About Me

Me in Spain for the 2013 ITF World Championships


My face

An English major on the Catonsville campus, I started coming to CCBC in 2011 as a homeschooled PEP student. Now an official college student, I spend a lot of time at CCBC taking classes, doing Film Society things, helping out as an Ambassador, having fun at different events, and literally running across the campus!

Me in CCBC Film Society’s “the PSA”

I am also the current president of Film Society Catonsville. In addition to college, I am a black belt Taekwon-Do practitioner, competitor, and instructor. I also take Eskrima stick fighting classes, and I love to write, read, graphic design, act, bake, create and edit movies, and DJ.

And other stuff.

Because of this, I’ve been nicknamed Swiss Army Knife, because I “do everything,” and I am totally okay with this nickname.

Me performing in a Taekwon-Do and Eskrima demo

I lived in Maryland until I was ten years old, and then my family and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. There, I started practicing Taekwon-Do at the excellent Las Vegas Taekwon-Do Club, and it became my passion in life. Las Vegas is also where I first started acting and met my best friend, who I co-founded a magazine for homeschooled girls with. After four years in Las Vegas, we moved to Mt. Charleston, which is a snowy mountain that is about 40 minutes from Vegas.

Me in 2007

In 2010, my family and I moved back to Maryland. There, I continued to practice Taekwon-Do at Kick Connection and started taking Eskrima, which is a weapons-based martial art. As a homeschooled student, I joined the TEA (The Excelsior Academy) and the Baltimore Homeschool Community Center, where I helped out with and attended many events. I even started my own Taekwon-Do program at the BHCC, where I still teach to this day! I also wrote, advertised for, and performed in Shrewed, a modern version of the Taming of the Shrew (I played Kate), and wrote, advertised for, and performed in a modern version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (I played Helena).


Some of my students and I


Now a CCBC college student on the Catonsville campus, I am currently majoring in English and plan on eventually transferring to UMBC. I love CCBC, so until I transfer I am going to enjoy my adventures as a student, club leader, and an Ambassador and blog about it all the way!

When I’m not doing schoolwork, teaching, Film-Society-ing, training in martial arts, or helping out with various events, you might find me reading a thriller or a fantasy adventure, pondering a psychology book, looking up someone I know in the Chinese Zodiac (long story), cooking the world’s best gluten free and sugar free desserts (I will fight you on this!), jogging, going to Rite Aid for random reasons, debating on whether or not it is appropriate to wear my Hannibal Lecter t-shirts in public (it usually is), pinning on Pinterest, or editing videos, posters, t-shirt designs, and articles. For media entertainment, I like the Harry Potter books and films, the Hannibal Lecter books and films, Ender’s Game (BOOK ONLY– DON’T WATCH THE MOVIE MY HEART IS BREAKING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!), Shakespeare plays (The Taming of the Shrew and Hamlet are my favorites) Burn Notice, The Office, American Idol, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Don’t bother trying to ask me about my taste in music– it comes in two categories. 1. Florence + the Machine and 2. Random songs that include cool country songs and also include rock and weird indie-ish songs and whatever the heck Radiohead is categorized as and Foo Fighters and Jump by Van Halen and The Silence of the Lambs soundtrack and random pop songs that aren’t too annoying. But mostly Florence + the Machine. And Ashok, which you’ve probably never heard of.