An Ode to Oatmeal Cookies

Oh Sedexo Oatmeal Cookies Flecked with raisins, perfectly soft and sugary sweet You don’t deserve to be the last ones left On those big round cookie platters At events around CCBC Abandoned when your brethren have already been consumed Left to lose your softness Taken by few Your chocolate chip brothers are the first to [...]

English Major Problems

Being too specific when Googling. No, Google does not have any decent results for “gif of punk teenage boy grinning enigmatically,” because most of the internet doesn’t even know what enigmatic means. Re-wording sentences in novels Re-wording sentences in textbooks Re-wording sentences on advertisements Re-wording sentences in poems Re-wording posts on the internet Re-wording EVERYTHING [...]

Top 5 Things NOT To Do While Studying

There are some things that you can certainly do while studying– like listening to music or chewing gum. And then there are things that you really CAN’T do. Yeah, yeah, I know, you shouldn’t study during a tornado, or under water, or flying in space– I’m not talking about those kinds of things. I’m talking about [...]

Do I Want Summer… Or Not?

Right now, we’re all busy because finals are approaching. Whether our finals are actual tests or finals are final portfolios or our finals are long speeches, we have something big coming and now that the end of the semester is approaching, we are getting exhausted! On top of that, a lot of us are in [...]

CCBC Film Fest! Please come– And watch my film!

Come on, everyone! It’s free and THERE IS FOOD! Come check out my short film, Loss, along with other films made by other student film makers!

College-Themed Reaction Gifs You’ll Relate To

When you’ve stayed up too late doing schoolwork:   When the teacher repeats something important that you already know:   When someone else is REALLY wrong and you  know it:   When you see someone you know walk by:    When you see someone you know that you don’t want to talk to:   When [...]

Holy cow, gifs work on this blog?!

Well, in THAT case, be on the look out for all kinds of fun stuff coming soon!

Come to the Film Festival!

Free Films. Free FOOD.  Come join us for a screening of short student films made by your fellow peers! A night of awards and enlightenment as we congratulate the artists we have here campus wide. It’s May 2nd in the ARTS Lounge on the Catonsville Campus! Find us on Facebook: And totally watch this epic [...]

Welcome back

Hi, everyone! Welcome back– Spring break is over and it’s time to study again. What did you during spring break? My friend from Las Vegas visited along with her brother and mom, and we had a blast. I made a short film to enter in the Film Fest (Enter! It’s coming up fast!)  I played [...]

Blog “Closed” For Spring Break

I hope you are as excited about break as this little guy is