Just CCBC Things

Some of these were suggested to me, most of them I made up. This is a parody of the Just Girly Things series– can you relate?  

Relatable Stuff for College Students

Can you relate to these posts?      

Late vs Early

You have something due tomorrow and for whatever reason, you have not yet finalized it. Maybe you haven’t even started it! It’s late at night. You probably started to work at around 11:oo PM, but then you ended up getting distracted by Facebook messenger or decided that you had just a liiiiitttle time to do something [...]

Episode One!

Why You Should Watch the New CCBC Miniseries, “the PSA”

Why wouldn’t you watch it? It’s BY CCBC Film Society, SET at CCBC, starring people that you probably know FROM CCBC The episodes are short, so you have no excuses not to watch them They’re also Emmy award winning! Ahh, no, they totally aren’t. But they’re funny; that counts for something It’s about a Pizza Student Association [...]

An Open Letter to Reliable Individuals

Dear Reliable Individuals, You are few and you are difficult to find. You are there, though. You are the ones who make a difference in the world. You are the ones who make the world a better place. You are the ones who can be counted on, and you pride yourself on this– but you [...]

The Stages of Writing an Essay at the Last Minute

I really, really dislike procrastinating essays. However, sometimes it happens– usually due to me underestimating how long something will take– and when it does, it usually goes like this:

What Probably Happens at Club Parties, by Someone Who’s Never Been to One

One time last semester, CCBC actually had this CCBC-approved club party event that students were invited to. When it was mentioned in Film Society if anyone was going, there was this collective lips-pressed-thin-slow-nod-eyes-dart that indicated that mostly everyone was thinking, “mmmmmmm…. naahhh…” simultaneously. It was kind of funny, not being the only one doing this. I’ve [...]

The Dilemma of Online Submissions and “Date Accessed”

Teachers get to know a lot. This, you see, is why they are teachers (probably). However, there are some things that I believe that teachers should NOT know– and by some things, I mean what day you did your homework on. Homework is the responsibility of the student, and as long as they complete their [...]

Awkward College Moments

At CCBC, most people are simply used to awkward things happening, so they probably don’t think that you are as awkward as YOU think you are when these things happen. Still, I think there are certain awkward moments that happen on our college campus that we all have experienced at least once– here is a [...]