Have you STILL not seen “The PSA” show yet?

A lot has happened since episode one!

You can watch the show HERE

We swear you’ll fall in love! Probably.

Did you know that there are only two episodes until the finale?!

There are five episodes released so far, though!

It’s about a struggling Pizza Student Association at CCBC.

We totally aren’t starting a PSA in real life, though.

What are you waiting for?! Go watch the PSA!


How is it November?!

Wowza, it’s November. I certainly don’t want it to be November. It is clearly supposed to be SEPTEMBER, and now it’s November already. This means that the semester is almost over, that soon enough it is going to be winter break and then it will suddenly be Spring semester again and EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

I feel like it was August just the other day. I don’t have to close my eyes to visualize CCBC in August; I was so excited to be back…

And yet here I am, writing this from an almost completely vacant CCBC library lounge on a Friday night, 5 episodes into Film Society’s PSA series with one to be edited and two to have their scripts finalized, one final paper to complete plus all of the other usual school stuff, and only 29 days left until the ITF National Championships that I am competing in again this year. Despite the fact that I am only taking two classes, I have less free time this semester than ever before. I have to be careful to get enough sleep, and balance time between work and writing and planning and editing… I need to make more time for Nationals training as well.

How is it November already? It feels like summer only just ended at the same time as I am already thinking about what Christmas gifts to get my family– but Christmas means that this semester will have ended. It’s supposed to be September. Actually, strike that; it’s supposed to be May. Couldn’t it have stayed May forever? I liked last semester a lot. This semester isn’t bad, but it is fundamentally different– it just has a different feel to it– and oh, how fast time has flown by. Another thing is that this semester has  been almost dream-like: real-life blending, merging with CCBC life to the point that now there isn’t even a difference between the two, they are one and the same.

This semester is going to end, and everything is going to change again. People will leave– that is one of the ways that things will change– a sad thing about community college is that people leave and then you don’t see them around anymore, you don’t spend time with them anymore…

One day, I am going to be one of those people, though. I’ll transfer to UMBC, most likely, and I will leave behind all the new members of Film Society that will be around by then and I will move on to some non-CCBC chapter of my educational life. I want to transfer, of course, but at the same time I’d rather everything just go back to the way it was last semester and then just stay like that for eternity.

For now, though, I think it’s best that I just focus on where I am right now. I’m sure next semester I will look back and miss THIS semester just as much as I currently miss spring semester.

Now excuse me while I go edit a thing.


Just CCBC Things

Some of these were suggested to me, most of them I made up. This is a parody of the Just Girly Things series– can you relate?


CCC 60s Reunion

Thank you to Brandon Price for some of these photos!

A few weekends ago, CCBC had a reunion for 1960s graduates from back when it was CCC (Catonsville Community College). As a Student Life Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to help out with the event. Former students traveled from as far as California to visit their old college, and the campus really meant a lot to them.

What a great experience! It was great to learn about how CCC used to be, and to hear the former students talk about their college days. I got to help give them tours, and they were mostly impressed with today’s campus. “If they’d had the library when I was here,” one lady said, “I would’ve spent all my time there!” They also loved the gym, and the fact that it was dedicated to Jack Manley, whom they all knew.


It was heartbreaking to see their reactions to seeing the Mansion, though. I almost felt like crying myself, and I have certainly not had the same experiences as they did. I was nostalgic for something that I did not live through. The Mansion really used to be the entire campus back in the 60s, in addition to a different barn and some tents at times. The students spent their days there and were very close to each other. Although the state of the mansion’s exterior saddened them, they were more saddened by the fact that there are no classes taking place inside the mansion any longer. What were once classrooms are now offices and such. Thankfully, there are plans to renovate and change the purpose of the Mansion over the next few years, so hopefully for a future reunion they will be very pleased!

An old photo of the Mansion in all its glory

The interior of the Mansion was incredibly cool– I have been into the Mansion before, but not on all of the floors and not thoroughly explored it. Although they will eventually be expanded, I loved the narrow hallways and staircases hidden in corners. I almost wish that I had gone to CCBC back when it was CCC in the 60s– it seemed like an amazing experience.


Inside the amazing Mansion hallways

Is this from the Mansion or is it from Hogwarts?

This event made me wonder– will one day I return to CCBC for a 2010s reunion? Will I run into people that I haven’t seen in years and walk around campus while recalling old memories? This is both a meloncholy thought and a pleasant one. It’s already difficult enough to look back at LAST SEMESTER– imagine what it will be like years from now…






Relatable Stuff for College Students

Can you relate to these posts?




Late vs Early

You have something due tomorrow and for whatever reason, you have not yet finalized it. Maybe you haven’t even started it!

