Thoughts That Go Through Our Heads When Spring Break Ends

What the– wait, spring break is ending?!

Didn’t it just start?! What day is it?! What work do I have to do?

I’m going to actually get stuff done now. I can do this.

Work given during break should be illegal.



did this break even count I mean I had stuff on Friday and I was busy on Saturday and I had a thing on Sunday and…

Assessing what I got done… I think this break was acceptable.

 It was a good break. It was just… too short.






In Which There Is A Poem

I have not shared a poem in a while. That is because, in fact, I have not actually written any poetry.

Now, I have decided to do so. Here is a random poem by a college student; I was simply playing with some words.


I want to sit

In a room with you

Warm, tranquil

And there we would remain

And hours would go by

And they would feel like instants

Instants that repeat on and on

And I wouldn’t get bored

Because I’d be there with


And I hope that you wouldn’t get bored


I wish to rule the world with you

For we both know that we could.


Achieve whatever we wanted to,

Because we are us

And you’re clever on your own

And I’m clever on my own

But together the world is ours

For isn’t it always “we” with us?

We would do

Good things

And no one would know but the ones we allowed

In an eternal state of feeling like

that last catchy riff in a deep song.

Fade to black.

I yearn to slide my fingers down your arms

Until our hands do clasp

And you would feel comfortable

And I’d meet your gaze

And the touch would crackle in my eyes

Until I closed them and held the moment

Swell to gold.

What if we just

Ran away

Ran to the summer of my childhood

The waking in the morning back when waking was a rush of hope

And there would be enough of this planning

And meeting the deadlines

And worrying

Eggshell fine


Tears in the throat under the whispers

Tales that were true and buried under redemption

We’d sit in a slanted tree

Warm, tranquil

And rule our own world

There in the forest

And I’d still believe in faeries

And I’d feel the tangible magic

Enveloping our souls; the rushing in the heart

And the hope for adventure

That we’d have time for

And lack of rules that were not of our own

For what’s the point

Of growing up

And doing things

And growing old

And missing life

Run away with me

To a time of barefoot on soft grass and fireflies in a jar, soon freed

You and I


And I wouldn’t get bored

Because I’d be there with


And I hope that you wouldn’t get bored


Swell to red

Cut to gold.


New website coming on April 20th

Whoa, CCBC is getting a new website?! That’s right; it totally is!

Are you excited?!


Hi everyone! If you noticed, I didn’t post at all earlier in March! Due to some technical difficulties, I couldn’t log into my blog. Luckily everything is fixed, so I’m back. How are your midterms going?

I’m Going to Italy for Worlds! If I can afford it…

As you probably know, I am a Taekwon-Do practitioner.

I don’t usually ask for such things, and this isn’t CCBC or college-related exactly, but I’m fundraising for my trip to Italy for the 2015 ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships. I will be competing in sparring (fighting) and patterns competitions to represent Team USA, and if I win I will be the first person from Maryland ever to do so!

Visit to donate– every dollar counts.

I know we’re all broke college students (or professors!) but if you’d consider donating just a few dollars it would really mean a lot to me and will help me to achieve my dreams while having the experience of a lifetime!

If you can’t donate, please consider sharing this on your Facebook pages.

If you donated $5, it would be the same as buying a frozen hot chocolate and a bagel :D



“Searches Are…” A lesson in human intolerance and lack of effort to understand others…

I have a Bing Bar on my computer, and I went to search something and this came up:

I found this to be a shocking/amusing answer, so I decided to have  my own “start a search and see what the results continue as” game. I quickly cleared all by browsing history, and began searching.

At first it was kind of funny, and rather interesting:

Then, I had an idea. I began to wonder what most people searched about more people, and about more serious topics.

Okay, this is kind of funny…

At least the internet doesn’t hate children.


Well, we expect celebrities to get hate…

At least Taylor Swift cares not about what people think of her.

Not bad…

Okay, could be worse…

Alright, this is getting kind of…


It didn’t have anything to say about asexual people, though.

Or bisexual people, or pansexual people, or many other sexualities. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Then, it really started to get very intolerant. I understand that these results are partially due to how I phrased the question/statement in the search, but the fact that such result options are even around is the fault of no one but the many searchers on the internet.


You’d think perhaps it would be something like “white people are from what countries” or something. Nope.

Then I decided to search for religious-themed options. I expected some to be more judgmental than others, but the way that it turned out was worse than expected:


This is despicable, and almost makes me want to throw up.

At least we can agree that dentists are liars, but that is beside the point.

Bing Search is a search engine that reveals human intolerance and a lack of effort to understand others, that is what Bing search is.

Or perhaps just closed-minded.

