College-Themed Reaction Gifs You’ll Relate To

When you’ve stayed up too late doing schoolwork:


When the teacher repeats something important that you already know:


When someone else is REALLY wrong and you  know it:


When you see someone you know walk by: 


When you see someone you know that you don’t want to talk to:


When you realize there’s an assignment that you didn’t know about:


When you get ignored when you are trying to give your (superior) opinion:


When you get a perfect score on a test:


When someone else who you know didn’t study hard gets a good grade:


When someone shares food with you:


When someone invites you to an event that you don’t want to go to:


When no one invites you do an event that you DO want to go to:


When you realize you have work due tomorrow:


When you get hit on unexpectedly:


When you have to edit and re-edit and re-edit your essay:


When something gets postponed and you wanted it to be:


When something gets postponed and you DIDN’T want it to be:


When you get annoyed with humans:


When you are proud to be a human: 


When you find someplace that you didn’t know existed on your campus:


When you get lost in that one building that you always get lost in:

College can be frusterating….


But it can also be amazing!



3 Responses

  1. GLEN Says:


  2. Hope Says:

    I like the “when you get annoyed with humans” look!

  3. Patricia DeArmas Says:

    I feel like that quite often :D

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