The Igloo

Did you know that there is a display in the Art Gallery on the Catonsville campus that is decorated with winter-themed light art pieces? I did, but I didn’t actually go and visit the notorious Igloo until yesterday– and then I was enlightened on why it is such a big deal to everyone — well, [...]

In Which I Have No Idea What to Post, So I Choose to Ramble

I have not posted anything this week yet! Unfortunately, I cannot think of anything clever to post, so I am going to ramble about myself as if someone would actually be interested in hearing about my week. Cause maybe someone would find that interesting… for insight into the life of a CCBC student. I dunno. [...]

Film Society meeting!

Today was our first official Film Society meeting. The new president did a… decent job– That’s me by the way; HI! The meeting was entertaining and we have gotten things off to a great start. It was nice to see both old and new faces at the meeting and our new room, HTEC 100, has [...]

Back at CCBC!

Tuesday was the day of my first official classes at CCBC, and an unofficial Film Society meeting. It was nice to be back on a fully alive campus, students chatting and heading to classes and eating on a beautiful end-of-summer day. My classes are intriguing and yet again I’ve gotten good teachers. It’s fun walking [...]

I’m Back!

Welcome back to CCBC this Fall semester! I’m back now, ready to blog away this semester for your entertainment and (hopefully) benefit. Not much to write about this summer– it was too long and too short at the same time. I practiced Taekwon-Do a lot. I read a lot of books. I watched the entirety [...]


Here are a few short stories that I wrote for my Creative Writing class. I am sharing them here because I think that perhaps some people might be curious about this “writing” that I speak of. Each title will be a link to the story, as pasting them here would be ridiculous. The Measure Of [...]


*”I Wanna Talk About Me“ playing somewhere in the distance probably* I’m not really sure if I’m particularly normal for a college student (being any kind of normal is boring anyway), but the thing is, at CCBC there is no “normal” for a college student. Each person is unique and amazing in their own way (yea, [...]

Stuff CCBC Students Say

The time has come. Oh, the time has come. I have been compiling these quotes since the second week of class this semester. This is the most beautiful thing ever to grace this meager little blog, a priceless compilation of absolute ridiculousness and oddly relatable statements. These are odd things that I have heard CCBC [...]

Think Like Hermione

If you’re from 16 to 30, then you probably grew up reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies. And if you’re older or younger, then you’ve probably watched or read Harry Potter anyway, just because Harry Potter is just THAT GOOD. Most of us are familiar with the character of Hermione Granger, a [...]

It’s Started

Ohhh, geez. It’s started. And when I say it’s started, I mean the “it” of lack-of-purpose-summerness. Today was my first Tuesday with no classes and no Film Society meetings, so I spend it editing and publishing a ridiculous (and funny) short film that I made with my brothers, then editing and publishing the bloopers for [...]