And not willing to look for the right answers to the right questions.

Well now.

If you think people are awesome and crazy, dear internet searchers, then why are you so judgmental?

Stop judging people, and instead be willing to understand them.

Let us be the generation that is willing to learn about people instead of being intolerant of others due to things like judgments about race and religion. We are in college to learn for ourselves, so why not also be willing to learn about others?

Know people before you label people.

Also, make the right searches! If you are searching “jews are disgusting” you are obviously already making a biased search and will therefore be presented with results that simply support this bias. Why not just search “jewish beliefs” or “judaism” instead? Better yet, why don’t you go to the library and read a book by a reliable source, and THEN make your decision?

It makes me sad to see that this is what people decide to search on Bing when asking questions. There are so many better questions to ask about people than the ones that show up as top results.

At CCBC, something I really enjoy is seeing all the friendships and relationships that exist between people of different ages, genders, sexualities, races, religions, and beliefs. In fact, it isn’t even something that I consciously think about very much– because such friendships are often the norm. Sure, the environment at CCBC is not perfectly tolerant, but nowhere is. Perhaps this is indicative of a good step forward in the world.

I don’t believe the world will ever be perfectly tolerant– that would be impossible.

However, let’s all just make an effort to understand others and perhaps the future will be a brighter place.

…and a place where internet searches are full of more curiosity than full of  judgement.




What College Students Probably Do On Snow Days

Sleep In

I think everyone does this; it’s refreshing to have a few extra hours of sleep on such days. My condolences to all of the sleep that was lost for those who accidentally woke up early and could not get back to sleep.


Keep Wearing Their Pajamas/Sweatpants

Now, personally I would NEVER do this. Wearing pajamas or sweatpants when you aren’t 1) sleeping or 2) very, very sick feels incredibly gross to me. That being said, I know lots of other people enjoy this for some inexpiable reason, so, good for them.


Do Silly Things In The Snow

And probably not wearing proper snow-gear, either. Tsk, tsk. Then they quickly get cold and promptly return to the warmth of their homes.


Want Hot Chocolate… But Have None

Nobody ever actually has ingredients for hot chocolate when it snows, do they? Well, I sure don’t. Boooooo.


The Internet

Facebook. Tumblr. Pinterest. Maybe some student blogging, if you’re me? Have fun reading about other people who are stuck inside because of the snow, and chatting with other web users who are doing the exact same thing as you.


Watch Stuff

I don’t actually watch much TV myself and sadly I don’t have Netflix (if I did, I could re-watch Sherlock again! Yay!) but I know a lot of people use snow days to catch up on the shows that they’ve gotten behind on. Or start new shows– you should all go and watch Sherlock


Do Homework

Because some of us had quizzes that were today, and they were postponed! More time to study for them! Maybe some people are also getting other things done that needed to get done… like editing movies…


Be Bored

I feel like I’m in The Shining if I stay inside too long during snow days. The glamour of not having to do anything wears off fairly quickly, in my opinion.


Go Do Things

This is probably, prooooobably a bad idea. However, staying inside gets tedious, so looks like it’s time to go on an adventure after a day of nothing.


What do YOU do on snow days? How accurate was I? 

In Which It Snowed A Heck-Ton

Chapter One: In which I wake up at 8:00 AM and check to see if CCBC is closed

Chapter Two: It is. I knew it.

Chapter Three: In which I do not go immediately back to sleep because I decide to check Facebook

Chapter Four: And I have to cancel Film Society meeting for the day

Chapter Five: In which I get extra sleep

Chapter Six: In which my brothers are outside shoveling snow, my sister is trying to build things out of powdery snow, and my baby sister is inside playing with a box that is full of snow… while wearing snowpants and no shoes

Chapter Seven: In which I plan to go on an adventure today anyway

Chapter Eight: In which the snowplow guy becomes frustrated

Chapter Nine: In which the snowplow guy is still frustrated because he simply cannot get this one bit of slush around the corner

Chapter Ten: He still can’t get it, after four tries…

Chapter Eleven: In which the snowplow guy finally does it!

