It’s Not Too Late!

….Or maybe don’t listen to Calvin’s dad. Guess what it’s not too late for? Huh? Huh? Registering for the BONUS session at ccbc! Enroll now in 7-week BONUS session classes starting October 21.  Go ahead, give it the ol’ college try. For real, though.

Enter the MASH Building

THE MASH BUILDING. IT’S A THING. IT’S MORE THAN A THING. IT’S AN ENTITY UNTO ITSELF. About three things I was absolutely positive. First, MASH was a building. Second, there was a part of it-and I didn’t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my attendance to classes. And third, I was unconditionally [...]

WELCOME BACK! Fall 2015!!

My blog was glitchin’ again and I couldn’t sign in to welcome you all back during the first week of classes. That’s okay, though! All is now well. WELCOME BACK TO CCBC First of all, I must tell you that I have changed my mind– love at first sight DOES exist. Okay, or maybe just [...]

Stuff CCBC Students Say: Spring 2015

You may have already died of laughter reading last semester’s and last year’s awesome compilation of the stuff I happen to hear around CCBC. Well, here we go for round three-  a list of the wild, wacky, and perhaps relatable things that I have heard CCBC students say this spring semester. Special thanks to Ian, Colleen, and Spencer [...]

In Which Spring Semester Ends

If you’re an video editor (which, statistically speaking, you are probably not) you will know that in your editing program, you can move this little needle up and down the timeline, speeding things up or slowing things down as you move forwards or backwards along your in-progress video to get to a different point. An [...]

Film Fest 2015!

Film Fest 2015 was a success! If you walked into the ARTS lounge at 4:00pm, you would have entered a room adorned with film-related decorations, sparkling golden stars sprinkled over the tables, and a red carpet between chairs set with booklets that revealed what was to come. You would have seen Film Fest committee members [...]

Film Fest!!!

So a major aspect of my life right now is FILM FESTIVAL. Last year’s was amazing, so we planned to make this year’s even more awesome. However, due to the curfew down in Baltimore, we had to re-schedule it last minute. Now, Film Fest will be on MAY 14th FROM 4:00pm TO 7:00PM in the [...]

Thoughts That Go Through Our Heads When Spring Break Ends

What the– wait, spring break is ending?! Didn’t it just start?! What day is it?! What work do I have to do? I’m going to actually get stuff done now. I can do this. Work given during break should be illegal. CLUBS ARE STARTING BACK UP! ….CLUBS ARE STARTING BACK UP. did this break even [...]

“Searches Are…” A lesson in human intolerance and lack of effort to understand others…

I have a Bing Bar on my computer, and I went to search something and this came up: I found this to be a shocking/amusing answer, so I decided to have  my own “start a search and see what the results continue as” game. I quickly cleared all by browsing history, and began searching. At [...]

What College Students Probably Do On Snow Days

Sleep In I think everyone does this; it’s refreshing to have a few extra hours of sleep on such days. My condolences to all of the sleep that was lost for those who accidentally woke up early and could not get back to sleep.   Keep Wearing Their Pajamas/Sweatpants Now, personally I would NEVER do [...]