What Where You Hang Out on the Catonsville Campus Says About You

My apologies to people who attend the Essex and Dundalk campuses or any of the extension centers– I am most familiar with the Catonsville campus myself, so this blog post only applies to Catonsville students ’cause I can’t account for the others. Also recognize that this post is just for fun and cannot accurately predict [...]

Last post til Fall Semester

Well, here we go– last post tilĀ fall semester starts up! This past semester felt like both an eternity and an instant at the same time. I hope that whoever has read my blog has found some educationalĀ and/or entertainment value with it. It’s been fun blogging and I can’t wait to blog more in the fall! [...]

It’s Summer… Now What?

For those of you that aren’t taking summer classes yet, you may be wondering what to do now. For real– now what? No essays to write, no finals to study for, no time hanging out with your friends at the library— so, what now? I have compiled a list of things that you can do [...]

Stuff CCBC Students Say

The time has come. Oh, the time has come. I have been compiling these quotes since the second week of class this semester. This is the most beautiful thing ever to grace this meager little blog, a priceless compilation of absolute ridiculousness and oddly relatable statements. These are odd things that I have heard CCBC [...]

Sappy Quotes That Are Important

The title says it all. I’ve decided that I’m going to select some quotes that I find meaning, and post them here. Serious quotes, quotes that make you think. Quotes that should be beneficial to college students who have just started their summer break!    

Shakespeare in a Sentence!

Did you know that CCBC is offering a Shakespeare Honors course this fall? That’s right! I love Shakespeare and took several Shakespeare courses while in high school, so inspired by this new CCBC class I am going to write a bit about some of the Shakespeare plays. Wonder which play to read? Find out by [...]

Prepping For Last Classes Playlist

Warning: Some songs may contain explicit language Your last classes are approaching! Here is a playlist of “Last Classes” songs– with links to find them on YouTube. Hopefully there is something for everyone to maybe listen to while studying for finals or after finishing your final portfolio. Lean From the Middle– Ashok Shake It Out– [...]

CCBC Would-You-Rathers

Would you rather have to eat only Sedexo or only Einstein Bros food forever? Would you rather be locked in the HTEC building or the CLASSROOM building? Would you rather ace every quiz but have to pay for college or do poorly on every quiz but have college for free? Would you rather be stuck [...]

An Ode to Oatmeal Cookies

Oh Sedexo Oatmeal Cookies Flecked with raisins, perfectly soft and sugary sweet You don’t deserve to be the last ones left On those big round cookie platters At events around CCBC Abandoned when your brethren have already been consumed Left to lose your softness Taken by few Your chocolate chip brothers are the first to [...]

Do I Want Summer… Or Not?

Right now, we’re all busy because finals are approaching. Whether our finals are actual tests or finals are final portfolios or our finals are long speeches, we have something big coming and now that the end of the semester is approaching, we are getting exhausted! On top of that, a lot of us are in [...]