Do I Want Summer… Or Not?

Right now, we’re all busy because finals are approaching. Whether our finals are actual tests or finals are final portfolios or our finals are long speeches, we have something big coming and now that the end of the semester is approaching, we are getting exhausted! On top of that, a lot of us are in different clubs or organizations as well, making things even busier.

At the moment, I can’t wait for summer. I want warm weather and free time that doesn’t cause guilt and opportunities to do whatever I want WHENever I want.

However, that wears off rather quickly. I had to miss last year’s fall semester because I was in Spain, and the overabundence of free time was driving me crazy. A summer of break? Perfectly fine. A summer AND a fall?! Unbearable! I felt as if I didn’t have a purpose in life (aside from teaching Taekwon-Do) because I didn’t have anything that I NEEDED to do! I couldn’t handle it, and by the time the spring semester began I was aching for things to do.

Although right now I really want to experience free time, I have to remind myself what it will actually be like. It will feel great at first, but then it won’t. Then I will have nothing that I need to do and I won’t be sure what I WANT do do anymore. It’s only when you don’t have time that you want to waste it. When you do have time, you can’t ever think of anything to do. Then you end up on the internet and becoming bored with the internet and jogging around and around yet despising the jogging because it’s too hot and walking to Rite Aid 12,234 times and trying to read but not actually reading and trying to write but not actually writing…

When summer comes, I won’t be able to go to CCBC for classes anymore. I won’t attend Film Society meetings. I won’t run into classmates and fellow Ambassadors and Film Society members and faculty on campus. I won’t be buying any frozen hot chocolates from the Einstien bros, or taking the shuttle for any events at Essex and Dundalk. I won’t walk around the buildings on campus for fun, or give any campus tours.

Right now I want summer… but I know that I’ll be waiting for the fall semester soon enough!

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