Top 5 Things NOT To Do While Studying

There are some things that you can certainly do while studying– like listening to music or chewing gum. And then there are things that you really CAN’T do. Yeah, yeah, I know, you shouldn’t study during a tornado, or under water, or flying in space– I’m not talking about those kinds of things. I’m talking about the things that seem like good ideas, but turn out to be NOT so good ideas. Here are some of those things.

1. Listen to Welcome to Night Vale 

You just can’t study when listening to Welcome to Night Vale. Is it Cecil’s hypnotizing caramel voice? Is it the ridiculous and twisted content? Is it the sudden deep quotesor the sudden quotes that might be deep or might be mad?  Or maybe it’s the overall plot? Who knows. Who really knows… anything.

Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast that tells you the going-ons in a very eccentric town called Night Vale. If you do not give it your complete and full attention, you will get lost. And if you DO give it your complete and full attention, you will be sucked away from the real world and drawn into Night Vale. Absolutely NOT good for studying at all. (if you want to listen to it when you’re NOT studying, though, you can find it HERE)

2. Listen to Shakespeare Plays

Shakespeare plays as audio recordings can be immensely entertaining. Shakespeare’s works are absolute classics, and are tragic and funny, romantic and dark, lighthearted and deep. However, they are certainly not for studying. It’s difficult enough to listen to ANY audiobook when studying– but Shakespeare requires extra attention as his works are written in Elizabethan English. Even the more advanced Shakespeare fans should wait until they are done studying to listen to Shakespeare.

3. Jog

Jogging while reading? Next to impossible. Jogging while reading a heavy, expensive textbook? Likely BEYOND impossible. Have you ever tried reading while jogging? If you haven’t the book bounces up and down as you do, and you just can’t focus on the words without becoming dizzy. Jog BEFORE you study. Jog AFTER you study. Just avoid jogging WHILE you study.

4. Watch TV/Movies (Especially shows like Doctor Who and movies like Memento)

I think everyone has tried this at some point. My guess is that most of us have failed– concentrating on studying while watching TV or movies is extremely difficult. You might be able to multitask, but if your attention isn’t fully on one thing or another then you will not fully benefit from either. You’ll likely quickly forget what you were studying if you focused too much on the TV– and you’ll likely lose the plot of the show or movie if you focused too much on the the studies. Imagine reading a Criminology textbook while watching Doctor Who, or reviewing a short story for English while watching Memento. You’re just not going to get much out of trying to watch TV or movies while studying; you just won’t.

5. Hold a Baby


Babies are adorable, but if you have kids or siblings you’ll know that they are the enemies of essays and the eaters of textbooks. Babies don’t want you to study. Babies just don’t care. They want the books for themselves, and they want to crumble the paper that you acidentally left within their adorable grasp. They want to learn, yes, but in a much different way than you do. While you’re thinking about the quiz on Chapter 11, a baby is thinking about how that chapter might taste or what might happen if they pulled on the pages as hard as they could!

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