Here are a few short stories that I wrote for my Creative Writing class. I am sharing them here because I think that perhaps some people might be curious about this “writing” that I speak of. Each title will be a link to the story, as pasting them here would be ridiculous. The Measure Of [...]


*”I Wanna Talk About Me“ playing somewhere in the distance probably* I’m not really sure if I’m particularly normal for a college student (being any kind of normal is boring anyway), but the thing is, at CCBC there is no “normal” for a college student. Each person is unique and amazing in their own way (yea, [...]

Stuff CCBC Students Say

The time has come. Oh, the time has come. I have been compiling these quotes since the second week of class this semester. This is the most beautiful thing ever to grace this meager little blog, a priceless compilation of absolute ridiculousness and oddly relatable statements. These are odd things that I have heard CCBC [...]

Think Like Hermione

If you’re from 16 to 30, then you probably grew up reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies. And if you’re older or younger, then you’ve probably watched or read Harry Potter anyway, just because Harry Potter is just THAT GOOD. Most of us are familiar with the character of Hermione Granger, a [...]

It’s Started

Ohhh, geez. It’s started. And when I say it’s started, I mean the “it” of lack-of-purpose-summerness. Today was my first Tuesday with no classes and no Film Society meetings, so I spend it editing and publishing a ridiculous (and funny) short film that I made with my brothers, then editing and publishing the bloopers for [...]

Finishing up

Whoa, the semester is almost over?! Who would have thought that it would go by so fast! Today, I turned in my final portfolio for my Creative Writing class. Last week I completed my final for my Communications class. Next week I will take my final for my Criminology class. Worked a few Ambassador events [...]

Last Meeting

Tomorrow– well, later today, seeing as it is after midnight!– is my last Film Society meeting for this semester. I’m really quite sad, because Film Society has come to mean a lot to me. I never thought that joining a club would be so great! Before this semester, I really didn’t have many close friends– [...]

Film Fest- Results!

Yesterday the Catonsville Film Society made history, hosting the first ever CCBC Film Festival. It turned out amazing– great crowd, good turnout, enthusiastic judges, delicious food– and we from Film Society had a great time! The three winning films– each earning $100 and a gorgeous trophy– were Fraaz Ahmed’s Mr. Goat, Spencer Cox’s Spin, and [...]

An Ode to Oatmeal Cookies

Oh Sedexo Oatmeal Cookies Flecked with raisins, perfectly soft and sugary sweet You don’t deserve to be the last ones left On those big round cookie platters At events around CCBC Abandoned when your brethren have already been consumed Left to lose your softness Taken by few Your chocolate chip brothers are the first to [...]

English Major Problems

Being too specific when Googling. No, Google does not have any decent results for “gif of punk teenage boy grinning enigmatically,” because most of the internet doesn’t even know what enigmatic means. Re-wording sentences in novels Re-wording sentences in textbooks Re-wording sentences on advertisements Re-wording sentences in poems Re-wording posts on the internet Re-wording EVERYTHING [...]