How to Get a Jump Start on Spring Semester

It’s time to SPRING into action. This list is sure to put a SPRING in your step. It’s very SPRING– okay I’ll stop.   FIX YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE We know you want to go back to bed. Sadly, screwing up your sleep schedule during semester (or leaving it as screwed up as it already is) [...]

Welcome back!!

BAM! GOODBYE, WINTER SEMESTER! (the gif above is an actual representation of me) I am  one of those people who gets far too excited to go back to college. Maybe because, as a former PEP student, I’ve been at CCBC so long that it feels like a second home. Maybe because I can jump back [...]

Winter Break

Welcome to “Winter” Break in Maryland, where it’s 75 degrees one day and below zero the next! Hopefully you are all excited to enjoy this break. Or perhaps take some winter classes, for those of you who are doing so! If you are on Winter Break, however, I’ll give you a few suggestions on how [...]

Stuff CCBC Students Say: Fall 2015

This is a thing now. An established thing. And the time has come yet again. Here we go again– more Stuff CCBC Students Say! Enjoy this list of the wild, wacky, and perhaps relatable things that I have heard CCBC students say this Fall semester. For more fun, check out   my    past    three   posts of [...]

I Love You

The college girl runs over to her classmate upon seeing her in the library. They hug, and chat a bit about the relief of completing their finals. Finally, they hug again, and the girl cries, “Hope to see you next semester! I love yooooou!” The 18-year-old freshman couple cuddle against each other in the hallway. [...]


Finals… finals… finals… What even is a final? It has such finality to the word. Final. The end. Final: The end; a conclusion Final: A last exam Final: An excuse to get out of anything else for an entire week. “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hang out, I’m soooooo busy with finals” *watches TV that [...]

Midterm Madness (Or like, calmness)

Midterms! They are here! Some of you have taken yours already! Many, even! I am that one person who kind of, kiiiiiiind of, finds midterms to be fun. So even if I am acting all “Aahhh, I have a midterm today!” BEFORE the midterm, during and after said midterm, I will likely be enjoying myself. [...]


Today is Friday, which is almost over, which means that it will be the weekend, and it will be Saturday, which is practically Sunday already, and then it will be Monday which means it’s almost Tuesday but then Tuesday will come and it’ll be the day before Wednesday which is the middle of the week [...]

A Hunger That Must Be Satisfied

Once upon a time, I discovered that sometimes, I would get into a “writing mode” where all I wanted to do was write. As if writing felt right, and was something that just needed to be done. It’s a feeling of something lifting in your chest, pulling your heart and mind in the direction of [...]

Hardworking vs. Clever

There are many kinds of people in the world, but we all know those people who, end the end, achieve what was required and receive top marks, all the awards, and all the “wowwws” from other students. Of these people, there are two primary kinds– the HARDWORKING ones, who have to work to cut their [...]