College Fair

Wassup guys! How are you guys doing? CCBC had its college fair yesterday & Eke was there to help! :) A lot of representatives came to present their college and answer any questions students had. Pls If you are transferring this semester, make sure you ask your college anything you’re not sure of..don’t assume. Anything from transfer of credits to housing to internships to scholarships to…name it. Back to the college fair, as usual, I have photos! ;)



As a student ambassador, I was scheduled to help at the President’s Distinguished African-American Lecture on the 20th of February. The icon that was coming to deliver a speech was Bryon Pitts. Now to me that name sounded very “celeb-like” but I couldn’t picture at the top of my head who this guy was confused. Normally I do a little research about a speaker before attending the event but that skipped my mind.

In my ambassador “attire”, I met the other ambassadors and we were given roles to play. I was to welcome people attending the event and make sure they didn’t bring food into the hall. Amongst these people were students, faculty and prestigious personalities of the college including President Kurtinitis.

At a point when the event was about to kick off, a group of men (looking somewhat sophisticated) walked in. I was about to greet them just like I had been doing but before I could, one of them greeted me by shaking my hands & saying “How are you sir” and I replied that I was fine but he had walked on before I could reciprocate the question. It was dark so I couldn’t really get a glimpse of his face. In my mind I was like “err..thanks for the courtesy but that was my job! neutral) It was just weird because out of all the people that came in, I did my welcoming job but this man was the only one that greeted me even before I did..well and President Kurtinitis (she’s awesome!). As an introvert, I love courteous and extroverted people! I’m sure you’re wondering where I am going with this…that man was Byron Pitts! biggrin. In case just like me, the name only rings a bell…

If he still doesn’t look familiar to you, Its a shame! Somebody needs to whip your behind! Means you don’t even watch the news at allllll. Anyways…Byron Pitts offered me a handshake without me realizing it was him. It was when he came up to the podium that I had the ohhhhh moment. Firstly because that was the guy that did my job for me confused. Secondly because that was Byron Pitts. I could now recognize him from TV. I mean I watch the news all the time..well most times..actually  sometimes..uggh nevermind! I mean I know Anderson Cooper..Piers Morgan and the likes. But at least I knew Pitts’ face lol. He began to talk and my head began to nod…my hands began to feel as though they should take notes…my mind began to appreciate the value of his words…and my teeth began to show often because apart from the fact that he was inspirational, he was also hilarious biggrin!

He started by giving us a little breakdown of his background. He was from a religious family and he was diagnosed with a learning disorder and used to stutter at the age of 12. Amidst several storms and discouragements, he rose up to be the famous Byron Pitts we know him by today. He talked about Stepping out on nothing…pressing on even when the odds are against you. He actually has a book on that & luckily a faulty member has offered to give me a copy :)

Surprisingly his speech wasn’t vocally censored if you know what I mean..i thought it made it more real..& hilarious. One time he said his mother told him “If you don’t go to school imma spank your lil behind!” biggrin I felt he gave a great speech and I wanted to share that with you guys. I am excited to have met such an outstanding man. Comment below..which famous person have you met ?(not that you saw them from afar MET them) Remember…When you step out on nothing by faith, you can move mountains- Bryon Pitts

The Sociology of Conspiracy Theories

This was a Johnny Bravo episode shown before the 9-11 attack

According to ever famous Wikipedia, A conspiracy theory is an explanatory proposition that accuses three or more persons, a group, or an organization of having caused or covered up, through secret planning and deliberate action, an illegal or harmful event or situation. But in case you are not a fan of big grammar…conspiracy theories in a lay man’s terms are basically those rumors you hear that contradict the obvious.

One huge conspiracy theory that has lasted for quite a long time is the 9-11 conspiracy. My condolences to everyone who lost someone in the attack. Some theorists reject the notion that a terrorist group was behind the attacks. Instead, they believe that both the devastation of that day and the explanation that followed was part of a grand conspiracy– an American conspiracy. They believe the American government is too strong for a minor random group. Its their believe it was an inside job and that top American government officials planned the attack. Some say to reduce the population, some say to benefit from the variation it caused in the stock market..people say all kinds of things..what do you think?

