The Multicultural Student Association! (Spot me )

The CCBC International Gala

Last Friday was an awesome night in CCBC. If you don’t know what I’m talking about already then you missed out big time! It was the international Gala! It went from a modelling show (Which I was a part of ) to dinner served with food from various parts of the world, to dance partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! [...]

The 7 gallons riddle!

Hope y’all are having a fun Spring Break. Here’s a little riddle to keep your brain on its toes. It was on my Maths Test. You have a 9-gallon pail and a 5-gallon pail you need exactly 7 gallons of water in each pail. How do you get it? Note: 1) You can’t guess the size of 7 [...]

CCBC’s Five Star Gala

CCBC’s Five Star Gala was last Saturday & I must confess, it was awesome! We went from speeches from the Dr Kurtinitis, Vanessa (A student Ambassador) to “innocent gambling in the casino. At the end I bet almost $500 & guess what………..I lost But it wasn’t real money so its fine lol. We were nicely [...]


I had an awesome time at the Aquarium last night. CCBC organized for her students and faculty to meet at the Aquarium downtown & it was great! It was my first time at an Aquarium and I’m glad I went. The whole night I was literally bumping into CCBC students, faculty & their family. As [...]


I & my friends were chatting randomly (as usual) and we were talking about various names & what they mean. Do you think you need to know the meaning of your name? African parents generally attached a lot of importance to the names they give their kids. My Pastor in Nigeria named his kids are [...]

Funny Snow Story

In the mood of the snow…I stumbled on this story earlier this week & I thought I should share it with you guys. Classes are cancelled so you should have time to read it! You guys know I am all for short blogs but trust me even though its a little bit lengthy, you’ld enjoy it! [...]


Earlier this year (just 3 weeks ago), CCBC had its Leadership Retreat for the Spring. It was fantabulous! The fall leadership retreat was full of outdoor activities like zip-lining,  rock climbing, the giant swing and so on. This year I was wondering what the heck we were going to be doing indoors since it was cold [...]

What a fine Thanksgiving treat!

Take a turkey, stuff it fat, Some of this and some of that. Get some turnips, peel them well. Cook a big squash in its shell. Now potatoes, big and white, Mash till they are soft and light. Cranberries, so tart and sweet, With the turkey we must eat. Pickles-yes-and then, oh my! For a [...]

The silly things we do

Sometimes there is fun in being silly. Its okay to be silly once in a while…in fact our lives would be boring without some sort of silliness. This weekend was one of the  silliest weekends I’ve had in a while (Don’t even know where to begin).  Tears are dripping down to my keyboard as I type [...]