Enter the Film Festival!!

That’s right; it’s that time of year. Time to enter the CCBC Film Festival! Last year’s Film Fest was a big hit, and we hope to make this year’s even more successful! Check out the FILM FEST TRAILER

CCC 60s Reunion

Thank you to Brandon Price for some of these photos! A few weekends ago, CCBC had a reunion for 1960s graduates from back when it was CCC (Catonsville Community College). As a Student Life Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to help out with the event. Former students traveled from as far as California to [...]

The Igloo

Did you know that there is a display in the Art Gallery on the Catonsville campus that is decorated with winter-themed light art pieces? I did, but I didn’t actually go and visit the notorious Igloo until yesterday– and then I was enlightened on why it is such a big deal to everyone — well, [...]

Film Society meeting!

Today was our first official Film Society meeting. The new president did a… decent job– That’s me by the way; HI! The meeting was entertaining and we have gotten things off to a great start. It was nice to see both old and new faces at the meeting and our new room, HTEC 100, has [...]

CCBC Student Banquet!

Yesterday, I got to attend the CCBC Student Banquet on behalf of Film Society and the Student Ambassadors. I got to dress all formal And ride a bus And have a blast with some of these goofballs And these goofballs … And I even won two certificates! Certainly a fun time!

Film Society Pictures!

  The last meeting of Film Society this semester was super fun. Everyone should join us next semester! Same room, same time– HUMN 100 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM See you there!

Film Fest- Results!

Yesterday the Catonsville Film Society made history, hosting the first ever CCBC Film Festival. It turned out amazing– great crowd, good turnout, enthusiastic judges, delicious food– and we from Film Society had a great time! The three winning films– each earning $100 and a gorgeous trophy– were Fraaz Ahmed’s Mr. Goat, Spencer Cox’s Spin, and [...]

CCBC Film Fest! Please come– And watch my film!

Come on, everyone! It’s free and THERE IS FOOD! Come check out my short film, Loss, along with other films made by other student film makers!

Come to the Film Festival!

Free Films. Free FOOD.  Come join us for a screening of short student films made by your fellow peers! A night of awards and enlightenment as we congratulate the artists we have here campus wide. It’s May 2nd in the ARTS Lounge on the Catonsville Campus! Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/223213024543115/ And totally watch this epic [...]

5th Grade Visit to Essex

“I am totally going to college here; this place is awesome!” “This place is so big, and it has a subway! That is so unfair, you guys are so lucky!” “I feel like I’m in college. Hey, I am in college! I’m a Freshman!” These are just some of the cheerful sentences I heard a large [...]