I usually avoid going deep into conspiracies because you hardly ever get to the bottom of it. It is like a bottomless pit. However, one theory I strongly believe in, is the illegal use of chemtrails by the government. The conspiracy is about the government spraying contrails from the sky through jets because they it has a likelihood of covering up the opening ozone layer. However, these chemical agents contain substances that are harmful to human and plant health & have therefore not been approved by health bodies. THE GOVERNMENT IS SPRAYING CHEMICALS OVER YOU WITHOUT YOU KNOWING IT! (allegedly).


Ever wondered what these were?

Sociologically, it is a philosophy that people tend to find means to explain what they cannot ordinarily explain..literally. For instance, the 911 conspiracy theorist believe the American government is too powerful to be attacked that easily (which is questionable because every institution of life has its breaking point). Some people come up with these thing for fun while others do on the basis of “If I see smoke, then there is fire somewhere)

Okay guys listen to this interesting one. I read an article that said the real Michael Jackson died about 20 years ago, that it was his clone that died couple years ago. JUST LOOK AT THAT! *shaking my head till it falls off*. There are a lot of other conspiracy theories out there. There is even one that stipulates that America’s first landing on the moon was a hoax and that it was staged. The UFO, the JFK assassination, the Illuminati, are all conspiracy theories. To some, even Jesus Christ’s existence is a conspiracy. Are all false these conspiracy theories false? NO! But they are not all true either. I wish I could go a little bit into some of the interesting ones (If you guys request for that, I might ;) )

Comment and tell me what you think about the above conspiracies theories and let me know which ones you’ve heard. I leave you with this thought…The fact that we find it hard to decipher which conspiracy theory is false and which is true, is the conspiracy theory of nature – Eke


Earlier this week I stumbled on a theory that really opened my eyes to some facts about life. This theory is called Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. the theory basically states that space and time are relative concepts rather than absolute concepts. This theory is the reason the earth is revolving around its axis right now and you are not turning around with it. This law of relativity can be applied to our everyday lives and not just the galaxies. It is the reason why you don’t feel like you are moving when in a moving car. You can drink a cup of coffee or flip a coin as if you were still, even though you  are in a moving car (provided the car is going on constant motion in the same direction). To a person observing you from outside a car that is moving at 30mph, you are moving at 30mph even though to another observer inside the car, you are not moving. Therefore you are moving 30mph relative to the outside observer but moving at 0mph relative to the inside observer.


I did some thinking and meditation and I realized every fact…and I mean every thing we consider are facts, are relative to something. In other words every fact is based on an ironic! That is a topic for another day but back to relativity…All the decisions we make are relative to our backgrounds, friends, our generation, things we hear, see, feel and so on. You reading this..yes YOU! Your ability to read this is relative to the language I am typing it in.Because you probably wouldn’t not be able to read this if I wrote it in the Jaka language (Just made up the word Jaka by the way, thats another concept that obeys the law of relativity )

Generally, various elements of life are relative. Sin is relative. What you consider a sin might not be considered a sin to someone else. Education is relative. To some people, being able to read and write is education; while to some education is getting a degree.

Right now the time is 1:45pm. But that is relative to my location. In China that would be a lie wouldn’t it? More-so, you only think eating a human is wrong because you grew up in a society that didn’t eat humans..but what if you grew up back then when in a society that ate humans? Would you still consider it bad? Wouldn’t that become a norm and not a crime?

That tells me that our morals are shaped by our society. Therefore before you judge someone for doing something you consider bad, you have to take into consideration their perspective. Most things in life are not as black and white as we try to paint them..grey is a better description.

Sorry if I challenged your thoughts, it is good for the mind. Thumbs up to Albert Einstein for elaborating on this theory of relativity. I couldn’t go as deep as I would love to but I’m hoping you got my point. Comment below on your thoughts about this law of relativity. Tell me what you think about it and if it challenged your thinking.


Funny Snow Story

In the mood of the snow…I stumbled on this story earlier this week & I thought I should share it with you guys. Classes are cancelled so you should have time to read it! You guys know I am all for short blogs but trust me even though its a little bit lengthy, you’ld enjoy it! ;)

It was an early gusty Sunday morning when I looked out the window through the foggy glass and discovered 13 inches of snow that piled up outside. Overnight, the glistening powder kicked up a blizzard that slammed in leaving heavy drifts, bushes wilting from the weight, and hazardous driving conditions. I knew I had quite a job ahead of me as I laced up hefty boots my feet didn’t appreciate due to the weight and awkward stiff feel they had. Still, the leathery smell they gave off out of the box was great. I liked the sound of the ruffled paper stuffed inside them too. From the other room, my mother, normally of a quiet and comedic temperament, unexpectedly groaned with a troubled sigh as she stared out the back window.

I need to fill you in on a little background information about her and why my suspicions rose when I heard her uneasy lament. When she was alive, she had a weakness for animals. When a raccoon made a successful coup attempt on two of our garbage cans one night with a crash and a bang, she went out and fed him the cheese I planned on eating the next day on my sandwich. Or, when a stray cat wondered onto our porch, she felt the need to take him in, thus creating a convenient and comfortable home for him to barf up his hairballs and destroy our furniture while exercising his right to extend his claws.

I looked over and spoke with caution–”What?”
“Look,” she said with a whimper, “A poor birdie died.”
Well, I thought, at least we won’t be letting him in. I walked over and looked out the window. I could make out– through the wind swept flakes–what appeared to be a blue-jay sitting on top of the snow motionless next to our garage. I assured my mother there was no need to worry. Birds are not afraid of the cold. “If I go out there,” I said assuredly, ”The first thing he’ll do is fly away.” I’ll try to clear as much as I can from the front sidewalk and by the time I’m finished, he’ll more then likely be resting in a nest somewhere.

I stepped outside to freezing winds that seemed intent on throwing the front door in my face. Two hours later, feeling cold, wet, and tired from such a formidable opponent, my mother greeted me at the entrance with: “He’s still there!” Looking out again, I could see he was still unmoved with no sign of life. Hm, I wondered to myself, why would he be sitting there so long unmoved? Perhaps he really did go to that great nest in the sky? It seemed odd, but plausible.
“Ah–go get him.” She said in a merciful tone.
“And where am I supposed to put him?” I asked.
“At least get a box and put him in the basement a little while until you can bury him.”
“What? It’ll smell and by the time he’s ready to be buried, he’ll be bones. I’m better off putting up a cross that says Gus
and the dates on it.”
“Oh, come on.” she said with a sad face on.

With a sigh, I went down to the basement and grabbed a small cardboard box we had laying around from a biscuit jar my father bought. Before walking out, my mother once again sighed: “Ah, the poor thing.”
“You watch,” I said, “As soon as I get out there, he’ll take off.”
“No he won’t.” she replied. Opening up the side door, the angry gust almost ripped the doorknob out of my hand. As I started walking down the driveway I suddenly lost my balance on an isolated patch of icy pavement and fell. I landed on my left leg feeling the pain work its way up to my thigh. When I got to my feet, I put the shovel on top of the box and went inside to check. There was blood but not enough for stitches, just some cleaning up and a big bandage would do.

I told my mother I would go back out in a half hour. I sat in the recliner with my feet up skimming through an early issue of Weird N. J. magazine to keep me occupied. If you like strange and spooky stuff it’s a great read. They cover other states and countries besides New Jersey… and you’ve got to read that one about the old abandoned building in the…
…Well, anyway…
I waited the thirty minutes and looked from the back window one more time. The bird was still in the same place and not moving. He was obviously dead. I once again went out the side door and when I did, I noticed the shovel was there but the cardboard box was gone. Looking around I discovered the wind had picked it up and carried it into the yard next-door where it was clinging onto a branch. It waved back and forth in the breeze as though it were teasing me to come get it. It appeared ready to take off any minute.
I painfully hopped the little post-and-rail fence but when I did, Nelly the dog saw me from a back window. Nellie was getting up there in years an when he barked it was like an old fire engine who’s siren needs rewiring. He would start, then keep going with a whine that oscillated up and down. Unfortunately, his elderly owner Mrs. Morey had her own problems to deal with.

Mrs. Morey was not only hard of hearing, she could hardly see. She was a patriotic woman who would always remind you when it was important to hang your flag out on certain holidays like Veterans day, forth of July, and flag day. The only advantage you had if you forgot was that she could hardly see anything anyway. So there I was trying to get this box and I’m yelling to her that it’s only me. With the dog in the background, her poor vision, and the shards of glass-like snow scraping my face, I think you get the picture. I recovered the box and walked back into my yard where I could see my mother at the window yelling.
“What are you doing?”
“Call Mrs. Morey and tell her it was just me.” I shouted.
“What!” my mother yelled.
“Call Mrs. Morey and tell her it’s me!”
“I can’t hear what your saying!”
I could see her laughing now. She heard me the whole time.

I walked to the garage to a drift that was chest high. With tears in my eyes I peeked over and I could see the bird. I took the shovel and leaning over, lightly tapped the wall of the garage but got no response. I tapped a little harder but not too hard, I didn’t want the snow from the roof to come down on top of him. He still didn’t move. I could see the bird sitting there motionless. From where I was standing, he was an adult blue-jay and looked frozen solid. I walked up slowly. Ten feet away I could still here Nelly in the background. It reminded me of a kid from down the street who’s learning to play the trumpet and can’t quite reach that G-sharp. I got up to the bird and I slowly put the shovel underneath to pick him up when suddenly, he moved! It was as if his movement was tuned to the engagement of my shovel. I stepped back and waited a moment and tried again. The same result. This time my reaction was remarkably different.

My hands and mouth dropped as I dipped my head in disbelief. With my leg in pain, the dog howling, and my mother at the back window watching expectantly, I couldn’t believe I had forgotten what should have been so obvious. The bird we thought was dead, was a plastic ornament that sits on a wire inside the plant-box! The snow had been just high enough that it looked like a real bird sitting on the snow dead. The flowers had been long gone and I completely forgot about it. I stood there for a moment dejected feeling like a fool. I should have recognized it and deduced what it was but I never pieced it together. I decided there was only one thing left
to do…

I slowly bent down knowing my mother was watching and with my back to her pulled up the bird. Then, grasping it by the wire, I sprang up flailing and flapping it back and forth as though I were trying to catch it with my hand. I made sure I partially blocked some of it enough with my body so she couldn’t see the wire I held it by. She wasn’t going to get off that easy I thought. Up and down it went, over my head, back down again, to the left then right. Then falling to my knees, I grabbed it and plunged it into the snow, mockingly beating it with enough vitality to make it look as though I’d have enough of its games. This thing had to die! A wild right hand, then a wild right, slowing my pace until it was finally over. Getting up, I walked away as that of a tired and disheveled victor of war. I took my hat off and wiped my forehead before putting it back on. As I walked back past the window, I glanced up. I could see her hands over her mouth in a look of horror. On the way up the driveway, I couldn’t stop laughing. When I finally got in, she was in shock

“What did you do?” she asked with eyes wide open.
“It’s over” I said with head down, shaking it back and forth, “It’s just… all over. I can’t go back out there now, not like
“What are you talking about?” she uttered.
“I’ve just been attacked by some horrible freak of nature that’s all.”
“It was just a little bird?”
“Is that what you call it?” I said condescendingly.

Eventually however, I had to tell her the truth. She was mad for a bit, but then wound up laughing. When my father got home later that day, I told him what happened and he laughed as well. He explained that he put it there the night before on top of some bricks when he was clearing a spot behind the garage. There was no reason to tell anyone, why should he.
A couple of days later it snowed again. I donned hat, jacket and boots and as I was ready to walk out the door to clean the walk, my mother in a witty voice offered a suggestion: “Why don’t you see if there are any birds or squirrels that need help. hee hee.”
“Mm,” I mumbled underneath my breath. Then, just before I walked out the door, she replied with the words she always repeated whenever I got mad or moody–”CRAB ASS.”
Like I said, comedic charm.

