An Ode to Oatmeal Cookies

Oh Sedexo Oatmeal Cookies

Flecked with raisins, perfectly soft and sugary sweet

You don’t deserve to be the last ones left

On those big round cookie platters

At events around CCBC

Abandoned when your brethren have already been consumed

Left to lose your softness

Taken by few

Your chocolate chip brothers are the first to go

Everyone loves them best

Then your white chocolate chip sisters

I can’t deny that those are delicious

You have twin siblings, peanut butter and sugar cookie

That look identical

So those go next to last because no one can tell whether they’re going to be biting

Into sweet sugar with lack of vanilla or nutty peanut butter that gets stale within minutes

Even those, though, those confusing twins

Last longer than you do

What do people have against Sedexo Oatmeal Cookies?

Sweet perfection, the softest cookie to ever grace a cheap folding table

With raisins of ideal size and shape

The overwhealming flavor causes not a rollar coaster for the tongue

But the delicate memory of a cool autumn day

Or a trip to the grocery store as a kid

You don’t deserve to be abandoned, dear cookie!

You were made just as lovingly as the others!

Well,  probably not. You were probably made with cheap ingredients and preservatives, created quickly by a big silver machine

But still!

Oatmeal cookies, you are by far the best

So what if you have raisins instead of chocolate?

Your flavor is beyond compare

If people look at you hesitantly, wondering if you are chocolate chip or not, then leaving you just in case–

That is their fault for not being observant

And not being brave

Sedexo Oatmeal Cookies

Are simply too good

For cookie-avoiding wimps

Sedexo Oatmeal Cookies

Are cookies done right


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