We came, we studied and we conquered!

Good job guys! You were able to survive all the hustle and bustle of the semester. We have all worked hard throughout the semester..the papers..the sleepless nights..its time to take a break. If you didn’t like how your grades came out, then prepare to work harder next semester. A quick reflection…I had a home – [...]


The Multicultural Student Association! (Spot me )

ALL-Maryland Academic Team

Last night was one of the most memorable days I’ve had in the last two years. I and three other CCBC students were awarded for academic and co-curricular achievements and recognized as members of the ALL-Maryland Academic Team, which is an affiliate of Phi Theta Kappa. When you become a member of the Phi Theta [...]

The CCBC International Gala

Last Friday was an awesome night in CCBC. If you don’t know what I’m talking about already then you missed out big time! It was the international Gala! It went from a modelling show (Which I was a part of ) to dinner served with food from various parts of the world, to dance partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! [...]

We all didn’t study did we?

Welcome back guys! Hope you all had a wonderful spring break…hope you were able to relax your brains from the consistent pressure you’ve been putting it through for the past couple months. Sadly I wasn’t able to study like I thought I would. Let me know if you spent quality time over the break studying. [...]

CCBC’s Five Star Gala

CCBC’s Five Star Gala was last Saturday & I must confess, it was awesome! We went from speeches from the Dr Kurtinitis, Vanessa (A student Ambassador) to “innocent gambling in the casino. At the end I bet almost $500 & guess what………..I lost But it wasn’t real money so its fine lol. We were nicely [...]


I had an awesome time at the Aquarium last night. CCBC organized for her students and faculty to meet at the Aquarium downtown & it was great! It was my first time at an Aquarium and I’m glad I went. The whole night I was literally bumping into CCBC students, faculty & their family. As [...]

Student Leadership Program

Thank you all so much for all the responses for my last post. If you havn’t shared the meaning of your name, pls do so on my last post I just got ordered my graduation gown yesterday…YES! I’m graduating this May! Its been a long but interesting journey for me. You guys are going to [...]

College Fair

Wassup guys! How are you guys doing? CCBC had its college fair yesterday & Eke was there to help! A lot of representatives came to present their college and answer any questions students had. Pls If you are transferring this semester, make sure you ask your college anything you’re not sure of..don’t assume. Anything from [...]


As a student ambassador, I was scheduled to help at the President’s Distinguished African-American Lecture on the 20th of February. The icon that was coming to deliver a speech was Bryon Pitts. Now to me that name sounded very “celeb-like” but I couldn’t picture at the top of my head who this guy was . [...]