A Funny Story That Really Happened – Humor Short story – Humor, Snow, Bird- Booksie 3/10


Earlier this year (just 3 weeks ago), CCBC had its Leadership Retreat for the Spring. It was fantabulous! The fall leadership retreat was full of outdoor activities like zip-lining,  rock climbing, the giant swing and so on. This year I was wondering what the heck we were going to be doing indoors since it was cold outside…But thumbs up to Toni, Lorrie, Sakina, Lesley and all those that set it up coz it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! 


People from different cultures with different perspectives were together learning and having fun for 24 hours! We had workshops that dealt with different topics. Some of the lessons I learned are…

arrow We all have different values and use them in making decisions in life

arrow Most scenarios in life are grey and not black and white like we like to paint them.

arrow We all have different privileges in life and we should appreciate even the smallest of these is the privilege to be able to read this post, some can’t.

arrow The fact someone has a different view from you doesn’t make them wrong..they may just be looking at it from a different perspective.

arrowThere is always a way to bring out positivity in a conflict.

I had a lot of “hmmnnnn” moments! After all the formal learning, we then had fun..a lot of friends were made..a lot of secrets were revealed haha! I slept at 3am! Would have shared some of the fun we shared that night but we all decided that whatever happened in the camp stays at the camp so :|

These events are set up for you to get informed and have fun at the same time. Pls watch for events like this! One event coming up this Friday the  7th is the Get Involved Fair in Essex at the Community Center. Go check out the different clubs in school and get involved.

Remember, you are not useful until you make yourself useful! Stay blessed!

Welcome back!!!

Welcome back people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How was your break? What did you do? How has your first week of classes been? Comment below and share your answers to these questions! Quick tips as we begin the semester…

1) Avoid being late for classes!

2) Its not too early to start making friends!

3) Go to student life and check out clubs you would like to join ( JOIN THE MULTICULTURAL CLUB ;) )

4) Have a written schedule, whether on your phone or in a planner!

5) Make good use of alarms to remind you of assignments and events!

6) Do the above 5!


RIP Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Last week, South Africa’s first black president and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela passed on at the age of 95 after a long illness. Nelson Mandela is one of the world’s most renowned statesmen who led the struggle to replace the apartheid regime of South Africa with a multi-racial democracy. Mandela was arrested in 1962 and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment with hard labor for standing up against injustice. During his years in prison, Nelson Mandela’s reputation grew steadily. He was widely accepted as the most significant black leader in South Africa and became a potent symbol of resistance as the anti-apartheid movement gathered strength. He consistently refused to compromise his political position to obtain his freedom. He led South Africa’s transition from white-minority rule, after 27 years in prison for his political activities (gathered information).

When you die, you would be remembered for two things…the problems you solved & the ones you created. Solve a problem today.


As finals week is fast approaching, i decided to write to encourage every student. First of all, if you have not estimated how much points you need to get an A or B or whatever, you better do that now. Set some time aside, for each class, calculate your numerical grade in the class then go ahead and calculate the least amount of points you need in the final or any end-of-the-semester projects. This helps you plan ahead.  There have been a few courses where I did not need to take the final because i was already in an unshakable A. If you achieved that ground in any course. thumbs up! It happens once in a blue moon so ideally, there would be need to take the final exam.

This exercise is really helpful when started after midterms but its not too late! Also check how your anticipated grade would affect your GPA. UMBC’s GPA calculator really helps to do this. The link is I’ld ask you all next week about your plans for the winter but as for now…Go smash that final ;)

What a fine Thanksgiving treat!

Take a turkey, stuff it fat,
Some of this and some of that.
Get some turnips, peel them well.
Cook a big squash in its shell.

Now potatoes, big and white,
Mash till they are soft and light.
Cranberries, so tart and sweet,
With the turkey we must eat.

Pickles-yes-and then, oh my!
For a dessert a pumpkin pie,
Golden brown and spicy sweet.
What a fine Thanksgiving treat!

                            – Maude M. Grant