The Transition from Spring to Summer

Spring semester has ended, and sometimes it can be a little tricky to adjust to a summer without classes (unless of course you are taking summer classes at CCBC!) Here are some aspects of transitioning from spring to summer that you might be able to relate to… TIMES TO WAKE UP You might be used [...]

The 14 Kinds of People You Will Meet at CCBC

This is just for fun, please don’t think I’m trying to create stereotypes. But you gotta admit, it’s pretty accurate. ___ The Nursing Students That chill, sometimes-around student who you normally see in class and nowhere else? Yeah, they’re probably a nursing student. They are there and they are many. Don’t let their focused calm [...]

New CCBC website!!

The new CCBC website is up! I think it looks quite nice. What do you think of it??

In Which There Is A Poem

I have not shared a poem in a while. That is because, in fact, I have not actually written any poetry. Now, I have decided to do so. Here is a random poem by a college student; I was simply playing with some words. ____ I want to sit In a room with you Warm, [...]

New website coming on April 20th

Whoa, CCBC is getting a new website?! That’s right; it totally is! Are you excited?!


Hi everyone! If you noticed, I didn’t post at all earlier in March! Due to some technical difficulties, I couldn’t log into my blog. Luckily everything is fixed, so I’m back. How are your midterms going?

Check out some awesome Film Fest films!

Check out my Best Screenplay-winning film, Loss! Check out the Best Direction winning film, Mr. Goat! Check out this modern classic, Viva la Wifi! And lastly, Jiminy!

Holy cow, gifs work on this blog?!

Well, in THAT case, be on the look out for all kinds of fun stuff coming soon!

Blog “Closed” For Spring Break

I hope you are as excited about break as this little guy is