuff CCBC Students Say article last semester. Well, I have done it again– compiled a list of the wild, wacky, and perhaps relatable things that I have heard CCBC students say this Fall.

NOTE: Some may be a liiiiiittle bit rude. None of this randomness necessarily reflects my views on CCBC as a school. 



“It’ll come outlookin’ like an alien ready to probe every white person, black person, in the world”

“Would you rather have a  zombie apocalypse or a kangaroo apocalypse? -Answer my question; are kangaroos bulletproof?– Big ass muscular kangaroos, yo”

“Iain’t waitingfor no life insurance sh*it!”

“I always like to hear that my students have knocked the wind out of people”

“Does he work out a lot? -Hellalot- That’s probably why he’s so angry”

“It’s time to rage! -whyare we raging?- It’s always fun to rage”

“She’sdat ass; shedon’t lie”

“This is like a weird purgatory between high school and real school”

“A 2.0? To get into College Park? You’d have to fail all your classes, andmaaaaybe you’d get a 2.0″

“…And I knew how to make vending machines give out TWO sodas. Those were the days”

“I can run. 8 years I ran. I can run; I just choose NOT to”

“I got tougher wearing my backpack; I forgot I had last week’stubberwearinthere”

“I’ve never, in my entire life, emailed A Homework to anyone”

“People get robbed up that Dundalk!”

“That guy is so cool, he walked into the room with two dudes and he had more swag in the tip of his pinky finger than both of those two put together”

“Do you not see how K-pop he look?”

“Yodo you see how short a t-rexarmsis? Thenimma beatit, and become the Dino king”

“All I’m saying is that if a girl had sex with my phone, and it’s my phone, then I couldn’t feel bad about it cause it’s my phone. If they come over and they’re f*cking their OWN phone, then that’s not cool”

“So imagine you chilling down in Baltimore city with your girl, and suddenly, this pore opens up and out comes this slew of dinosaurs. Scaly,muscularmo-fos, with hands. And tattoos. Like Brock Lesnor. And they have your first pet, your dog– don’t ask how they got it- and either you have to kill your dog, intimately, with a fork. Likeyougottalookem in the eye when youkillem. Or,yougotta letthosedinos beat yo girl and you get a hundred quadrillion dollars”

“Ifyouain’t gotBrittany Spears, Iain’tlistening”

“Yowhyareguyswearing tight pants? Wear…normal…pants, like a real man”

“I’m going to draw a face on this black walnut and name it Bob”

“Why are you laughing about death? I’mgonnadie one day; are yougonnalaugh about my death? I’mgonnatell my kids that, you know what, when I die, you can laugh”

“Dude I’m not going in there [the cafeteria] in that long line”

“That won’t work. Plus it’stwo dollars for water”

“My grandpa saw my hair and told me that he had the same haircut in the 80s. I was like, gee, grandpa, thanks for ruining my haircut”

*gets out of Catonsville library elevator* “Why the f*ck were we waiting in then?- Idunno. That’s my first time in the elevator”

“He’s so Mexican, he sh*its Chipotle”

“Notdirty bad, dirty like Christina Agueliera”

[a jock-ishman] “You licked his nipple?”

“Don’t chase money,chase butyou love, but I love money, so I chase money”

“I quit smoking weed! -when?- Today!”

“I lost five dollars last night. Because I put it in my bra”

“If you have a giant devil dog humping your leg, I don’t care if they’re growling and biting, I’mgonnaget that thing off there!”

“Why is yourteacher Satan?”

“We need to protest the math department here”

“Look what I found in my wallet!” *shows a french fry*

“You don’t  believe in God? Do you believe in Satan? Would you sell your soul to pass this class? Cause I can arrange that. – I pissed on Satan earlier today”

“Are you posting that sh*t to your gallery? If you– I willsqueeeeeze those boobs into nonexistence. I will squeeze those boobs so hard theygonnapop, if you post that!”

“Ugh, math. That’s the devil’s work”

“Thanksgiving “break?” What’s that?”

“Ugh, Ebola. Why’d you burn the house down? Ebola. What is the meaning of life? Ebola”

“Imagine if a tongue had a penis. Then it would be likelllyllyllylllyllu”

“The 2nd floor is like the cafeteria of the library”

“Yougonnadie from eating them four Chick-fil-A sauces and I’mgonnacome to your funeral and laugh”

“Consider me your non-gay gay best friend”

“Her vagina is on the list of Great Caverns of the US”

“If I really don’t like ‘em, imma have them get married just so they can pay extra to have a divorce”

“You know what? You have got to be the toughest white girl I know”

“Dude we couldgo to jail for that! – But on a full stomach!”






Finals Week

Some of us have already taken our finals for the semester.

Others still have yet to take theirs.

Either way, it’s finals week (or, really, finals two-weeks, but whatever) and most of us are relieved, nervous, excited, or panicked at the moment– or perhaps all three. Sometimes finals are papers, some are quizzes, some are presentations– but in most cases, they tend to be really big deals.