It’s late at night. You probably started to work at around 11:oo PM, but then you ended up getting distracted by Facebook messenger or decided that you had just a liiiiitttle time to do something for a club… or look on Pinterest or Tumblr or check your email… and then it was past midnight and you decided that you had could probably finish your homework in less than an hour so you wait just a little bit longer… and all of the sudden, it’s after 1:00 AM and you NEED to do your homework at this point!

What do you do? Do you… stay up later to finish it, or do you wake up early the next morning to finish it?

Pros of staying up late: 

- You get to sleep in later the next morning

- You can go to sleep knowing that you have nothing to worry about the next morning

- You could stay up as late as you want, so long as you finish it– no time limits

Cons of staying up late: 

- You will likely be really tired and not at your best, possibly lessening your ability to function and therefore your ability to do a good job on the homework

- You will likely feel less rested when you wake up

- You may decide that, since you are staying up late anyway, you have more “time” to procrastinate your schoolwork and therefor lessen the amount of sleep that you will get

Pros of waking up early:

- You get to go to sleep when you feel tired the previous night, and likely feel more rested

- You give yourself a time period within which you must complete your homework

- Sometimes your mind can be clearer in the morning than it can be at night

Cons of waking up early:

- The actual act of waking up early

- You will probably need at least 40 minutes to feel fully awake, if you woke up slowly and tiredly

- You might not be able to finish your schoolwork within the time period you have to complete it in the morning

- Your alarm might go off late, causing you to lose time for doing the assignment

- Something could go wrong, and now you have to rush to complete your homework


Personally, I like finishing all my homework early so that I don’t have to choose between either of these options. Procrastination is easy to glorify when everyone talks and jokes about it, so it’s best to remind oneself that just because so many people talk about procrastinating things does NOT mean that it is okay to procrastinate. Sadly, sometimes life gets in the way of other aspects of, well, life, and staying up late is something that simply HAPPENS.

What do YOU decide to do– stay up even later, or wake up early and complete your homework?


Episode One!

Why You Should Watch the New CCBC Miniseries, “the PSA”

Why wouldn’t you watch it?

It’s BY CCBC Film Society, SET at CCBC, starring people that you probably know FROM CCBC

The episodes are short, so you have no excuses not to watch them

They’re also Emmy award winning!

Ahh, no, they totally aren’t. But they’re funny; that counts for something

It’s about a Pizza Student Association that is being shut down, and the characters only have a short period of time to save the club

But how are they going to save a club made up of only a few members who are either indifferent to the PSA or are argumentative pretentious pizza people?

Check out “The PSA” a short film miniseries coming soon to the CCBC Film Society YouTube page!!



An Open Letter to Reliable Individuals

Dear Reliable Individuals,

You are few and you are difficult to find.

You are there, though. You are the ones who make a difference in the world. You are the ones who make the world a better place.

You are the ones who can be counted on, and you pride yourself on this– but you also can’t imagine NOT being reliable. It’s just how you are.

You are dependable and you wish that others were the same, but when they are not you still continue on.

You are the ones who get what needs to be done DONE when it needs to be done.

You are the ones who work hard at something even if you don’t get anything out of it except inward satisfaction (and sometimes not even that).

You are the ones who take on the extra tasks, the hard work, and sometimes make others look good because of it. You are the ones who submit what needs to be submitted, who arrive when you need to arrive, who organize what needs to be organized. You are the ones who put in effort when others dissapear.

You are not always thanked for this. When you are, the gratitude is often selfish and not genuine.

You are taken for granted by those who are unreliable. You make your own lives more difficult and others’ lives easier. No wonder you are difficult to come across.

Maybe you envy those who are unreliable, because they are able to coast through life in a way that you know you would never allow yourselves to.

It doesn’t matter to you though, because you are reliable people. You push aside lazy thoughts and keep doing what needs to be done.

Dear reliable individuals, thank you, thank you for being reliable.

Sometimes multiple reliable people meet each other, and in these rare instances an explosion of greatness echoes throughout the essence of the universe– okay, probably not– but great things happen.

Dear reliable individuals, this letter does not really mean much. It certainly is not a big enough thank you for all the things that you have done throughout your lives. Maybe you do not feel that you even deserve a thank you because being reliable is simply something that SHOULD BE and not anything extraordinary.

But you do deserve a thank you. A thank you for even existing.

The biggest of thank yous to all the reliable individuals who make the world go round on the of smallest levels, down to the minute details.

You are blessings to the universe. You are assets to the world. You are great for being you.

Keep up the good work, reliable individuals. Keep up the good work.


The Stages of Writing an Essay at the Last Minute

I really, really dislike procrastinating essays. However, sometimes it happens– usually due to me underestimating how long something will take– and when it does, it usually goes like this: