CCBC’s Five Star Gala

CCBC’s Five Star Gala was last Saturday & I must confess, it was awesome! We went from speeches from the Dr Kurtinitis, Vanessa (A student Ambassador) to “innocent gambling in the casino. At the end I bet almost $500 & guess what………..I lost :( But it wasn’t real money so its fine lol. We were nicely served appetizer, lunch & dinner. To be honest, when served the appetizer, what came to my mind was..”Why is my plate full of leaves” rolleyes. I mean I eat veggies but it has to be accompanied by something beefy ;) Then the main meal came & I was like “Now you’re talking!” :D . The dessert made me take seconds (a phrase I just learned that night- apparently here in America if you want to ask someone if they want another round of food, you ask them if they want seconds).

At the end (thanks to my idea idea), we formed a huge circle like our mothers’ cooking pot (a Nigerian phrase lol) and we each took turns to dance in the middle. Trust Eke to scatter the dance floor with my moves ;) I know y’all are waiting to see pictures coz I always have them to show……Liberty already has some pictures from that night so you guys can just go check it out —>  Liberty Carter’s blog.

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  1. glen Says:

    lol…thoes were the days when we play “make a big circle like mother’s cooking pot”. #dontplayitanylonger

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