The hardest part about finals, in my opinion, is that by the time of finals one already feels “done” for the semester. Because of this, it is very difficult to put time and effortintofinalsbecausefinals don’t quite seem to fit with the rest of the semester. Or maybe it’s just me, cause I’m me.

For those of you reading this, I’m not going to wish you “good luck” because finals should not be about luck. If finals are about luck, then that is very unfortunate. Instead, I’m going to virtually send thoughts of a calm attitude, a prepared mind, and a well-rested body for when you go into your final exams.  It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t get so nervous that yourushyour final and throw everything off.

I  tip  my  nonexistent hat to you, CCBC students. Let the finals begin!

Have you STILL not seen “The PSA” show yet?

A lot has happened since episode one!

You can watch the show HERE

We swear you’ll fall in love! Probably.

Did you know that there are only two episodes until the finale?!

There are five episodes released so far, though!

It’s about a struggling Pizza Student Association at CCBC.

We totally aren’t starting a PSA in real life, though.

What are you waiting for?! Go watch the PSA!


How is it November?!

Wowza, it’s November. I certainly don’t want it to be November. It is clearly supposed to be SEPTEMBER, and now it’s November already. This means that the semester is almost over, that soon enough it is going to be winter break and then it will suddenly be Spring semester again and EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

I feel like it was August just the other day. I don’t have to close my eyes to visualize CCBC in August; I was so excited to be back…

And yet here I am, writing this from an almost completely vacant CCBC library lounge on a Friday night, 5 episodes into Film Society’s PSA series with one to be edited and two to have their scripts finalized, one final paper to complete plus all of the other usual school stuff, and only 29 days left until the ITF National Championships that I am competing in again this year. Despite the fact that I am only taking two classes, I have less free time this semester than ever before. I have to be careful to get enough sleep, and balance time between work and writing and planning and editing… I need to make more time for Nationals training as well.

How is it November already? It feels like summer only just ended at the same time as I am already thinking about what Christmas gifts to get my family– but Christmas means that this semester will have ended. It’s supposed to be September. Actually, strike that; it’s supposed to be May. Couldn’t it have stayed May forever? I liked last semester a lot. This semester isn’t bad, but it is fundamentally different– it just has a different feel to it– and oh, how fast time has flown by. Another thing is that this semester has  been almost dream-like: real-life blending, merging with CCBC life to the point that now there isn’t even a difference between the two, they are one and the same.

This semester is going to end, and everything is going to change again. People will leave– that is one of the ways that things will change– a sad thing about community college is that people leave and then you don’t see them around anymore, you don’t spend time with them anymore…

One day, I am going to be one of those people, though. I’ll transfer to UMBC, most likely, and I will leave behind all the new members of Film Society that will be around by then and I will move on to some non-CCBC chapter of my educational life. I want to transfer, of course, but at the same time I’d rather everything just go back to the way it was last semester and then just stay like that for eternity.

For now, though, I think it’s best that I just focus on where I am right now. I’m sure next semester I will look back and miss THIS semester just as much as I currently miss spring semester.

Now excuse me while I go edit a thing.


Just CCBC Things

Some of these were suggested to me, most of them I made up. This is a parody of the Just Girly Things series– can you relate?


CCC 60s Reunion

Thank you to Brandon Price for some of these photos!

A few weekends ago, CCBC had a reunion for 1960s graduates from back when it was CCC (Catonsville Community College). As a Student Life Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to help out with the event. Former students traveled from as far as California to visit their old college, and the campus really meant a lot to them.

What a great experience! It was great to learn about how CCC used to be, and to hear the former students talk about their college days. I got to help give them tours, and they were mostly impressed with today’s campus. “If they’d had the library when I was here,” one lady said, “I would’ve spent all my time there!” They also loved the gym, and the fact that it was dedicated to Jack Manley, whom they all knew.


It was heartbreaking to see their reactions to seeing the Mansion, though. I almost felt like crying myself, and I have certainly not had the same experiences as they did. I was nostalgic for something that I did not live through. The Mansion really used to be the entire campus back in the 60s, in addition to a different barn and some tents at times. The students spent their days there and were very close to each other. Although the state of the mansion’s exterior saddened them, they were more saddened by the fact that there are no classes taking place inside the mansion any longer. What were once classrooms are now offices and such. Thankfully, there are plans to renovate and change the purpose of the Mansion over the next few years, so hopefully for a future reunion they will be very pleased!

An old photo of the Mansion in all its glory

The interior of the Mansion was incredibly cool– I have been into the Mansion before, but not on all of the floors and not thoroughly explored it. Although they will eventually be expanded, I loved the narrow hallways and staircases hidden in corners. I almost wish that I had gone to CCBC back when it was CCC in the 60s– it seemed like an amazing experience.


Inside the amazing Mansion hallways

Is this from the Mansion or is it from Hogwarts?

This event made me wonder– will one day I return to CCBC for a 2010s reunion? Will I run into people that I haven’t seen in years and walk around campus while recalling old memories? This is both a meloncholy thought and a pleasant one. It’s already difficult enough to look back at LAST SEMESTER– imagine what it will be like years from now…






Relatable Stuff for College Students

Can you relate to these posts?