Chapter Twelve: In which I decide to create a CCBC blog post

Epilogue: This entire story was a bit boring, but nice… just like snow days



Things To Love About CCBC

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we certainly aren’t going to be talking about mushy stuff. If you want mushy stuff that I have written, go read the end of this post. Instead, we are going to be talking about what we love about CCBC, because sometime it is easy to forget what you appreciate about places that you are always at. 
In no particular order…
  1. Good teachers
  2. The clubs
  3. The fact that the Catonsville campus goes in a circle
  4. Study rooms
  5. …not studying in study rooms
  6. Free food at events
  7. …that isn’t cake with shortening-flavored icing
  8. People who don’t wear Uggs
  9. …people who DO wear Uggs, cause we don’t judge
  10. All the awesome people who work in the Admissions office
  11. also everyone who works in Student Life
  12. Awesome people everywhere, really
  13. “Hidden” areas where you can print for free
  14. When Blackboard actually works
  15. …when it doesn’t, and your assignments get pushed to a later date
  16. Einstein Bros at Catonsville
  17. Frozen hot chocolate
  18. The lovely people who hate it when you order anything frozen
  19. The cafeteria being open later. I guess.
  20. …because cheap pudding
  21. Fliers that are well-designed
  22. …and ones that aren’t
  23. The feeling of being on campus really early in the morning and you’re being productive
  24.  That milkshake machine on the Dundalk campus
  25. …the cafeteria at Dundalk in general; what’s with that?!
  26. The stupid pop music from last year that they play in the Barn during events
  27. Dr.  Kurtinitis speaking
  28. The entertaining people that are at SGA meetings
  29. …and when they have pineapple at SGA meetings
  30. Running into people that you know who you want to talk to
  31. Avoiding people who you know who you don’t want to talk to
  32. PEP students
  33. People who’ve been at CCBC for like, an eternity
  34. Ambassadors
  35. Mentors
  36. …with gorgeous, ridiculously bright shirts
  37. The Awards Banquet
  38. The Honors’ Center
  39. …and how the Honors’ Center smells, because for some reason it smells good
  40. When it’s spring and the grass starts growing in ridiculously green
  41. Shortcuts around campus
  42. Chilling backstage in the ARTS building
  43. The ARTS exhibits they have on campus
  44. The locker rooms. With the giant air-drying machines.
  45. The gym. Especially when it’s completely empty
  46. That one super friendly, awesome woman who works in the cafeteria on the Catonsville campus whose name I have forgotten even though I have known her for years now
  47. Events with dress codes
  48. Events without dress codes for those of you who are into that thing; you style-less goofballs ;)
  49. Outdoor events held on nice days
  50. When class gets out early
  51. When you can talk to your teacher after class
  52. When you don’t have to get textbooks for a class
  53. When you DO have to get textbooks, but they have them in the library
  54. When the bus isn’t late
  55. …or isn’t irritatingly early
  56. People who don’t mind walking everywhere around campus
  57. People who walk at the same pace as you
  58. Classrooms with windows
  59. How lovely it looks when it is snowing on campus
  60. …even when it’s freezing
  61. When it’s freezing, and you get to enter a warm building
  62. Fresh-feeling spring days that smell like grass
  63. Crisp fall days that smell like leaves
  64. The first and last days of semester
  65. Computer labs
  66. The CADD labs, with the professors from CADD
  67. Perfect grades
  68. People who actually have cars
  69. People who think like you do
  70. People who are early for things
  71. The staplers in the Student Life office
  72. Empty classrooms
  73. The windows in the library
  74. The campus shuttle
  75. Student blogs. Haha!
  76. Benches and ledges to step on
  77. Tables to lie on and sit on, like mature adults
  78. The ARTS stage
  79. The [moving?] staircases in HTEC
  80. Giving tours to people who are on time
  81. Couples who aren’t annoying
  82. The Mansion at Catonsville
  83. The bathrooms in the library
  84. That one bathroom in HTEC where there’s one sink with a real sink handle
  85. Gaps between classes– that are longer than five minutes
  86. That one super-cold water fountain in between SSRV and HTEC
  87. Inside jokes within clubs
  88. Reading books for fun in the library
  89. The power of the Student ID
  90. …and people’s adorably atrocious ID photos
  91. Vending machines that don’t steal people’s money
  92. …except for the one in the ARTS building. Don’t even bother with that one.
  93. Workshops for writing and such
  94. “Are you on campus?”
  95. “yes, where are you at?”
  96. When people let you borrow their pens when you lose yours
  97. Or not losing any pens in the first place
  98. The decent-sized desks that do, in fact, exist
  99. When the projectors actually work
  100. The clock tower sculpture thing at Catonsville
  101. The dragon sculpture thing that’s also at Catonsville
  102. The fountain that is ALSO at Catonsville
  103. …and the big windows overlooking the fountain in the Barn Lounge
  104. Fun memories that you don’t know will be fun memories until it’s too late

What are some things that YOU love about CCBC? Comment on this post and they will be added to the list! 

Enter the Film Festival!!

That’s right; it’s that time of year. Time to enter the CCBC Film Festival! Last year’s Film Fest was a big hit, and we hope to make this year’s even more successful!