Earlier this year (just 3 weeks ago), CCBC had its Leadership Retreat for the Spring. It was fantabulous! The fall leadership retreat was full of outdoor activities like zip-lining,  rock climbing, the giant swing and so on. This year I was wondering what the heck we were going to be doing indoors since it was cold [...]

Welcome back!!!

Welcome back people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How was your break? What did you do? How has your first week of classes been? Comment below and share your answers to these questions! Quick tips as we begin the semester… 1) Avoid being late for classes! 2) Its not too early to start making friends! 3) Go to student life [...]

International Education Week!

This week is the International Education Week! Its a week when people from different cultures & backgrounds come share the richness of their cultures with the school. There are lots of events lined up throughout the week so if you haven’t been to a cultural event this week, its not too late! On Monday was [...]


Last thursday, the MCSA (Multicultural Students Association) had a halloween party. Even though i do not celebrate or participate in halloween, i thought it would be cool to help out in organizing it & so i did. Couldn’t attend because i had my Calculus II test (which went unexpectedly awesomely well).  I heard it was [...]