English Major Problems

  1. Being too specific when Googling. No, Google does not have any decent results for “gif of punk teenage boy grinning enigmatically,” because most of the internet doesn’t even know what enigmatic means.
  2. Re-wording sentences in novels
  3. Re-wording sentences in textbooks
  4. Re-wording sentences on advertisements
  5. Re-wording sentences in poems
  6. Re-wording posts on the internet
  7. Re-wording EVERYTHING
  8. Getting into the habit of wanting to put everything into Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced
  9. Secretly thinking that you’re too good for the writing center whenever you’re required to visit it for a class
  10. Not understanding how others don’t understand the complicated rules of MLA style
  11. Starting to use more advanced diction… in real life
  12. Wanting to write every text message in formal-essay style
  13. Wishing that you could just WRITE something to someone instead of trying to word it in real life
  14. Re-reading old work and thinking that you are SO much better now
  15. When you think faster than you can type
  16. When you type faster than you can think
  17. When you’re both thinking and typing fast– but the computer is slow and isn’t showing what you have written
  18. Debating on what old essays and works that you should delete off your computer
  19. Getting a brilliant idea to write about– in the middle of the night

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