Goodbye Forever

Hi, blog readers! Summer is almost at its end, and another semester at CCBC shall soon begin. However, unfortunately I’m not going to be blogging through it. Due to other life commitments, I am stepping down as a Student Life Ambassador– and, much to my dismay, this also means that I can no longer continue [...]

Film Fest 2016

WhOoOoOoOoOoOoOaaaaa we did it again. Film Fest 2016, our third-ever, was the most successful CCBC Film Festival of all time. We originally had enough seats for 100 attendees… and RAN OUT and had to frantically add more for the swarms sitting and standing in odd locations! We thought we’d have extra food, and by the [...]

CCBC Day of Service!

As Student Life Ambassadors, we usually meet up and enjoy interesting presentations, group activities, and educational games for our every-other-Friday Ambassador meetings. But the meeting before last, we rode down to Baltimore to participate in the CCBC Day of Service!! As you can see, we got a lot done– and had a lot of fun [...]

Welcome back!!

BAM! GOODBYE, WINTER SEMESTER! (the gif above is an actual representation of me) I am  one of those people who gets far too excited to go back to college. Maybe because, as a former PEP student, I’ve been at CCBC so long that it feels like a second home. Maybe because I can jump back [...]

Enter the MASH Building

THE MASH BUILDING. IT’S A THING. IT’S MORE THAN A THING. IT’S AN ENTITY UNTO ITSELF. About three things I was absolutely positive. First, MASH was a building. Second, there was a part of it-and I didn’t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my attendance to classes. And third, I was unconditionally [...]

WELCOME BACK! Fall 2015!!

My blog was glitchin’ again and I couldn’t sign in to welcome you all back during the first week of classes. That’s okay, though! All is now well. WELCOME BACK TO CCBC First of all, I must tell you that I have changed my mind– love at first sight DOES exist. Okay, or maybe just [...]

Film Fest 2015!

Film Fest 2015 was a success! If you walked into the ARTS lounge at 4:00pm, you would have entered a room adorned with film-related decorations, sparkling golden stars sprinkled over the tables, and a red carpet between chairs set with booklets that revealed what was to come. You would have seen Film Fest committee members [...]

Enter the Film Festival!!

That’s right; it’s that time of year. Time to enter the CCBC Film Festival! Last year’s Film Fest was a big hit, and we hope to make this year’s even more successful! Check out the FILM FEST TRAILER

CCC 60s Reunion

Thank you to Brandon Price for some of these photos! A few weekends ago, CCBC had a reunion for 1960s graduates from back when it was CCC (Catonsville Community College). As a Student Life Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to help out with the event. Former students traveled from as far as California to [...]

The Igloo

Did you know that there is a display in the Art Gallery on the Catonsville campus that is decorated with winter-themed light art pieces? I did, but I didn’t actually go and visit the notorious Igloo until yesterday– and then I was enlightened on why it is such a big deal to everyone — well, [...]